Blogging – Hobby or Business

by katyrose on April 18, 2014

For this week’s FBFF, we’re looking at whether blogging is a hobby or a job. We all started blogging for different reasons. Of the bloggers I’ve talked with about this – it seems everyone has a different story for how their blog was born. Some did it as a way to cope with something difficult in life. Some did it as a creative outlet. Some saw it as a business from day one. Some did it as a way to stay in touch with family and friends or to track a new life moment. Whatever the reasons behind starting a blog, and the reasons behind why we keep at it week after week, we all see this crazy thing called blogging in a little bit of a different light.

944377_462531477167784_1982901713_nTiffany of Dancing Branflakes: I’ve often struggled about whether or not I should monetize my blog with sponsors and affiliates. In the end, I realized I created my blog as an outlet of my expression and a way to connect with other bloggers and I felt uncomfortable spending time trying to get money from it. That’s not to say I judge those who do, but when companies and people approach me to advertise, do product reviews, or write for them, I get a bit anxious and ultimately turn them down.

I do, though, love to host giveaways, as I enjoy giving things to my readers as a thank you for standing by me. I’ve been blogging for a long time and there are some who have been a part of my blogging life since the beginning.


Jamillah of Made To Travel: I do think I approach my blogging as a business, but maybe not in the way most people think of a “business”. I say that because I don’t have a goal to make money from writing Made-To-Travel, and that’s not to say that blogging hasn’t opened up my mind to different career paths, because it definitely has, but right now I really do enjoy my day job and I’m happy and lucky I get to do both.

The reason why I feel I approach blogging more as a business is because when I write posts for Made-To-Travel I always set out with a real intention to provide a service of sorts to my reader. Whether that’s showing how being a conscious shopper can be done or writing something fun to bring a smile to my readers or sharing some fashion tip–I always want my blog to provide some kind of service and to me a good business boils down to that very basic principle. And providing that service thru blogging brings me a lot of joy.


fda14e80bf4211e3aa0e0002c9def0d6_8Me: For me, ModlyChic started as a hobby and a reference tool for some fashion presentations I was giving in high schoolers when I lived in St. Louis. I liked the creative bent to the writing, the ability to determine all my own content – something I wasn’t able to do when writing about very technical business transactions as I was doing at the time. Over the years it moved from being a random hobby to being a true passion. It opened doors for me that I never would have thought possible. It has put me in contact with some truly amazing individuals and given me some really great life moments.

After the blog really began to grow and I got the hand of taking my own photos, working with companies, etc… I realized that the blog had slowly morphed from a little 5-hour a week hobby to something I wanted to do full-time. In November I took the plunge, got rid of the other jobs I was doing and jumped in feet first to full-time blogging. A huge crazy decision but one I do not regret at all!

Erin of Pretty Polished Perfect: Blogging has been a hobby-turned-business for me. I love writing and I love styling – and I love being my own boss. It’s a lot more work than I ever thought it would be, but I love the direction the business of blogging is taking.




One Purse, Dozens of Looks – Miche

by katyrose on April 17, 2014

This is a review post. Miche Bags provided me with a sample in order to share my honest opinion about the product.


When I was in college I have one of those ‘perfect’ bags. You know the kind – you take it everywhere, it goes with everything, fits all the essentials plus some non-essentials, perfect color, perfect weight, etc.. After I had literally used the bag to death and it was no longer fit for public consumption I had a hard time getting rid of it. I would never find another perfect bag, not one just like this. I wish I had bought one in every color, so I’d have it for years to come. Now if I really love something and find myself using it a lot I will get it in multiple colors so the product will last me a longer amount of time.


To me, the concept of Miche is similar. There are four styles of base bags – which is basically the inner workings of the purse. The company offers sizes from your basic small everyday purse to a bag large enough to carry your laptop in. Once you have your base, that’s when the fun begins. You can then choose from a wide variety of shells – the outer coating of the purse. The styles also change with the season, so you can be current on the latest trends and have a ‘different’ bag for every occasion.


Plus, if you are like me and rarely use the same bag two days in a row, this is even easier. You don’t have to worry about transferring over every little thing in your bag because the base remains the same. Simply slip the shell off and slide the new shell on. Ta-da.


Since Spring is here, sorta, I went with the Classic-sized base bag and the salmon-colored shell called the Blanche. It’s the perfect size for when you don’t want to take a lot with you for a brief errand of night out. For an entire day, when I’m taking everything but the kitchen sink with me, the Prima base bag would be much more useful.


Have you tried Miche before? What do you think of the concept?

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One of my personal pet peeves is people who wear workout clothes when they aren’t working out. I’m not talking those who are headed to the gym and run an errand on the way – I’m talking the people who live in workout clothes out of sheer laziness. (Likewise I don’t understand people who workout in jeans.) I swore to myself, when I started getting more interested in health and fitness that I would not be that person. That I would take the time each morning to get dressed up, to spend a little time on my appearance in order to show up to the day ready to conquer it.

