Blogging 101

Whether you are new to blogging or looking to up your blogging game try these helpful posts.

From ModlyChic:

So You Want To Start a Blog

What you need to know to be an outfit of the day blogger.

How to take your own outfit photos.

How To Tweak Your Photos

How to blog more often without more time.

What I’ve learned from a year of serious blogging.

Why I Switched to WordPress

Typical New Year’s Resolutions Blogified

What I learned from IFBCon 2011

Friend Friday: Blogging baby steps.

Friend Friday: Blogging Mechanics.

Friend Friday: Blog Pet Peeves.

Friend Friday: Most Important Blogging Lessons.

Friend Friday: Rules of Engagement.

Friend Friday: Determining Blog Content.

Friend Friday: Finding the Balance.

Great sources from other stellar bloggers:

Grit and Glamour: Build a Better Blog, and Copyright

Beautifully Invisible: So, you want to leave Blogger for WordPress, Part II, Part III