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I’ll admit I have dozens and dozens of apps on my phone, but the three biggest categories of apps are photography, social media and fitness. Over the years I’ve amassed a number of fitness- and workout-related apps. As with all apps, there have been some duds and some I’ve loved. But my latest obsession is FitPlan. Think of it like having a personal trainer in your gym bag; one that you can pull out any time you want to.

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Here’s how it works… Once you’ve downloaded the app you can either pick a Fitplan or a Freestyle workout. Freestyle workouts are one-offs that allow you to pick the focus and the duration of your workout. The Fitplans are for a longer period of time and give you a daily workout to do. Both the freestyle and the Fitplans walk you step by step through the workout, complete with videos of the trainer doing the exercise so you can see clearly how to do each move. With the Fitplans you track your progress by accounting for the weights you used and the number of reps completed. (Full disclosure: Yes it costs money monthly. And YES it is totally worth it – it’s way cheaper than an actual trainer. You can get a month free.)

IMG_6522Right now I am in the midst of Ariana James’s 60 Day Strong and Beautiful plan. I’ve completed 15 of the 60 workouts, and while I was following the schedule very strictly in the beginning I got sidetracked with a little health issue which had me benched for a number of weeks. It’s easy to jump back in and pick up where I left off, which is what I did yesterday when I finally made it to the gym after several weeks.


The app has both male and female trainers. It also has different areas of focus – full body, lower body and booty, abs, muscle mass, arms, traps and hamstrings, back, etc.. There are even a couple of at home Fitplan options designed for the stay-at-home mom with minimal equipment required.

Why Fitplan is my favorite fitness app:

Every move is illustrated for you in video form. I’ve used other fitness apps that try and explain to you how to do a move, but don’t show you. Or have a sketchy illustration that leaves a lot of guesswork.

The in-app tracking of the weights used and reps completed. This helps see how much you have done, it gives you a starting point for the next time you do that exercise, and it means you don’t have to carry around a notebook to jot things down as you do your workout.


The variety of weight-related workouts available. Most apps I’ve come across offer running workouts or spin classes but have few weight-based, core-focused workouts. This is all about, and only about strength training. You can add cardio in to balance out the workout, but there is little of that in the actual plans in order to focus on your muscles.

The challenge of each workout while still being achievable. Each time I start a new workout, I know I’m going to leave the gym feeling sore AND really excited that I pushed myself and hit some new goal. These are not easy, but they are doable.

IMG_6521Tangible results. Because you track progress in the app, at the end of the workout it shows you what you did better than the previous time you did that same circuit. Tangible results is my kind of thing. I also like that you can feel and see yourself getting stronger as you make your way through the plan, which is especially true when you follow the calendar precisely.

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You can try a free month of Fitplan to see how my favorite fitness app measures up to all the hype. And what about you? What fitness apps do you love? Leave a comment and let me know. 

Katy Rose
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