My Latest Weekend Uniform

by katyrose on October 20, 2014


Skirt: Ann Taylor LOFT outlet
T-shirt: H&M
Sweater: Ann Taylor
Shoes: Nine West
Scarf: H&M
Earrings: New York & Co.


Scanning through pictures from the last couple weekends I noticed a habit I didn’t realize I had formed – my black maxi skirt has become my go-to weekend outfit. It’s easy, comfortable and still chic. I can wear it to Church on Sunday morning and while making breakfast, grading papers or running errands. I can keep it on through the deplorable Bear’s games and while eating dinner with friends. It’s simple. It’s easy. And it has become my Sunday staple.


Do you have a kind-of uniform look that you fall back to on the weekends when you are away from work and the business-required attire? In truth, I could wear this to school. But I don’t tend to wear the black maxi skirt there. I’m not sure why that is. Maybe it is the fact that it’s so comfortable I’m worries I’ll be too relaxed in class and not on my game. HA. Who knows? But it has certainly become weekend-wear.



Two Apple Martini Recipes – I’ll Drink to That

by katyrose on October 17, 2014

It’s Fall and while pumpkin-flavored everything has basically taken over every major food retailer, it’s still the season for apples! And heck, it’s Friday so it must be 5 o’clock somewhere, right?! My mom and I got together a couple weeks ago and worked on perfecting two apple martini recipes. (It was a difficult job but someone had to do it.) From our hard work, filled with trial and error, we came up with these two beauties. Both have the sweetness and the apple flavor that make Fall great. But the Caramel Apple Martini tastes like the best caramel apple you’ve ever had, well infused with alcohol. The Cinnamon Apple Martini was my favorite – because, really, who can resist Fireball?


Caramel Apple Martini


  • 2 oz Pinnacle Caramel Apple vodka
  • 2 1/2 oz Fulton’s Harvest Apple Pie liqueur
  • 1/2 oz of heavy cream
  • Caramel sauce
  • Cinnamon stick to garnish
  • Cinnamon and Sugar combination to sprinkle over the top (I love the Trader Joe’s Cinnamon and Sugar grinder)



  • Heat the caramel sauce so it is a liquid-consistency and then drizzle along the inside of the glass. Allow it to solidify and harden before pouring the drink in. (The caramel will not entirely come off as you drink from the glass, making it easy to refill at the party while still looking great.)
  • Pour the rest of the ingredients in a martini shaker along with several ice-cubes. Shake.
  • Pour the liquid out into the glass. Try to avoid getting ice in the glass. No one wants a watered-down drink.
  • Garnish with a cinnamon stick and then the cinnamon and sugar powder.
  • Serve. Drink. ENJOY!


Cinnamon Apple Martini


  • 2oz Fireball whiskey
  • 3 oz Fulton’s Harvest Apple Pie liqueur
  • 1/2 heavy cream – optional (I liked it better without.)
  • Cinnamon-flavored sprinkles
  • Apple for garnish



  • Dip edge of martini glass into plate with a thin layer of water to wet the rim. Then dip the rim into a plate sprinkled with the cinnamon-flavored sprinkles.
  • Mix ingredients into martini shaker with ice. Shake.
  • Pour the liquid out into the glass. Try to avoid getting ice in the glass.
  • Shake additional cinnamon sprinkles into the liquid. They mostly sink to the bottom creating a fun visual effect for the glass.
  • Garnish with an apple wedge that’s been dipped in the sprinkles.
  • Serve. Drink. ENJOY!


Stay Tuned for a second round of perfected Martinis next Friday!

They will be perfect for those Halloween parties you’re planning or attending.


The Almost Outfit Crisis

by katyrose on October 16, 2014


Dress: Monroe and Main
Tights: from Walgreens
Shoes: DSW
Watch: Kohls
Earrings: New York & Co.

This dress was nearly the cause of a fashion nightmare. At least three days of the week I workout before heading to school. This means I roll out of bed, throw on my workout clothes and pack my outfit for the day in my gym bag. Most days I’ve worn or tried on the outfit before packing it so I know everything will work well together. But this dress, which is a new addition to my closet, didn’t get that first-time wear. From trying it on when it arrived I remembered the skirt falling to my knee – perfect length for teaching, especially with the tall heels.


