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6 Protein-Rich Foods That Will Help You Tone Up

Ever since I did the Whole30, I have been obsessed with protein-rich foods and making sure I get enough protein on a daily basis. I’ve found that it not only leaves me feeling fuller longer, but it also fuels my workouts and helps keep my migraines in check. Who knew protein could do all of that? Whether you are looking…

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What not to do when getting in shape

What Not To Do When Getting in Shape

Now that the weather is FINALLY warming up – at least a little – and the sun is peaking through the gray, you’re probably thinking about toning up for the summer months. Generally speaking you probably know what you should be doing – eating fewer calories, eating healthier and exercising more. However, do you know what NOT to do? There…

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Who Runs the World? Not as Many Women as Men, but this Gal’s a Runner!

Happy International Women’s Day! While I love so many things that are stereotypical of being a woman – feminine dresses, high heels, statement jewelry – I also really like doing things outside of the female stereotype. In high school, I used to go deer hunting with a bow and arrow. I know how to change a tire and jump a…

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