8 Simple Steps for Applying Hair Extensions

Last week I raved about the Irresistible Me honey blonde silky touch hair extensions. And now I’m going to give you my 8 simple steps for applying and seamlessly blending extensions into your hair to give you a gloriously gorgeous look in under 10 minutes.


ONE: Separate out all the various extension pieces. I grouped mine – 3-clip pieces together, 2-clip pieces together and so on.

TWO: Along the back of your head, about a half inch from the bottom of your hairline along the nape of your neck, create a line straight across using your fingers. Tie or clip back the bulk of your hair so you have a small section hanging down. Apply a 3-clip piece here.


THREE: Let all your hair back down and do the same as #2 about a half inch up from the first extension piece. Add the 4-clip piece here. This is the thickest piece in the Irresistible Me collection, and I’ve found it blends best when place in the middle of the back of the head instead of as the first extension piece used. (But that’s me.)


irresistible-me14 irresistible-me16

FOUR: Let hair down again and separate another section. Apply the second 3-clip piece.

FIVE: Let all your hair down and part as usual.

SIX: From your usual part, apply the 2-clip pieces in the section above your ears – placing them in the best location for your hair and blending. Be sure not to clip them too close to your face in order to ensure they blend well.


SEVEN: Use the 1-clip pieces to fill in where you feel there could be more volume or you want more blending.

EIGHT: Using a mirror, look at the back of your head. Re-adjust any piece that is visible from the side or back. Shake your head a little and check again to make sure the pieces won’t be visible when you move around during the day or if the wind were to blow.


Ta-da. It’s actually so much easier than I assumed it would be. Now that I have the standard set-up and routine for when my hair is down, I’ve been experimenting with placing the pieces in various places based on the desired style. More on that later.



Katy Rose
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