My Favorite Fitness App

I’ll admit I have dozens and dozens of apps on my phone, but the three biggest categories of apps are photography, social media and fitness. Over the years I’ve amassed a number of fitness- and workout-related apps. As with all apps, there have been some duds and some I’ve loved. But my latest obsession is FitPlan. Think of it like…

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How I Care for my Curly Locks

I’ve had a number of questions recently about my hair and my hair care routine. Since I began growing my hair out several years ago and taking my curly hair seriously, I’ve been using some version of the Curly Girl Method. In brief, the Curly Girl Method means throwing out your shampoo and using conditioner to both cleanse and condition…

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Odyssey Cruises Chicago – A Special Occasion Treat

Last month when my sisters and I went on our little Chicago staycation, one of the coolest things we got to do was go on one of the Odyssey Cruises – a three-hour dinner cruise on Lake Michigan. It was a first for all four of us and an experience we won’t soon forget.   The cruise-liner began boarding at…

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