Foot Care for Runners

I’m rough on my feet. I admit it. Really rough. Marathon training is tough on everyone’s feet and mine are no different. Even switching the shoes I wear to run every day in order to make sure my feet are protected properly from all the pavement pounding, isn’t enough. They are sometimes blistered after a long run, or a run…

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Comfy Chic – My New Summer Normal

This summer, for the first time since my high school days I have nothing big planned. No camps to attend/volunteer at, no tutoring programs, no exotic trips that require plane travel. Nope, I’m laying low this summer. Part of that is to work on figuring out these dang migraines which want to control my life. And part of it is…

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Six Times to Add Fruit to Your Day

The summertime is one of the awesome opportunities to begin adding more fruit to your diet. With all the seasonal options – strawberries, cherries, watermelons, blueberries, pineapples – it’s so much more appetizing to begin substituting fruit for any other less healthy alternatives. Beyond meals there are so many chances to add fruit to your day. Here are six of…

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