Pull-On Denim – Liverpool Jeans Company

Toward the end of each season, I begin to become tired of the same old looks, the same old outfits. I’m also so unbelievably tired of wearing tights. But my closet is not exactly full of pants, which usually means more dresses with tights. Well, that was until I got this pair of pull-on denim from Liverpool Jeans Company. These…

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Transitioning the Gray Midi Dress

  I wish the weather would decide it is actually almost May and stick to the sun and warmth. But alas, that seems to be too much to wish for since one day it is sunny and in the high 70s and the next day it is dreary and barely 50*. So, as much as I would love to transition…

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The Beauty of the Home Arts – Week 15/52

This is part of a weekly series I’m writing in 2016 to focus on one of my three words for the year: beauty. At the start of nearly every week a post will explore some aspect of beauty that I’ve been considering. Read more about my focus words of the year. This past weekend I went to the third annual…

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