Mistakes That Will Make You Look Like A Blogger Newbie

These days it seems like everyone and their mother, literally, is blogging. In fact, 6.7 million people worldwide publish blogs. And while some people go on to be very successful with their blogs, others struggle to move beyond the newbie status. It’s often small, changeable errors that are stopping them from turning into a blogging pro. In my experience, here are some mistakes that will make you look like a blogger newbie.

Three Things that Will make you Look like a Blogging Newbie

Spelling errors

It’s so important to make sure that all your blog writing is perfect before publishing. Of course, you are bound to make small errors (you are only human), but if your blog is littered with errors, it’s going to make people click off your blog. After all, they will think it’s poorly written, and they won’t spend any more time on the blog. And it will stop you from getting opportunities like advertising and sponsored posts if your blog is not up to perfection. Therefore, it’s so important to check the blog thoroughly before you publish anything online. It might be the case you want to run it through a spell checker first. That way, you can edit it quickly before it goes live. Or get another set of eyes to look through the blog. After all, they might spot things you haven’t noticed, so you can quickly make changes to the blog!

Poor photos

You also need to make sure that you are using good photos on your blog. A lot of bloggers don’t spend much time working on finding good photographs. After all, they spend most of the time working on the content for the blog. But photos are just as important for your blog. After all, if they are low quality, they will stand out like a sore thumb on your blog. And photos are great for making blogs more compelling. So if you have a minimum amount on your blog, it might make people click off your blog. If you are not the best photographer in the world, you might want to look into stock photography which you can get online. After all, these are good quality and original photos that will look fantastic on your blog! And with great photos, you won’t look like a blogger newbie.


Bad layout

We have all clicked on a site before which has had a terrible layout. And most times we click off the blog as we can’t get around it easily. Therefore, don’t make this mistake with your own blog. After all, you want to build a readership who will come back time and time again. Therefore, you want a great layout which is easy to click around to ensure people stick around. You ought to get a web designer who can ensure your blog looks the bee’s knees. Or you could go down the route of paying out for a website builder. After all, it can help ensure you layout your blog well so that it’s enticing to readers.

And remember to develop your own voice with the blog. Otherwise, your blog will struggle to stand out among others in the same category. And it will help you to click with readers, so they keep coming back to read your blog!

Bloggers – what other tips for a blogger newbie would you like to share? Leave a comment and let me know.

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