So after a cardio and weight-lifting session I showered and dressed for the day – slipped on the cami, the dress and the heels, leaving my legs bare since the weather was still warm enough for that. As I am about to walk out of the gym I take a look in the full-length mirror and do a double take. The dress is short. We’re talking, shorter than anything I  wear and certainly too short for school. I panicked. I needed to be at school in 15 minutes, I live 30 minutes away in the opposite direction. My parents (and my sister’s wardrobe) were 20 minutes away. And it’s 7:45 in the morning – no retailer is open to deal with this crisis. I needed to think quick.


For a brief moment I thought about trying to rip the hem out of the dress, which would give me an extra half inch, but that would look so tacky. Not an option. I removed the belt that came with the dress. Yes, that left random belt loops without the corresponding belt, but with the dress un-cinched, I gained a little length. And then Eureka! I realized I could just grab black tights from Walgreens. I rushed over there only to find out it didn’t open until 8. NO! I then rushed over to the local grocery store hoping they might have something suitable. Not a chance! I had not option. Waiting for Walgreens to open was the only thing to do. The moment the clock struck 8, I jetted in grabbed these tights and rushed to school. I ignored my classroom went right to the bathroom and slipped these on. It’s amazing what a great job tights can do to give off the allusion of a little extra length.

Problem averted. Lesson learned. Trial run every outfit before giving myself no other option!


Mad Men-esque Style Skirt

by katyrose on October 13, 2014


Skirt: Theory (from ShopBop)
Shirt: Ann Taylor
Sweater: Ann Taylor
Heels: Christian Siriano
Watch: Kohls
Bangles: Forever21
Earrings: Claire’s
Clutch: Fredd and Basha


I picked this skirt up from Shopbop in the middle of the summer, but never got around to wearing it. So when the weather decided to break from the chill-cycle we’ve been in and grace us with one more warm day, I pulled it out of the closet and forced myself to create an outfit using this very classic feminine silhouette. The skirt is certainly longer than most of my skirts (maxi skirts excluded) but the length, which falls a couple inches below my knee, gives off an old-school Mad Man-esque kind of vibe. To wear something of this length and not look stubby, high heels are a must. They help elongated the legs and keep the very feminine look that the skirt created. I wanted to show off the waist and gathering details so tucking in the shirt in was a must. For in the classroom, where the temperature is always chilly, I added a simple patterned cardigan.


Now that I’ve worn and styled it once I have a dozen other ideas… leopard print heels and a black top… a studded vest to give it a more rocker-style appeal… Alas I am going to have to wait until the Spring now. Too bad.


It was also SO BRIGHT while I was taking these pics that I couldn’t look at the camera. Hence the squinty face and the downcast eyes. Oops.


2014 Fall Fashionista Giveaway Event

by katyrose on October 8, 2014

The Fall Fashionista Giveaway Event is hosted by The Chief Blonde at Still Blonde After All These Years and yours truly.  All Fashion! Only FASHION event! Largest Fashion Giveaway event on the internet with $26,000+ in prizes, 100+ participating blogs and 3/4 million entries. Each individual blog has a minimum of $125 prize!

Another October, another Fall Fashionista Event! As usual, I’m excited about this one.

ModlyChic’s sponsor for this time around is Karen Kane. Hopefully you saw the preview earlier in the week of the stunning black studded dress.


It’s the perfect LBD for the Fall and Winter season. So flattering, lined, studded, perfect in every way. I wore this stunner for my birthday and plan to wear it a dozen different ways during the cold-weather season. It has such class and versatility.


