Marlee’s Bracelets – Gift Guide

by katyrose on November 26, 2014

The ModlyChic 2014 Holiday Gift Guide was curated by me. I was sent products to sample in order to write my reviews and create a worthwhile gift guide for my readers. All thoughts are my own.


Since starting my new job in August, I’ve been focused on bracelets almost more than any other type of jewelry. Why? Well, my wrist tattoo needs to be hidden while working. This means I stack bracelets for an arm party, wear chunky watches, and come up with all sorts of creative ways to cover it during the school hours. With that said, I’m always looking for new places online to find bracelets. I came across Marlee’s and have to say I am loving the little trinkets that arrived in the mail earlier this month.


The two delicate bracelets were the PERFECT accent to wear this past weekend to my first holiday party! I went with a bold necklace and earring combination and wanted something simple and elegant for my wrist without overpowering the whole look. Slipping this two little bangles on my wrist ended up being the perfect addition in every way.


While I only got the chance to try these three bracelets, the rest of the jewelry and accessory options available on the site are tempting! Shopping is easy too. You can search via categories or check out all the items the company offers along a certain trend.




This is a Fashionista Event and a promotional item was provided to me by Coupons. com. Hosts for this event are Still Blonde after all these Years and yours truly. #BlackFridayGiveaway #ad

6eb73432a86311e3bd5b12f05023f629_8 Honestly, I have a history of stellar Black Friday purchases. When I was old enough to know who exactly it was doing a little extra shopping for the man in red, I went along to help. The morning after Thanksgiving mom and I would wake up early – really early. We would load into the car, rubbing the sleep from our eyes and head out to the best deals in town. My mom is organized. She would have a list and know exactly what she was looking for, what she needed and where the best deal could be found. I tagged along, pushed the cart and added my opinion when needed. Over the years we made some amazing Black Friday purchases, a tradition that lived on once I truly grew up and moved around the country. I’ve dodged other carts at an overly crowded toy store at 5 in the morning to get the last of a toy my brother couldn’t live without. I’ve braved some insane lines to get door buster deals at Gap the year everyone asked for good-quality basics. I screwed up my courage and entered the patterned bliss of a Vera Bradley outlet where bags were literally flying off the shelves because the deals were so steep. I trudged through the streets of Boston carrying home a new flat screen TV I got at Best Buy on a deal, I’m still bragging about to this day.  Two years ago my sisters and I pretty much knocked out our entire set of lists shopping downtown Chicago on Black Friday morning! The list goes on and on. 4ccd55be358111e29ad022000a1f9a79_7 Heck I’ve even worked retail on four different Black Friday mornings – two at Kohls, two at Ann Taylor. I know, most retail professionals HATE Black Friday – the deals, the lines, the often crabby customers, the running around the store to hunt down a size, the clueless men who are looking for something to fit the girl whose size they don’t really know – but it’s actually my favorite day of the year to work as well. There is something fun about the first shopping moment of the Holiday season. There is something really enjoyable about watching people walk out with a stuffed bag they can proudly show off because of the deep discounts they scored by waking up early and braving the mall traffic and crazy lines. While I am not as organized or focused as my mom, I do go with a list of who needs gifts and a few possible gifting options, but I also let the Holiday spirit and the deals move me. Because let’s be honest, on Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) it’s all about the deals! The cheaper the better. And no, I wouldn’t wait out in the cold on my Thanksgiving in order to get the best deal in the world, but I will do everything in my power to take advantage of the deals as soon as Friday morning hits. Black-Friday-Shopping-Infographic This year I’ll be taking advantage of and Black Friday articles on The Good Stuff – it’s a great resource for everything you need to know about Black Friday shopping. And if you are an infographic girl – you’ve got to check out the stats on Black Friday and Cyber Monday! It’s not surprising that most of the shopping done on these days is completed by parents and those without a lot of expendable income. So interesting! Black-Friday-Giveaway Interested in even more savings? To celebrate Black Friday and Cyber Monday, here is the Black Friday Giveaway! It runs now through November 28th, which will still give you plenty of time to shop after you win. With 100 winners everyday and one $10,000 Grand Prize Winner, what have you got to lose by entering??? Heck, I’m planning on entering daily. Happy Shopping!!!

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Mantry Subscription Box – Gift Guide

by katyrose on November 24, 2014

The ModlyChic 2014 Holiday Gift Guide was curated by me. I was sent products to sample in order to write my reviews and create a worthwhile gift guide for my readers. All thoughts are my own.


I don’t know about you, but there are several men in my life who know there way around the grill and the kitchen! Growing up my dad was always the ultimate Sunday morning breakfast maker. Mom took care of all the other meals, but dad always had breakfast which was never complete without at least a dozen scrambled, cheese-filled eggs, and a skillet of potato/pepper/sausage goodness. I have a guy cousin too who is a cooking connoisseur! Thanksgiving at his house is always the greatest feast I’ll experience that year! So naturally, when I stumbled across Mantry I was intrigued.


The idea behind this monthly subscription box is to introduce guys, and gals, to American artisan foods! Sounds good, right?

