The Rediscovered Little Black Dress

This little black dress I’ve had for a couple years. It’s one of those pieces that I tend to reach for on days when I want to look put together but also supremely comfortable. Ladies, you all know the kind of thing I’m talking about – your fat-day clothing. Originally this dress came with a belt, which I promptly removed…

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5 Tips for Transitioning Your Closet

I love the weekend where I finally get around to transitioning my wardrobe from winter to summer. You know that season’s item that you can’t wait to rediscover? To pull back out of the back of the closet or the box you tucked it away in when the weather turned and wearing that piece was impractical? These floral pants are…

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10 Reasons to Care about Your Appearance as a Teacher

Disclaimer: I started writing this post last year when I wrote about why I dress up as a high school teacher. But then life and teaching got in the way and I had to put the post on the back burner for a moment in which I had more time to do it justice. As I said at the time…

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