5 Spring 2017 Trends To Snag Now

Now that the weather is finally feeling like Spring and flowers are actually beginning to sprout out of the ground, I’m ready to start thinking about spring and summer trends. There are so many fun things on trend this year that it is hard to pick just a few to really make my own this year. But after scrolling through…

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How To Online Shop Like a Pro

One of the things about blogging is that I have become an expert at online shopping. Often companies will reach out offering a collaboration which requires me to peruse an online store or stylebook in order to determine a piece that I would want in my closet and want to write about. In the beginning, I often ended up getting…

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One Camo Dress Worn Four Ways

I love a wardrobe item that has the ability to be worn in a number of different ways and for a variety of occasions. For the most part I tend to think of solid numbers as ideal for mixing and matching, but recently I got this simple camo dress from the Jane app and have found that despite its pattern…

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