But then the City Pant was invented.


Athleta has a new line called the City Pant, which is meant to be the perfect transition item – the one you can wear on all your errands or a morning shopping trip and then head right to the gym for an intense workout. I admit. I was skeptical. Workout clothes usually tend to look like workout clothes. It’s pretty obvious when someone is wearing their yoga pants at the mall. But when the Aspire Ankle Pants arrived in the mail, I pulled them out and looked at them in confusion for a minute. Was I looking at everyday pants or workout clothing?


At first glimpse they look like something that I would wear as a great basic everyday pant in the summer time. The light-weight fabric will be perfect for the warmer temperatures. The style, with its cropped length, tapered leg, and zipper pockets, is chic and current. They didn’t look like something I would wear to the gym. But then again, the material is one that wicks sweat and breathes, which is ideal for the gym.


I slipped them on as I ran out on a day of errands that would ultimately culminate in an hour spent at the gym. With a cute top and non-sporty shoes, these bottoms from the City Pants collection work perfectly for a day out. I never once felt or really looked like I was supposed to be working out. The pants are comfortable and chic. And then at the gym, they are perfect for a day of strength and conditioning. I was able to easily run through my weekly routine – jump squats, v-ups, burpees, single-leg deadlifts, plank with arm/leg lift, etc…  (I did a little cardio in them but don’t feel they are ideal for a long run since they don’t seem to stay at the waist.)


I’ve worked out in these pants several time already and love the ease with which on a busy day I can transfer from work to workout without an entire wardrobe change.

Gear in this post includes: Aspire Ankle Pants, Double Dare Radical Bra, Green Pop Space Dye Tee, Razzleberry Pacifica UPF Tee, Rocket Dog and Asics gym shoes.

Sidenote: Jump squats and burpees are death.



Five Summer Cilantro Recipes

by katyrose on April 14, 2014

Now that the weather is beginning to warm up (although let’s not talk about today’s chance of snow) I’ve begun thinking of all the great paleo recipes I’ll be making for backyard parties and patio dining. All year round, but especially in the warmer months, I’m all about fresh fruits and vegetables, organic if possible. Since January and the start of my Whole30, I’ve made a real effort to skip processed foods of all sorts.

In addition to purchasing bags and bags full of fresh fruits and vegetables (the people at the local grocery store poke fun at me due to the way my cart looks every week), I’m also considering starting a garden, mostly so I can grow my own herbs, which are harder to purchase at a store since they have such a short shelf life.

Cilantro will be one of the first things I attempt to grow. Since I am such a fan of Mexican and Tex-Mex meals, I figured this was a good place to start. Cilantro just adds that little extra zest and fresh flavor to pretty much everything. And apparently if you are diligent about planting seeds you can have fresh cilantro cropping up all summer long just by growing cilantro in your garden.

What’s your favorite herb?


Five Cilantro-Infused Paleo Recipes I Want to Try This Spring:

Cucumber Salad with Lime and Cilantro from Laylita’s Recipes


Jalapeno Cilantro Deviled Eggs from Dani Stout


Mango Guacamole from Shugary Sweets


Cilantro Lime Shrimp from Skinny Taste


Cilantro-Lime Turkey Taco Lettuce Wraps from Mountain Mama Cooks

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 9.53.48 AM

All images came directly from the blog posts linked to in the title. Check out each blog for the specific recipe and DIY steps on creating these delicious looking dishes.

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Run or Dye Champaign – A Blog POP! Giveaway

by katyrose on April 11, 2014

I received compensation and admission to this event in exchange for this promotional post. But let’s be honest, I’m always running and entering these things anyway!


Run or Dye, the world’s most colorful 5K, is headed to Downtown Champaign on May 10, 2014! At this color-blasted 5K, you’ll get showered in safe, eco-friendly, plant-based cornstarch dye every kilometer, then enjoy the Dye Festival afterward, where you can Tie-Dye the Sky and all your friends! Use the code: BLOGCHAMPAIGN to save $10. Code Expires May 3rd! If you join a team you can save another $5!

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 12.12.40 PM

Unlike other runs, marathons, 5Ks, etc… Run or Dye is for absolutely everyone! Whether you’re a recovering couch potato or an avid marathon runner, you’ll love the atmosphere and experience at Run or Dye. And you don’t have to run it all! Walk, run, job, sprint, cartwheel, whatever. Plus Run or Dye is family-friendly — kids 6 and under participate for FREE and do not require registration!

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 12.12.51 PM

Unfortunately I can’t make it down to Champaign for this event. But that means good luck for you! I’m giving my two entry tickets away to one lucky reader! Enter below for your chance to win two codes for free admission to Run or Dye in Champaign on May 10th, 2014.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

For more information and to check out all the colored glory,Like Run or Dye Run or Dye on Facebook.

ModlyChic has a lot of giveaways going on at the moment. Don’t miss out on these great wins…. (and there’s more to come this week!)

