Inserting Subtle Color into the Winter Drab

I don’t know about you but when the winter gets cold and gray my wardrobe gets layered and dark. It’s as if my clothing choices directly correspond with the color of the sky and the feel of the day. So I’ve been trying to break out of that rut and be a little more colorful in my winter wardrobe choices….

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Leave Ill-fitting Dresses Behind

It’s no secret I’ve been a big fan of eShakti since I first stumbled upon the online clothing boutique years ago! This company specializes in custom making clothing that is tailored to your shape, size and height. No need to purchase a clothing item and then take it to a tailor to get it fitted. No need to buy a…

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2017’s Word of the Year – Try.

New Beginnings are like a Beautiful sunrise, they uplift the heart and soul and seem to fill the mind with endless possibilities. Forget resolutions. For the last couple years I’ve picked a word or a couple words to focus the year on. Last year those words were beauty and authenticity. For 2017, I decided on the word ‘try.’ I admit…

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