Winter’s Printed Leggings

by katyrose on October 30, 2014

While any long time reader knows of my abhorrence for leggings worn as pants, you will also know that I love leggings worn as thicker, warmer tights – especially in the cold winter months. This year as I dug my legging collection out of the bottom of my box of winter items, I realized there was a serious lack of pattern and color. I have black leggings, more black leggings, oh and some dark gray leggings. What happened to the patterns? What happened to the color?

It’s time for an update! The great thing about leggings is their inexpensive purchasing cost. It’s simple to update your collection without breaking the bank, and the addition of a couple pairs can significantly change the way you can mix and match your closet.

Leggings I’m loving from and how I’ll style them this fall:


Red and Gold Baroque Leggings


Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 4.18.22 PM


Black and White Paisley Leggings (similar to these elephant-patterned ones)

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 4.30.18 PM




What To Wear When Running in the Cold

by katyrose on October 29, 2014


The temperatures have officially turned cold and that means it is time to pack away the running shorts and sweat-wicking heat-gear t-shirts in favor of some more cold-weather appropriate styles. For me, running outdoors in the cold in a million times harder than running in the heat and humidity of the summer. I don’t like the way the cold makes it difficult to breath. I don’t like how I still sweat but manage to feel chilled to the bone by the time by cool-down is complete. I don’t like the way there never seem to be enough layers at the start of a run and then too dang many by the middle of a long run. It makes for some very difficult cold-weather running apparel decisions.

What To Wear When Running in the Cold:

Sports Bra – Honestly, this first piece of clothing could be the most important one when putting together an outfit. Not only can the right sports bra keep you warm but it also helps keep everything in place AND avoid the annoying (aka sometimes embarrassing ‘headlights look.’ I prefer a sweat-wicking, padded racer-back, like sports bra from Sweaty Betty.

Long-Sleeved Shirt – While this is rarely enough, it works well at the beginning of the cold season and turns into the perfect layering piece as things cool down even more with the arrival of snow. I prefer the fitted cold-gear technology ones that help maintain your natural body heat. But I stay away from ones that are extremely tight aka cut off circulation. (I’ve had a bad experience with that.) My preferred long-sleeved tees are from UnderArmour.

All-Weather Jacket – Once the snow starts falling it’s a choice between staying dry by staying home or slipping into a jacket that will protect me from the icy-wet cold. An all-weather jacket that will insulate me from the inside and keep the wetness from seeping in is a must! Right now I’m loving this ladies running jacket from Sweaty Betty. Plus these have the added benefit of keeping my iPhone nice and dry while I run, letting me still track my pace and listen to music without worrying about water damage.

Compression Leggings – For me, I usually layer both the top and the bottom. The leggings that are designed to maintain your body temperature are idea and perfect for layering under a pair of running shorts, yoga pants or sweat pants depending on the coldness of the day. The key to purchasing these pants is making sure they are tight enough to stay in place during a run. A lot of the less expensive brands tend to stretch-out creating a very awkward run-pull-up-pants-run-some-more routine. Awkward! Again I refer to UnderArmour for these.

Running Shoes – I think running shoes are probably the most personal item of a runner wardrobe. I, for one, will only wear Asics. They are my favorite and I have yet to ever have a problem running in a pair of them. My sister, on the other hand, dislikes Asics and tends to go with shoes that are minimalistic. My dad loves Brooks. It all depends on your feet and personal preferences. But I’m still singing the praises of Asics! This is one of the pairs I’m running in these days.

Other accessories to keep in mind…. Socks, headband, iPhone band and headphones. Heck, I even know people who run with a scarf tied securely around their neck. I think this would feel like I was suffocating.



Re-introducing the Purple Dress

by katyrose on October 28, 2014


Dress: SteinMart (I think)
Boots: Monroe & Main
Tights: Target
Earrings: online retailer now closed
Watch: Kohls
Bracelets: Forever21


This dress was one I loved for a couple years and then, packed away for the last two not really loving the color or the style. But this fall when I transitioned my closet from warm-weather to cool-weather clothing I pulled this baby out and hung it up with the intention of wearing it again. The color is one I love, especially as so much of my fall/winter wardrobe is filled with muted reds, grays and black. While I have tried to add color and pattern to the collection over the years, I haven’t been as successful as I’d like.


The dress is a little big now that I am smaller than I was when it was first purchased – I’m finding that to be the case with a number of my fall items. Maybe this constant grueling schedule is keeping off the cold-weather weight. Or maybe it is the 5am workouts that I am forcing myself to get in before heading off to work. Either way, it is a little looser than I would wear if purchasing the dress today. At the same time it is just as vibrant and comfortable as I remember it being several years ago.


Do you have something in your closet you’ve owned for a couple years but haven’t worn recently?

Maybe it’s time to give new life to an old favorite.


Long-legged Denim

by katyrose on October 27, 2014


Jeans: Marc by Marc Jacobs (via Shopbop)
Sweater: TJ Maxx
Booties: Target
Scarf: Target
Bag: Target


This jeans are my latest Shopbop acquisition and can I just say that they are probably my favorite item I’ve ever gotten from the site! The length of these Marc by Marc Jacobs jeans is perfect for the combination of my long legs and a great pair of heels. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find jeans that are long enough for my legs, let alone long enough to wear with heels? Let me tell you – it is often a lesson in futility. Ankle-length pants look like capris on me and pants that should be dusting the floor hit awkwardly above the ankle. Oh but these… these! These jeans are amazing. I’ve got on 4 inch booties with them and they are still long enough. Too bad these pants only come in one color.