Want to grab this dress or dozens of other amazing Fall/Winter options from Karen Kane? Use the rafflecopter below to enter for your chance to win.
a Rafflecopter giveaway


Oh, but wait. You can win more than just the ModlyChic giveaway. So much more!! (Does that read like an infomercial? It felt like one, even if it is true.)  There are over 100 bloggers participating in this event. Each of those bloggers has a giveaway worth AT LEAST $125 – some have prize packs worth so much more, or multiple prize packs. Check out the Linky below to jump around from blog to blog and get to entering the giveaways. Hop around, enter as many of the giveaways as you want – heck, enter them all!


And if 100+ possible prizes wasn’t enough we have a Grand Prize and a 1st Place Prize for all those who enter any or all of the giveaways that are a part of this event. The  FALL Fashionista Events Grand Prize is $500 PayPal (worldwide where allowed by law).  For every giveaway in the Fall Fashionista Event that you enter, you gain one entry toward the Fall Fashionista Grand Prize. 1 Grand Prize winner will receive $500 PayPal cash. 1 first prize winner will receive $300 gift certificate to Midnight Velvet Clothing.


I don’t even have to show you how to use $500 in PayPal cash! Re-load your Starbucks card, splurge on a spa treatment, but a vegan leather jacket, heck buy a real leather jacket. Possibilities are endless. The Midnight Velvet money is also a super win! Remember my posts from earlier this month with the Chevron Sweater or the fun Rose-patterned denim? Yup, both of those are Midnight Velvet gems.

To enter these giveaways you need to head over to Still Blonde After All These Years.

Here are ALL the bloggers participating and direct links to their blog post:



Midnight Velvet – Fall Fashionista Preview

by katyrose on October 7, 2014

Two days. Two days left!! The Fall Fashionista Event – 100+ fashion bloggers each offering their own amazing $125 or larger fashion giveaway – launches on October 9th and runs through October 17th. Yesterday, I previewed Karen Kane who will be my own amazing sponsor for the event. Today it’s all about Midnight Velvet – the 1st prize sponsor.


Pants: c/o Midnight Velvet
Shirt: Wilt
Vest: Forever21
Necklace: World Market
Shoes: DSW
Earrings: House of Harlow
Watch: DKNY


When I first saw these pants in the Midnight Velvet catalog I wanted to finally give floral denim a chance. And since I’m a sucker for all things rose-like I was even more sold. The pants, which are meant to be full-length, come to my ankle. Alas, tall girl problems. Luckily ankle-length pants are having a moment. Plus these will work well tucked into riding boots for the winter months. Still, I wanted a warmer-weather look since the day I wore these it was a balmy 75*. Instead of simply cuffing them and exposing the white-colored underside. I folded the pants up about three inches and then folded the top part down again. It created a simple cuff, while maintaining the color pallet.


I combined the pants with with my recent go-to vest. Yes, I wore it with the dress from yesterday’s post. Although in reality the two outfits were almost two weeks apart. Add to that a super simple black t-shirt from Wilt, a long necklace, and a pair of flats – and that creates an outfit.


Want your own pair of beauties like these? Or perhaps you want a great chevron sweater like the one I posted about last week. You only need to wait 2 more days for the start of the Fall Fashionista Event.


Karen Kane – Fall Fashionista Preview

October 6, 2014

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Karina #Frockstar Nation October Giveaway

October 5, 2014

You guessed it! It’s that time of the month… again. Yup, it’s the Karina Dresses Frockstar™ Giveaway. Excited? One lucky winner will walk away at the end of the month with SIX Karina dresses! Yes, SIX dresses. And then we start all over again with another giveaway at the start of November. This month, I […]

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The Five Pairs of Shoes You Need in Your Closet

October 4, 2014

Shoes! Either you love them or you hate them. (Then again who really hates them??) So since you love them, there’s a good chance you have more than a few pairs, and they may or may not be taking over your closet. I know as much as anyone that it can be hard to say […]

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DIY Halloween Treats with Sweetworks Sweets

September 30, 2014

This is a Fashionista Event and a promotional item was provided to me by Sweetworks. Hosts for this event are Still Blonde after all these Years and yours truly. #SweetworksFall Halloween is coming, Halloween is coming! Yes, it’s my mother’s fault that I am such a huge fan of Halloween, but seriously when else do you have […]

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