$100 Amazon Gift Code via – 4 winners in total!

AMAZING 3d Fiber Lashes from Younique.

$50 jewelry shopping spree to MimiBoutique – 2 winners

$100 giftcode to Hapari, just in time for swimsuit season

Two entries for the Run or Dye 5K in Champaign, IL

A gourmet cake from Bake Me a Wish.

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Fav Spring Trends 2014 – #FBFF

by katyrose on April 11, 2014

Today for the first official FBFF!!  YAY! I’m so excited to be back in action. Today we’re talking Spring trends. Kimberlee, Arash, and Kristin all share the things they are loving at the moment – surprisingly we are all interested in different items.

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 11.20.34 PMKimberlee: 1. Long bobs (or “”lobs”"). I’m happy to see celebs ditch the hair extensions and opting for fresh new ‘dos. I recently cut 7 inches off and opting for a bob. I feel so much lighter! 2. Menswear. I’m always excited for menswear to be a trend for any season because it fits my tomboy style. Blue oxford button ups were seen all over the runway (like Alexander Wang) and it’s definitely a style I’ve been envying for awhile. I think I’ll have to finally invest in one… probably from the men’s section 3. Radiant Orchid. Actually a Pantone color I like! I think it’s a gorgeous purple that flatters many types of people. I’m also enjoying it on my nails with Julep’s Rae. 4. Wide leg trousers. I’ve written about my disdain for skinny jeans so I’m excited to see wide leg trousers are chic again. Very ’70s/American Hustle-esque.”


 Arash: I didn’t want to pick something obvious like florals (who doesn’t love florals for spring?) because I had visions of Miranda Priestly and that line that sparked a thousand memes. So instead I’ve gone for something a bit more unexpected… Oxford cut-outs. They’re my new favourite shoes and the best bit is… they’re flat! Which is pretty peculiar coming from me, considering I once wrote a post titled ‘why you should wear heels with everything’.

There’s some amazing styles for all budgets about this season, in dusty pinks, metallics and bold hues. All with contemporary cut-outs. Giving them a bit more of a wow factor, which I feel flats sometimes lack, and keep your feet fresh (no sweaty feet here people). There’s just something really chic about them on a woman and they amazing with everything from jeans to skirts and spring dresses and will carry you through to summer.

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 11.34.44 PM

day-look-divanighttosa8Me: After a horribly long, drab winter, there are so many trends I’m loving at the moment that it was hard to pair the list down. If I had to pick the things I’m reaching for now and shopping for I’d have to say these five top my list… 1. Aztec patterns – My younger sister is Aztec everything at the moment, and while I’m not reaching her level of obsession there is something about this geometric pattern that draws me in. 2. Reflective Shades Can’t pass up the newest trend in sunglasses, which ensures no one can see what you’re looking at. HA! 3. Gladiator-style shoes. These come back every few years, but I’m liking the latest embellishments and materials, including camo, that are being used this year. 4. The patterned maxi. Forget the boring black maxi dress, or even the basic stripes. Today’s maxis, have color, style and play with patterns. 5. Funny running tees. Maybe it is my desire to hit the pavement hard now that I can actually run outside, but I can’t pass up all these tees and tanks that have funny workout slogans. Because let’s be honest, Burpees Don’t Really Like You Either!

Kirstin: With Spring here (finally!), there are so many trends that are available, wearable, and ready to enter my closet. A few of my favorites are the iridescence rend, the full skirt, the ever classic black and white, and of course, the geometric prints.



Bake Me A Wish – Blog POP! Giveaway

April 11, 2014

This is a Blog POP! giveaway post. Blog POP! began in 2009 as a designated group of blogs handpicked by it’s founder, Jenna M Wood, for their unique approach to blogging, differing demographics, and enthusiasm for networking.   Forget sending flowers or those fruit arrangements. Bake Me A Wish will let you send a fresh, […]

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How Do You Protect Your Computer?

April 10, 2014

This is a Fashionista Event and a promotional item was provided to me by Hosts for this event are Still Blonde after all these Years and yours truly. #ProtectwithNorton   One of my side ‘jobs’ is volunteering at a youth leadership club. We hold weekly gatherings, run two week-long camps in the summer, and host a […]

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Hapari Swimwear – A Blog POP! Giveaway

April 10, 2014

Finding cute, flattering swimwear can sometimes be a lesson in futility. I’ve shopped online and in stores. I’ve tried on a wide variety of styles, colors and patterns – but often nothing seems just right. Recently I was introduced to Hapari – a swimsuit line that offers a wide-variety of swimwear options. These are the […]

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Karina #Dresstacular Giveaway

April 9, 2014

You can win 6 dresses as part of the Karina #Dresstacular Event I’m jumping into this for the 10th event, but for the last 9 months you might have seen bloggers modeling and giving away spectacular dresses. It’s the Karina Dresses Dresstacular™ Giveaway. Excited yet? I might be more excited than you are because Karina is […]

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