Do you have a pair of jeans that are that ‘perfect’ pair? The one you always look and feel great in? They can be hard to find, but when you do what a treat!


If you follow along on Instagram you might have seen that I am trying to think creatively about my hair. Now that it is long enough to style in a variety of braids, buns and other fun up-dos, I’ve trying to step outside of the usual down and curly look. The sock bun is an easy look, but I combined this one with an upside-down french braid before twisting it into a messy bun.


Fall-tini Recipes – Pumpkin and S’mores

by katyrose on October 25, 2014

Modlychic-fall-martini-recipesPart two of the ModlyChic Martini recipes… This time I’m featuring two amazing martinis that will be perfect for your Halloween party, Thanksgiving dinner, or just a cozy evening curled up by the fireplace. Did you miss part one? Here are two amazing apple martini recipes for you to try as well.


S’mores Chocolate Martini



  • 2 oz of Marshmallow Vodka
  • 1 oz Chocolate liqueur
  • 1 oz Creme de Cacao
  • 2 oz half and half
  • Marshmallow
  • Graham crackers (for rim)
  • Chocolate (for rim and topping)


  • Crush graham crackers and sprinkle on a plate.
  • Melt chocolate and lightly swipe it around the rim.
  • Dip the chocolate-coated rim into the graham cracker crumbs.
  • (Another option would be to use marshmallow fluff instead.)
  • Mix ingredients into martini shaker with ice. Shake.
  • Pour the liquid out into the glass. Try to avoid getting ice in the glass.
  • Shave chocolate bar onto the top to add a little decorative flare.
  • Roast marshmallow on a skewer and then place into glass as garnish.
  • Serve. Drink. ENJOY!


Doesn’t that look delicious and amazing?! Perfect for all year long, but especially during the Fall season. Yum!


Pumpkin Pie Martini



  • 2 oz of Caramel Vodka
  • 3 oz Pumpkin Pie liqueur
  • 1 oz half and half
  • Cinnamon and Sugar combination for rim and sprinkled on top
  • Cinnamon stick (for garnish)
  • Candy pumpkin for garnish


  • Create a cinnamon and sugar combination and place on a plate.
  • Lightly wet the rim of the glass and then dip in the cinnamon and sugar.
  • Mix ingredients into martini shaker with ice. Shake.
  • Pour the liquid out into the glass. Try to avoid getting ice in the glass.
  • Sprinkle some of the remaining cinnamon and sugar mixture on top.
  • Using the cinnamon stick, attach a candy pumpkin to both ends and place in drink.
  • Serve. Drink. ENJOY!

Hmm.. so now the question remains… what next? Any flavor, combination or treat you want me to try and create?

Let me know and I’ll get right to it. Afterall, the experimentation is 99% of the fun for these!




Leopard-Print Booties

by katyrose on October 23, 2014


Skirt: Ann Taylor
Shirt: H&M
Jacket: C. Luce
Tights: Walgreens
Booties: ebay

OK, honestly I created this whole look because I wanted to wear these new boots. Usually I don’t create outfits around a pair of shoes, I put together an outfit and then look at my closet to determine what shoes will work to help finish off the look. But these beauties were just too great to pass up.


I’ve wanted a pair of leopard print booties for a while now but I have to say that they are difficult to locate. Ok, not difficult in the sense that you can’t find them anywhere, but rather difficult in the sense that I have had a hard time finding a pair that look good, not too fake, that don’t make my size 11 feet look like a clown car, and have the right level of height. Admittedly these are a little taller than I was initially going for, but I was loving the little gold accent at the back of them and the little platform makes them a lot more comfortable than any other 4+ inch heel.


And on another note… several of my students have now volunteered to take my daily pictures. Hence the reason these are so awkward. I’m not use to having someone behind the camera lens. The timer and I have gotten along very well for many years. HA!



Fall’s Suped-Up Socks via Kushyfoot

October 22, 2014

This is a product review post. I was sent items to try and then review on ModlyChic. All opinions are my own, obviously!   Admittedly, I would prefer to walk around barefoot all day than to have to put on socks and shoes. I’m also one of those people who tends to go as long […]

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My Latest Weekend Uniform

October 20, 2014

Skirt: Ann Taylor LOFT outlet T-shirt: H&M Sweater: Ann Taylor Shoes: Nine West Scarf: H&M Earrings: New York & Co.   Scanning through pictures from the last couple weekends I noticed a habit I didn’t realize I had formed – my black maxi skirt has become my go-to weekend outfit. It’s easy, comfortable and still […]

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Two Apple Martini Recipes – I’ll Drink to That

October 17, 2014

It’s Fall and while pumpkin-flavored everything has basically taken over every major food retailer, it’s still the season for apples! And heck, it’s Friday so it must be 5 o’clock somewhere, right?! My mom and I got together a couple weeks ago and worked on perfecting two apple martini recipes. (It was a difficult job […]

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The Almost Outfit Crisis

October 16, 2014

Dress: Monroe and Main Tights: from Walgreens Shoes: DSW Watch: Kohls Earrings: New York & Co. This dress was nearly the cause of a fashion nightmare. At least three days of the week I workout before heading to school. This means I roll out of bed, throw on my workout clothes and pack my outfit […]

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