5 Ways to Protect your Skin this Winter

So far the Chicago winter has been surprisingly mild but, with the first real snowfall last weekend, I know that won’t last. Besides, my skin is already feeling the results of the cold temps. The cold weather calls for a change in my skincare routine in order to protect it from the cold and prevent it from drying out. To…

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Finding a Health Regime That Works for You

I don’t know about you, but there is something about the end of the year that has me thinking about health and wellness. And let’s be honest with the cold temperatures and all the tempting holiday treats, it can be really easy to indulge in a bunch of foods that we later regret, as if we were bears trying to…

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Chicago Marathon 2018 – Here I Come

If you are in any running circles, yesterday your Facebook feed was probably blowing up with people announcing that they had gotten the beloved email saying they made it into the lottery to run the Chicago Marathon! Yesterday I got my letter too – as did EVERYONE who is going to run the 2018 Chicago Marathon as part of our…

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