What I’ve Already Learned about Being a Teacher

by katyrose on August 21, 2014

924450_676721669082077_1956655107_n My classroom before I started cleaning, organizing and purging.

The students don’t arrive until Monday and yet I feel like I have already learned so much about being a teacher. It’s astounding to me the amount of things you take for granted when you are on the student-side of learning. Being in front of the desks instead of in them has opened me eyes and made me respect and love all the teachers I’ve had over the years.

What I’ve Already Learned about Being a Teacher:

  • Curriculum Maps are an amazing way to see your semester at a glance and man do they take brainpower to put together. It’s like one big puzzle where some pieces could potentially go in multiple spots along the way.
  • Lesson plans are a practice in practical application and creativity. Forget straight lecturing. Putting together a plan for each class period involves a lot more than an outline to speak from. (What a difference form my high school teachers who always just straight lectured each and every day.)
  • Weeding through and keeping or pitching the things left behind by previous teachers, in some cases many previous teachers, gives peace of mind. (Goodwill got three boxes full of reference books after I finished organizing.)
  • Decorating a classroom is a fun diversion from lesson plans, but also so crucial to enjoying the time spent inside the room. I hope my students love the vibrant green bulletin board I painted, the plants my mother added and the quotes that now adorn the walls.
  • Writing a cohesive, intelligent, in-depth syllabus for each class takes a lot of work and forethought.
  • Guarding my favorite pens and dry-erase markers is essential. (LOL No but seriously. Shhh… I’m hiding mine behind the huge fern.)
  • Those wall decal quotes really don’t stick to brick walls, just like the packaging says. (The morning after I walked in to find almost every letter scattered on the ground or lost in the depths of my fern. Still can’t find the missing letter A anywhere.)
  • It could just be the school I’m teaching at, but the other teachers are so accommodating, so willing to help, so ready to lend a hand or a piece of advice. It’s such a relief knowing there are many people here ready to help.
  • Getting to school early to work is so much more productive than trying to stay late.
10598659_633236576795705_917818033_n My classroom today – still a work in progress but getting there.


Let the School Year Begin

by katyrose on August 19, 2014


Skirt: Ann Taylor LOFT
Shirt: Kohl’s
Shoes: DSW
Necklace: Stella & Dot
Earrings: House of Harlow
Watch: Steinmart


Yesterday marked the official start of the academic year at the school where I will be teaching this year. And while the students won’t arrive until next Monday, the faculty and staff are hard at work getting everything ready. I’ve been working, with the help of my artsy mother, on getting the classroom up and running. The bulletin board got a fresh coat of paint and a vibrant green color to keep the everyone awake. The desks were re-arranged, the reference books culled and organized. In addition I’ve been working hard at curriculum maps and lesson plans – two phrases I never thought I would utter! It’s been one heck of an August already.


Since I went to this high school, as did all three of my sisters, I feel much more comfortable than I would at any other new job. Still, picking an outfit for day one is never any easy task. Of course it needed to be comfortable and appropriate, while still being all me. This cobalt pencil skirt is an easy option to fulfill all of those necessities. The black lace top added a little more spunk and formality to the skirt, as opposed to a basic tee. And while I plan to wear heels most days while teaching, I went with the flats because I’ve learned from experience there is nothing worse than towering over your co-workers on the very first day.

Now to figure out what to wear on the first day of classes!


Capricio Salon – Pampered for a Morning

by katyrose on August 16, 2014

At the end of July I was lucky enough to spend a morning being pampered at Capricio Salon. The timing of this couldn’t have been better as my appointment fell exactly three days after I spent two weeks roughing it at camp. Yes, I love camp but two weeks of being out in the sun, wearing my hair in a ponytail daily, swimming in the chlorine-rich pool, trekking through the woods covered in a thick layer of bug spray and sleeping (barely) on a thin hard plastic mattress had me ready for a little hair and nail therapy.


Capricio Salon has two locations – one in the city of Milwaukee near Cathedral Square and the other on the East Side. I had an appointment with Munem at the Cathedral Square location in order to touch-up my blonde highlights and remove some of the brassy tones that came from all that fun sun and chlorine exposure. As soon as I walked in I was flattered by the number of staffers who commented on my curls and how amazing they were. Munem too loved the curls and wanted to trim them up a little to help them really shine.


