Healthy Not Hungry: Finding The Right Balance

Let’s be honest – How do you feel when you hear the word diet? For many people, dieting is a way of life. The problem with dieting is that it often persuades us to think only about the number on the scale, rather than about our health and well being. Rather than reaching for some number on the scale, it’s…

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Easy Teeth Whitening – Smile Brilliant Review

I’ve never thought of my teeth as particularly discolored, but about a year ago I needed to get a crown and realized as the dentist was doing a color comparison, that my teeth weren’t actually as white as I thought they were. So, I jumped at the opportunity to try out Smile Brilliant and review it on ModlyChic. The system…

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DesignerShare – Rent Designer Items

One of the coolest trends in fashion these days is the ease with which we can get our hands on designer items – if only for a short amount of time. The latest company to catch my eye in this field is DesignerShare – a Chicago-based start-up that is making it ease to rent designer items from other Chicagoans. The…

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