Karmin Clipless Curling Wand – Review

by katyrose on February 24, 2015

This is a product review post. I was sent the item to try and then to share my honest opinions about the product. All opinions are my own, obviously.


I’ve been using Karmin hair tools for more than two years now and I have to admit that each time I get a new one I am equally impressed with the quality of the product. Now that my hair is long I usually tend to leave it curly, especially after all the work I have put into growing it out and getting the curls health and whole again. But there are a few instances when I like to straighten it out and add just a touch of curl to the tips of the layers so that it isn’t awkwardly pin-straight.


I’ll admit, when I make it straight, it is a long process. I need to blow dry it first. Then I straighten the top portions around my scalp, without dragging the straightener all the way through the hair. (Hair has a funny way of refusing to curl once it’s been straightened out.) Then I’ve been using this little clipless curling iron from Karmin to add a little sway to the ends.


I was hesitant about the clipless factor. I don’t use curling irons very often, in fact this is the first one I’ve ever owned, but when I’ve seen them being used before it was always with a clip to hold the ends in place. Instead this curling iron comes with a little glove. You can slip it over your free hand and use that to wind your hair around the iron and hold it in place without burning your fingers to a crisp. It takes some trial and error and a lot of practice to get the winding and holding right. I burnt my wrist the first time I tried to use it. Oops.

The Curling Iron retails for $129.99. You can read my other reviews of the Karmin G3 Hair Dryer as well as the Karmin Titanium Flat Iron.


Simple Outfits for Weekend Getaways

by katyrose on February 23, 2015


Jeans: Tall Girl, now defunct
Sweater: Target
Vest and Watch: Kohls
Scarf: Charming Charlie
Booties: Rachel Roy


This weekend I got the chance to escape the City and head north for a fun 24 hours at a refurbished farmhouse right on Lake Michigan. Despite running a fashion blog and having a variety of clothing, I’m still really down to earth and simple when it comes to packing for a mini trip away. I keep it simple because I don’t want to spend a lot of time debating outfits and worried about those things. I want to be able to enjoy the time away, to take in the scenery, to relax and explore.


I took a single bag, my Marc Jacobs weekender, and in it went everything I would need for the weekend. The contents included a change of clothes for Saturday (outfit pictured here), pajamas, running clothes (coldgear leggings, gym shoes, underarmour long-sleeved t-shirt, socks), a sweatshirt, makeup bag filled with small bottles for all my cleansing and makeup-ing needs, a couple extra pairs of socks, gloves, a hat, oh and a quilt for early-morning sunrise viewing.



What do you pack for a short weekend away? A whole huge suitcase or something simple and easy?


I don’t even know what’s happening here, but the camera roll was filled with ridiculous pictures like this one.


Wowi Maui – Stunning Spring Fashions #MMSpring

by katyrose on February 16, 2015

This Stunning Spring Fashions event is a Fashionista Event Opportunity and is hosted by Still Blonde after all these YEARS and yours truly. #MMSpring and a corresponding #Giveaway


Dress: c/o Monroe and Main
Jacket: H&M
Tights: Target
Boots: Vince Camuto
Earrings: Claire’s
Necklace: Mimi Boutique
Watch: Kohls


I’m sitting here writing this post as the snow continues to pile up outside my window and yet Spring is around the corner; or so I want to keep thinking. The stores and retailers have begin their usual switch-over to warm-weather wear. And of course, Monroe and Main is no different. This Wowi Maui dress from the company has me in the mood for warm weather, sandy beaches, bright sun and subtle tan lines.


When the snow disappears and the temperature rise above the single digits this will be a perfect every-day dress. Even better, it’s a dress that works perfectly now in the cold weather and will work just as well in the warm weather too. I’m envisioning a pair of black wedge sandals for the summer, perhaps paired with a sweater in the Spring time and no extra layer in the Summer.



The other great thing about this dress is the number of colors it can be paired with. Army green. Black. Brown, Tan. Coral. Cream. They could all work with this dress and work to dress it up or down; make it more suitable for the various seasons. Darker colors for the colder weather, lighter and brighter colors for the warmer seasons. It has small sleeves and a square neckline in the back. The dress also ties in the back, which can be easily hidden with a jacket or sweater. Unfortunately, it is not long enough to wrap all the way around and be tied off in the front.


Ready to start updating your wardrobe for Spring? Here’s your chance. Monroe and Main has teamed up with the Fashionista Events group. 27 bloggers are featuring their favorite Spring looks from Monroe and Main; PLUS those bloggers are each offering a prize pack worth $110. This Spring package includes a new watch, an adorable scarf and the perfect black and white handbag.


Use the rafflecopter below to enter for your chance to win this Monroe and Main package.
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Want to see the other Spring styles? Want a chance to win one of 26 other prize packages? Use the images and links below to hop around to the other participating blogs.

Here’s hoping Spring is coming soon. So very soon.



Maxi Dresses in the Winter

by katyrose on February 11, 2015


Dress: Target
Jacket: Jessica Simpson
Boots: DSW
Tights: The Limited
Scarf: Boutique in Wauwatosa
Earrings: Claire’s


blue-vegan-leather-jacket3For  awhile I’ve been trying to figure out a way to wear my summer maxi dress in the winter months, specifically the one with slits on both sides to the knee. And since it’s winter that means the usual flats or heels wouldn’t do. Boots would be needed. Honestly, the idea came to me one evening and I immediately jumped on Pinterest to see what combinations others have made with boots and maxi dresses. There are a lot of images that come up for maxi dresses, but not too many that go with boots.

