Early Morning Explorations

Lately I shoot awake around 5:30 every morning. It doesn’t matter if it is the weekend or a week day. It doesn’t matter if I went to bed early the night before or burned the midnight oil. It doesn’t matter is the sun is shining or the day or overcast and rainy. The clock hits 5:30 and I’m awake. And that’s a real bummer, especially on the days when I hoped to get two more hours of sleep before starting my day.

bahai-temple-ootd4Dress: WhoWhatWear via Target
Shoes: DSW
Sweater: Ann Taylor LOFT
Earrings: ShopBop

bahai-temple-ootd1When it first started happening I would lay in bed and internally bemoan the fact that I was wide awake and there was nothing I could do to fall back to sleep. I would toss and turn and try counting sheep. Nothing worked. I was awake and my body was ready to start the day. After I got over the internal complain fest, I would sit up and read or do something restful like adult color. But even that seemed like a bit of a waste of my day since I was up and should probably get dressed and start moving.

bahai-temple-ootd10bahai-temple-ootd11So now I take advantage of those extra hours and either go out for a long walk, or go about exploring some part of the area that I have yet to see. Many mornings I watched the sunrise over Lake Michigan. This past Sunday I drove the couple miles over to the Baha’i Temple and explored the outside of this stunning place. For two years now I’ve been meaning to walk around the outside and take in the stunning beauty of the place, but I had yet to find the time to do that.

bahai-temple-ootd8 bahai-temple-ootd7But at 5:30 in the morning what else do I have to be doing? So I got dressed for the day, grabbed my camera and a coffee and went off to explore. The place is absolutely stunning and so peaceful. Since I got there early in the day there was only one other person I saw the entire time I was walking around the grounds. He helped me find the best spots to take photos. And he reminded me that it was a very holy place and to take advantage of that fact. I assured him that in the face of beauty like this it was not difficult to raise one’s mind and heart to God.

bahai-temple-ootd5 Next time I’ll have to stop inside and see all the beauty there is to behold from within, but the outside with its intricate design that weaves in symbols from a variety of religions, and the beautifully cultivated garden was enough for this first experience.

bahai-temple-ootd6Now I’m making a list of place within 5 miles of my house that I want to explore in these early morning jaunts about town. Anyone in the Northern Chicago burbs, I’d love to hear your take on places to explore and things to see.



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4 thoughts on “Early Morning Explorations

    1. Katy Rose Post author

      It was such a pretty and peaceful sight. I think it was even more so since I went early in the morning and had the place all to myself.

  1. Aidan

    Omg that is a stunning building! I love taking architectural photography myself! Also that has to be one of the cutest exploring outfits! Most would just be in sneakers and flip flops but you stepped it up a notch to look damn good!

    1. Katy Rose Post author

      It was pretty amazing. So glad I finally got around to doing more than just marveling at it as I drove by. LOL and like I would ever wear basic flipflops out and about unless I was heading to the beach.

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