How To Wear Harem Pants

When it comes to women’s clothing, multiple styles are available which is good since we all need variety. Personally, as you know if you’re a long-time reader, I love having items that will effortlessly mix and match together – mixing a fancy dress with a denim jacket. To me, comfort is one of the most important components especially when feeling…

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Back to Routine and Establishing New Ones with goodnessKNOWS

New beginnings call for new systems, plans and schemes. At the start of each school year, even this year when I’m running the school’s marketing instead of teaching full time, I try to make smarter decisions. One of the things that I’m focused on this year is health – both for me and the students. More specifically smart snacks.  One…

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Personal Style 101 – Determining Your Body Shape

More and more I come across women who are trying to up their fashion game but say they have no clue how to do it. I’ll be honest, the first couple times I heard that I remember thinking ‘what do you mean you don’t know how?’ It seemed simple, but better clothes, put together more chic flattering outfits, and ta-da…

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