What to Pack for a Theme-Park Vacation

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Hi ModlyChic readers! I’m Rebekah of From the Mixed-up Files. First of all, I wanted to thank Katy for inviting me to do a guest post while she’s on vacation in Texas! Although I’m pretty jealous that she’s enjoying some warm weather while we’re still shivering up here in Wisconsin, I keep reminding myself that my own vacation is coming up – to Florida! My husband, daughter, and I are meeting my parents down there for a visit to Disney World and Universal Orlando, and I can’t wait!

I don’t even want to think about what I have to pack for my husband or my two-year-old daughter quite yet, so let’s focus on what I’m packing for myself. I’ve learned a lot from my friends, who are avid Disney-goers, and now I’d like to pass on some of our packing tips to you.

Theme Park Packing List


  • Multiple pairs of comfortable sandals. In my opinion, function is more important than fashion in this case. My favorite functional sandals are my Keens. They’re not something I would wear in my day-to-day life, but they keep my feet pain free all day. My backup pair are actually Crocs. I say actually because I made fun of my dad for wearing Crocs for years, and I know he’s going to be wearing his on this same vacation. Two things to consider with Crocs sandals is that some of them have nubbies, which may become uncomfortable if you’re sensitive to that, and they have no traction. So be careful around water rides. I’ve also tried Reebok sandals, and the fabric underside of the straps rubbed the top of my foot raw. I don’t see the kind I bought on their website, so maybe they’ve improved the design since then. Any kind of sandal that fits your foot and has lots of cushion should be good. You don’t want it sliding around too much and end up with blisters. I recommend test driving them on long walks a few times before your vacation. This is a long paragraph on a seemingly simple subject, but it’s seriously the difference between a carefree day and a day of constantly changing bandaids and sitting down as often as possible because you can’t take it anymore. Moving on.
  • Cheap, dark sunglasses without nose grips. You’re going to go from bright sunshine to shaded attraction lines to maybe indoor shops, and your sunglasses are going to be on your nose, then on the top of your head, then back again. To prevent messing up your hair any more than the next thrill ride is going to, I recommend plastic sunglasses without nose grips. Try to make sure they’re pretty dark, too. Last time I was in Florida, I was still squinting through my sunglasses. They don’t call it The Sunshine State for nothing. Finally, you probably want to go with cheapies so that you don’t accidentally sit on or lose your nice Ray-Bans.
  • Biker shorts and sundresses. This is a combination I never would’ve thought of if my friends hadn’t suggested it; but if you have any concern about chafing or shorts that don’t fit you quite right, a sundress with spandex shorts underneath is the way to go. I’ve found it’s the most comfortable option.
  • Cross-body bag. Of course, you want your bag to be big enough to hold everything you need but not so huge as to give you shoulder aches.

Other Things to Bring to the Parks

  • Spray-on sunscreen. It’s just easier to apply.
  • Plastic baggies to put your cell phone and other belongings in if you go on water rides. Also, you can bring a poncho that folds up smaller than a garbage bag in case you want to enjoy a water ride without getting completely soaked.
  • Frozen water bottle to keep you cool and hydrated. Then, you can find a drinking fountain later to fill it up again once it’s empty.
  • Bandaids just in case those shoes weren’t as trustworthy as you originally hoped.
  • Extra bobby pins because you are probably not going to want any hair touching your face on a hot day.
Now that I’ve over-thought all of this, I better get to packing!
Katy Rose

4 thoughts on “What to Pack for a Theme-Park Vacation

  1. EvaNadine

    The only extra note I would add to this is that if you can find said cross-body bag in a more gender-neutral, utilitarian style (meaning: something that doesn’t so much look like a purse) you can even sometimes get the hubby to take turns carrying it. Which is kinda awesome. :)
    EvaNadine recently posted..JLW Tossed and Found Rummage Sale 2013

    1. Rebekah

      Great tip! We actually used a backpack this time around and stuffed in everything four adults and one toddler would need and took turns carrying it. So having a gender-neutral bag is a good idea.
      Rebekah recently posted..Dressed by My Mom

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