The first time I gave this look a try I went with bare legs and booties, hence the picture on the left. The look worked and I liked it but it was dang cold, impractical in the snow, and it garnered me some funny looks at Dunkin Donuts that morning. The bootie, maxi, bare-leg look would be a better in the fall or the spring months.


My next attempt combined patterned tights and taller boots. I wore it on my recent trip to New York, while exploring the Met, and it certainly worked better with the cold winter temperatures. The slit goes high enough that the patterned tights were visible above the boots, which helped the overall pairing. It would look funny to have the boots go all the way to the top of the slit.


As far as transitional clothing – paired like this I think the traditional summer maxi works well in the winter. What do you think?


Give Me Warmth – Cape Sweater

by katyrose on February 10, 2015


Sweater: ModCloth

Pants: Paige denim

Shoes: Monroe and Main

Necklace: vintage ladybug from an etsy seller.

Earrings: NYC street vendor


I’m pretty sure I’ve turned into a cold-weather baby because each year I hate the winter months more and more. Maybe it’s the fact that snow and cold no longer means endless time spent playing in the white fluffy stuff, and instead not means endless hours shoveling it in order to dig my car out. And instead of figuring out the best path for the sled to reach maximum speeds, I’m now trying to mentally figure out how to get my car through the snow-packed, hole-filled alley behind my house.

Any way it happens, I’m opting for comfort over structure this winter season. You’ve seen my ultimate favorite over-sized sweater from Kohls. Well, this oatmeal-colored cape/sweater/thingy is my classic weekend wear. Add a cami or long-sleeved tee underneath and I’m set for the day in ultimate comfort. Of course, because it is so shapeless I make sure to pair it with skinny or straight-leg jeans in order to cut down on the marshmallow-look that can happen too easily in the winter time.


How are you making it through the cold and snow? Chicago got slammed last week, (obviously these pictures were taken before the storm) but my heart goes out to all the Bostonians. I can’t imagine all that snow, and we seemed to have gotten a lot the years I lived there!

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In January I got the chance to test-drive the Jamberry nail wraps. If you haven’t heard of this product it’s basically an adhesive sticker that you put on your nails in place of nail polish. It is supposed to last longer than traditional nail polish without the chipping, touch-ups, and dull look that comes with the traditional polishes.


As some of your longer-time readers know – my nails are the bane of my existence. They grow out and then chip and peel. And they HATE polish of all sorts. I can’t make a normal polish – no matter the brand, quality, or person painting my nails – to last without chipping more than 24 hours. Hence the reason I rarely, if ever, paint my nails. The new shellac nails are the only way I can get a lasting look. Those usually work for the promised two weeks before they are grown out to the point of looking odd. I’ve tried other adhesive-style nails and those never last past a good hair washing or load of dishes.

So, with all this in mind I tried Jamberry with a little, or maybe a lot, of apprehension.

The application process is pretty simple. Remove the ‘sticker’ from its protective back, heat it up with a blowdryer or something similar, apply to your nail pressing down around the edges, trim, file and you are done! For me, I added one sticker to my ring finger and painted all the rest with normal Essie nail polish. By day 2 my other nails were chipping but the Jamberry nail still looked amazing. By day 4 I needed to remove the initial nail polish and repaint my nails. Jamberry was still perfect. On day 5 the Jamberry started coming up a little along the bottom edge near my cuticles but it still looked great. By day 6 my polish was chipped, the Jamberry were coming up a little more but they still functioned. Day 7 was the end of my second round of polish as well as the Jamberry.

I’d have to say 7 days was pretty impressive. I’d also be willing to bet that with a little practice I’d be able to better adhere the Jamberry and it might last more  than a week. I’m definitely now searching the site to find new wrap designs and patterns

Have you tried Jamberry? Has it worked well for you?


Animal Print for Days

January 30, 2015

Skirt: Kohls Shirt: Target Jacket: Stephanie Horne Boutique Tights: Walgreens Shoes: ModCloth Necklace: Mimi Boutique Earrings: Claire’s Ring: ??? Next week at school is Spirit Week and one of the themes is animal day. I joked and said I had no idea what I would wear to dress like an animal and several students made […]

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This Winter’s Must-Have Sweater

January 29, 2015

I know, I just blogged an outfit post with this exact sweater last week, but honestly I wear it that often. The light dusty pink color, the over-sized style, the utter warmth and comfort it provides has me wanting to put it on morning after morning. It’s just that great. Honestly, if I had to […]

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NYC in 72 Hours

January 28, 2015

It’s been more than three years since I made it back to New York City, but I finally got to spend a long weekend in the Big Apple. The little trip gave me the chance to catch up with friends, meet-up with bloggers, visit the MET, stroll through Central Park, sip vanilla lattes, window shop […]

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Jawbone UP24 Review – Tracking Sleep and Fitness Progress

January 27, 2015

One of my goals for the New Year is to focus on sleep. To be honest, this wasn’t an issue I had ever considered before. I’ve gone through coffee-obsessed periods and months when the alarm was the absolute worst sound in the world. But I never thought about tracking my sleep, keeping track of the […]

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