While Munem oversaw each step of the process he had different staff members handling different portions. One mixed the dye. One applied the dye. Another gave me a great shellac manicure while the dye set. After the color was washed out, a conditioning treatment put in and later washed out, I was back in the original chair where Munem trimmed my hair and then added more layers. He then blow dried and straightened my hair, using only a blow dryer and large round brush. He twirled the ends, giving me a hair style I’ve never had before, which was a great change of pace. Also, mad props to him for being able to blow dry my hair straight. Every other stylist that has ever tried that ended up giving up and pulling out the flatiron to make sure my hair really resisted the urge to curl.


Beyond the hair and nail services, the salon also offers makeup application, waxing and threading, wedding packages, skin care and various other salon services.


Preparing for Back to School

by katyrose on August 15, 2014

This is a Fashionista Event and a promotional item was provided to me by Coupons.com. Hosts for this event are Still Blonde after all these Years and yours truly. #NortonBacktoSchool


Every day this week and most of last week I have been working hard to get my classroom in order and prepare the classes I will be teaching this year. (Let me say I have a new and greater appreciation for all the teachers I’ve ever had in my life!) As I rearrange desks, decorate bulletin board, curriculum map my semester, create flashcards and invent games all of it is with the students learning in mind.

There are so many details to keep in mind, so many things to be thinking of daily. The one thing I don’t want to worry about it losing all my hard work, the countless Word documents and Powerpoint presentations by some virus. That’s why on top of everything else I’m in the midst of I am also thinking of the best way to protect all my devices. I’ve got the computer at school and the one at home, plus there is my phone and my tablet. All of them will play a significant role in my teaching strategy and all of them need to be protected from things that could harm my future lessons and all those saved quizzes I’ve already written. (hint hint if any of my students are reading this – get ready!)


To protect these things I’m leaning toward installing the Norton 360 Multi-Device protection. Key features of this program include:

  • A single solution
  • Active protection
  • Automatic, silent updates
  • PC performance processes
  • Loss-prevention tools

Bonus! Coupons.com offers Norton by Symantec coupons, making the multi-device program only $69.99! AND it works with both PCs and Macs – which is a rarity.

How do you protect your computers and other devices from viruses?


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Folding Wayfarers – FramesDirect

by katyrose on August 14, 2014

This is a product review post. I was provided an item to review and then share my thoughts and opinions on the item with my readers.


As I was packing up my life to move, I realized (although not for the first time) that sunglasses have become collectible items for me. I had brightly colored Wayfarers and big lens Gucci glasses. I owned colored reflective shades and a couple great pairs of knock-offs. And now, the latest pair to enter the collection are these amazing foldable RayBans Wayfarers from Frames Direct.


Have you seen these before? When wearing them would would never guess they fold down into a compact unit no bigger than your palm, but they do just that. The arms fold in half and then fold in as usual. And the middle of the nose piece folds down too. Slip these babies into a small square case and they are ready to go!


Let’s me honest, this is ingenious! No more bulky cases. No more breaking the arms off when you throw the sunglasses in your bag and they get squished by something else. These are utter convenience. Plus they are RayBans so they are chic and fun.

A little about Frames Direct…. The online retailer, which was founded in 1996, provides high-end designer eyewear – sunglasses and prescription – at a discount. This pair of foldable RayBans doesn’t just come in the Matte Black with Crystal Green Mirror Blue Lens that I received. The site sells this style, and dozens more, in a variety of colors.



Clutch Prize Pack – Blog POP! Giveaway

by katyrose on August 10, 2014

It’s day four of the Blog POP! School Rules Event. Blog POP! began in 2009 as a designated group of 10 blogs handpicked by its founder, Jenna M. Wood of Momma Told Me, for their unique approach to blogging, differing demographics, and enthusiasm for networking.


Today I am giving away a Clutch prize pack. It includes this adorable handmade Giraffe clutch from Stacy Lavelle Designs and a silver flower necklace, that I picked up from a local designer (of course the name escapes me). The prize package is worth $100.



Use the rafflecopter form below to enter for your chance to win this prize pack.
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