Kale, Please – Is That too Basic?

I have to admit, I don’t usually consider myself a basic girl. Sure, sometimes I like a Starbucks latte. And yes, I have one of those wrist tattoos in a foreign language. But I don’t wear leggings as pants and I’m morally opposed to Ugg boots. I don’t quote Mean Girls or Pitch Perfect, and I’ve never seen a single…

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Wanderlust108 – a mindful experience

This past weekend my sister, Mona, and I had an amazing experience at Wanderlust108. Have you heard of this event? It’s billed at the first mindful triathlon – 5K run/walk, outdoor yoga flow class, guided meditation. My first thought after finishing the event and going home was that it was goodness all around. Sidenote: we got to attend the event…

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Bright Pink Sneakers and Little Black Dresses

I warned you this little black dress would be making frequent appearances. I’m obsessed. I’m also pretty obsessed with fashion sneakers right now. This pair of bring pink sneakers I’ve had for a couple years. Last year I wore them a lot in the summertime for shorts because they are just too easy to slip on, but now I’m also…

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