Sister’s Staycation in Chicago

This weekend my sister’s and I did a little staycation in the city – a first for us, but certainly an event that should be repeated yearly. Having grown up in IL, there has always been something attractive and a little magical about downtown. For a long time it was the big city where dad worked or the place you…

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How to Read More Without More Time

When I was in high school I was a voracious reader. I could read a book every day of the week – even during the school year. (Yes, that meant homework took second fiddle sometimes. Oops) But as the years have gone by I have read for fun less and less. It didn’t happen overnight but suddenly in 2016 I…

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5 Winter Trends to Transition into Spring

Let’s be honest, at 15* today in Chicago it certainly does not feel like Spring will ever get here. But before we know it, the weather will change, the flowers will be sprouting and we’ll be transitioning our closets yet again. Each new season brings new trends, new colors and new style with it, but there are also a number…

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