Style Icons – celebrity or blogger?

Who is your style icon? Last Friday I asked my Twitter followers to name their celebrity style icon.  I wasn’t surprised when many of them had a hard time coming up with a celebrity whose closet they would like to steal. Instead, many of them offered the name of one or more bloggers whose style they love and closets they covet. I have to agree with them. As a style and fashion blogger I find inspiration everywhere, but there is something especially attractive about the way a fellow blogger manages to put together an outfit or her signature style.

There are so many icons. I’d love to own a small portion of the sparkly items Kristina stocks her closet with. I would take all of Liz’s pencil skirts, especially the ones of the animal print variety. Sign me up for the hand-me down accessories of Christine! I’ll take the hair of Andrea and the hair color of Elissa. I also love the shoe collection of Vahni’s and the purses of Keira! The list of inspiration and style icons is long and complex, but that is the beauty of blogging – we can all be different and draw inspiration for many different sources. Then we take that, shake in our own sense of style and get a blog-worthy outfit.

If I had to pick one blogger whose sense of style I love and whose closet I would willingly take over in a heartbeat it would have to be Kendi, of Kendi Everyday. Why do I love her style? To me she manages to work with some of the most basic elements of a wardrobe and mix them into combinations that are completely unique. Skirts and blouses are a staple in her style. But she pulls them off with the addition of bold colored accents – a bright belt, a chunky necklace, a wrapped scarf – and suddenly the basics aren’t so basic anymore.

Which blogger would you say is your style icon?

For the second Jane by Design Style Challenge we were given a white t-shirt and told to re-work it into the style of our fashion icon. For me, this wasn’t so much a matter of reworking the t-shirt as it was about pairing it as Kendi would (or at least as I interpret she would.) She wears t-shirts just as they are. But her combinations is what makes it unique. Below are three renditions of white t-shirt outfits that I think represent some of what Kendi achieves in her outfit posts. Of course these are sorely lacking her smiling face as well as her great shoes, purses and other accessories that wouldn’t fit on the dress form.


The  Style Challenge is sponsored by ABC Family as a precursor to it’s premier of the fashion-show Jane By Design. Several bloggers are taking part in this 7-part challenge in which they are given various tasks as a way of ‘interviewing’ to be the blogger for the show’s fashion house, Donovan Decker. Find out more on the Facebook page – and if you want to leave a comment mentioning ModlyChic and your style icon I would appreciate it. 


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13 thoughts on “Style Icons – celebrity or blogger?

  1. Essence Brown

    have you ever read my blog icon’s blog?
    Elaine writes clothedmuch. a blog for the modest girl. i love her and her blog!
    so i pick her!

  2. Dancing Branflake

    I love Kendi’s style and I think you nailed it right on the head. I also love that she’s natural in her clothes and doesn’t take it too seriously. I love how you styled it- it’s so her!
    Dancing Branflake recently posted..Ladylike

  3. MJ

    I love the white tee with that maxi skirt. And the necklace takes it to a whole other level that is really awesome! I agree with style icons, I would steal a blogger’s closet faster than a celebrities! Right now, I’m really digging Karla’s closet ( I’ve been following her for a few weeks and I have yet to see an outfit that I don’t like and that I could totally recreate. Her style can be edgy one moment and completely feminine the next and that’s my style for sure!
    MJ recently posted..Eau Spa Holiday Party and Fashion Show at the Ritz Carlton Palm Beach

  4. Elissa

    Wow – thank you for the mention Katy! That was so sweet of you.

    I really love this post. Kendi is a style inspiration of mine as well – her blog was one of the first I started reading – and I think your description of her style is right on the money. I followed the Twitter thread you mentioned and was introduced to some great new blogs because of it. And I love the white tee and maxi skirt outfit you created for Jane By Design. It’s simple and stylish, an the belt adds such an interested note of color. Great job!
    Elissa recently posted..One year later (and a giveaway!)

  5. Kara @ Bostonista

    I love the red necklace! Very dramatic agains the white shirt.
    I’ll definitely be checking out these bloggers- I’m happy you didn’t choose the “obvious” ones that every one knows and seems to name.
    My favorite style blogger is Erika from Fashion Chalet. She has great style AND she’s a really sweet, amazing girl.

  6. Kinsey Michaels

    this is such a fun post Katy. i especially love the 3 outfits, you definitely encapsulated her style here. i agree, that when thinking of a style icon, i immediately think of bloggers. although not everything she wears is stuff i would have the courage to rock, i truly admire Blair’s style of Atlantic Pacific!
    Kinsey Michaels recently posted..Rainy Day Bowling Outfit


    Thanks for the mention, Katy! I also get a lot of inspiration from so many different bloggers…there are so many wildly creative ladies out there!

    Hope you are well!

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