How To Wear Sneakers and a Dress

Fashion sneakers are all the rage now and they aren’t just for bumming around on the weekends anymore. Now people are pairing their classy sneakers with skirts and dresses – in a look that somehow manages to communicate chic comfort. The sneakers dress down the dress, while the dress takes the sneakers up a notch or two. Want to pull this trend off for yourself? Here are a couple tips, tricks and looks I use to wear this trend… to Wear Sneakers and a Dress:

Opt for sneakers that match the color palette you’re already working with. To keep the look streamlined and to make it a little less obvious that you are wearing sneakers – go for shoes that are in the same color family as the dress or accessories you are wearing.


Fashion sneakers should be exactly that – fashionable. This trend isn’t about re-purposing your running shoes, or giving you an excuse to dust off the shoes you never wear to the gym. Fashion sneakers tend to be more on the pretty side, than the functional side – although they still are pretty darn comfortable.

Go for a subtle pattern if you are hoping for a little pattern play. I have a pair of muted leopard print Keds that I often pair with a gray and white striped dress. It’s a simple combination and one that doesn’t look too wonky since the shoes are muted in their pattern and the color schemes are the same.


gray-white-dress8  Find shoes that don’t make your feet look like boats. I suppose this is more a thing for the gal who is a large shoe size, like I am, but not all fashion sneakers are made the same and not all of them are flattering on a large foot. I tried a pair of fashion sneakers on that made my feet look ginormous – no joke. It was like a really bad pair of bowling shoes. Back on the shelf they went.

casual-lbd4casual-lbd1Dress up the rest of the outfit. The key to pulling off a chic look in fashion sneakers is making sure the rest of the look is fierce, without going overboard. You aren’t going to wear some diamond tiara with the sneakers or a fancy ball gown, but making sure you have accessories on and that your hair is on point, makes the whole overall look more polished. When done right, you could even get away with these fashion sneaker outfits in some work environments. I’ve worn them a couple times to school.


Katy Rose
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