The box I got focused on the themes of coffee and smoke, offering six amazing new-to-me products that utilized this greatness. There was a delectable bottle of Hot Georgia Soul BBQ sauce, some seriously tasty La Quercia Smoky Borsellino and Granola Jones in mocha hazelnut flavor (add some greek yogurt and chopped up fruit for the perfect breakfast).


Over the years, I’ve gotten a number of subscription boxes of all kinds, but I have to say this is the most beautifully presented box I’ve yet to receive in the mail. I love the flyer that explains each item in such a stunning and descriptive manner. Such a great touch to the overall box of goodness!


If you have a man who knows his way around the kitchen and the pantry this is THE subscription box he needs!


My Head Cozy – Gift Guide

by katyrose on November 23, 2014

The ModlyChic 2014 Holiday Gift Guide was curated by me. I was sent products to sample in order to write my reviews and create a worthwhile gift guide for my readers. All thoughts are my own.


When I lived in St. Louis I became close with a family who lived there. While I moved away more than four years ago now, I still keep in touch with them, exchanging the occasional email to stay current on what’s new, how things are changing in their lives, etc… One of the girls, there are 4 in the family, is currently in college and working hard to raise money in order to study abroad next year. Rather than pitching family and friends for donations, she’s putting her mad talent to work creating knitting masterpieces and selling them through her etsy account - My Head Cozy.


I have a hard time wearing a hat, even in the winter months. I’ll put one on if I am going to spend long hours outside and have no where to go but only in those circumstances. This head cozy is the perfect solution. It’s totally warm and does a great job of keeping my ears toasty. While at the same time it is still chic enough to wear out and about while running errands.


I’m a huge fan of this vibrant purple color but the head cozies also come in cherry red, ice blue, coral and blue. Not sold on this style? She also makes adorable slouchy hats and ones that look like owls too! I’m telling you this gal is mad talented so anything you order from her will be done perfectly!!!


Brickloot Monthly Subscription – Gift Guide

by katyrose on November 22, 2014

The ModlyChic 2014 Holiday Gift Guide was curated by me. I was sent products to sample in order to write my reviews and create a worthwhile gift guide for my readers. All thoughts are my own,


With five brothers, the youngest of which is 12, as well as a soon-to-be 4-year-old nephew in the family, Legos, Duplos, building blocks, etc…  have always been a toy mainstay in my family. (Although there was that one year my mom tried to convince my high-school-aged brother that he was still into Legos as long as they were large kits – LOL) With so many Lego options to chose from, as well as some seriously amazing storefronts, it can be hard to get in and out with exactly what you need.

Enter Brickloot! This monthly subscription box will send building blocks and all sorts of cool additions directly to your Lego-minded family member. Each month the boxes contain different items.


The December box, which I got in the mail a little early, contains an awesome P-51 Mustang, an American fighter plane used in World War II and the Korean War, as well as a brick popper and an assortment of other cool additions to any collection. Personally, I really liked the translucent, LED Color Liteup Block, and I know my youngest brother is going to love the fighter plane!

Brickloot is the invention of Parker, a 9-year-old boy who has a deep and abiding love for all things Lego. Each year he would sell his non-Lego toys in order to make money in order to buy more Legos. During one such garage sale a conversation about subscription boxes too place and an idea was born!


Want to get a discount on your first box? Use the word CHIC at check out to receive 10% off any subscription now through the end of December!!


Stitch Set Monthly Subscription – Gift Guide

by katyrose on November 22, 2014

The ModlyChic 2014 Holiday Gift Guide was curated by me. I was sent products to sample in order to write my reviews and create a worthwhile gift guide for my readers. All thoughts are my own, as always.



Admittedly, I am not much of a knitter. I’ve tried a few times, learned the basics but never had the patience for counting out every row and trying to keep all my stitch the same tightness. (My scarves always started tight and loosened as I went along – disaster!) But I have a number of family members and friends who are all about knitting. I’ve been gifted with ear warmers, hats, scarves – each beautifully unique and so much more impressive than a store-bought gift because of all the time and effort the person spent on making the item.


For the knitter in your life – whether she’s a beginner or intermediate – Stitch Set is a great gift idea. Christine, the founder, takes care of everything. And when I saw everything I mean EVERYTHING!! She sends a monthly project, complete with all the supplies you will need as well as a step-by-step instruction manual. She even sends the scissors and needles you’ll need, eliminating the need to even step foot in a craft store in order to start and complete the project.  First timers? She also sends along a book of knitting basics and practice yarn so you can get some solid practice in before attempting the real thing.

Personally, I loved how absolutely fool-proof the kit was. I’m in the midst of attempting to make the Ruffle Scarf from the March package right now. Hopefully when it’s complete I’ll have pictures to share.


Plus, every month offers a different kind of project so those getting the subscription will not be stuck with a plethora of scarves and only one knitting skill set. Previous projects have included knitted bags, shawls, scarves, hats, even slippers!!

Want to try out Stitch Set for yourself?? Enter to win one of the monthly subscription boxes using the rafflecopter form below!
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