The Apps I Loved in 2017

Who doesn’t love recap and list posts at the end of the year?? Okay, maybe I am a little obsessed with them, hopefully you enjoy them too. Being a blogger and working as the director of marketing and social media means I have my phone in hand most of the day, and that means I have tried out a lot of apps. These aren’t all new apps this year, nor are they all new-to-me this year, but these are the ones that I loved this year and use frequently.

fav apps 2017


Aaptiv – Ditch the trainer at the gym and use this app instead! This workout app allows you to pick your workout and then have a trainer walk you through the entire process! You can do treadmill, elliptical, indoor cycling, outdoor running, stairclimber, strength, stretching, yoga, walking, and meditation workouts. And the app allows you to filter for time or speed or incline or even by trainer. An added bonus to this AWESOME app is the encouraging Facebook group that members can belong to. I’ve never been in a FB group that is so supportive and encouraging. Get a month free on me!

FitPlan – For the person less interested in cardio and more interested in getting toned or building muscle mass, this is the app for you! You pick a plan (between 30-90 days) and then follow the daily workouts that are indicated on the app. Let me tell you, this will push you beyond what you would normally do at the gym and it really helps build muscle in a slow but obvious way.

MapMyRun – I use this app for all my outdoor runs in order to track distance and speed. But I also use it when I’m at the gym to enter in my workout so that I have a log of all the workouts I did in a month’s timeframe. Plus, all my sisters use the app too so I can see what runs and other workouts they did recently, which also makes me want to run faster so that I have better times than they do. (competitive much?)


OverDrive – This app is the reason I was able to hit my goal to read 24 books this year! You hook up your library card to the app and are able to borrow any of the ebooks and audiobooks your library has available. While my library has A LOT of options, my only complaint is that for the really popular books there is a LONG waitlist, but that is because of my library and not the app.

Kindle – When I’m not reading on Overdrive, I’m reading on the Kindle app. You’d be surprised at the number of books that are cheap or inexpensive thanks to Amazon. I get a daily email from BookBub which tells me when books I’d be interested in and authors I like have been marked down.



VSCO – This app allows you to easily edit and tweak your photos so that they are crisp and beautiful looking! I edit ALL my Instagram photos through this app, which allows them to have the same look, feel, and color scheme. It’s also just fun to play around with and see what different filters and adjustments can do to a photo.

Colorstory, Enlight and Snapseed – are also apps that I love to play around with and see how I can make photos appear better.


Spotify – I’m always surprised at the number of people who ask about preferred music apps. To me, there is no question. Spotify! You can make your own playlists, follow the playlists of other people, listen to full albums, list to curated playlists according to your mood or musical preferences. I have a playlist for trying to fall asleep, one that I’m creating for all my marathon training that will come in 2018, for the days I’m lifting at the gym, for Friday afternoon carrides, for spontaneous dance parties, etc…


Migraine Buddy – This has been perhaps my best find of this year! For years doctors have been telling me that I need to track my migraines and look for triggers and patterns. I would try for a little and then it got complicated and boring and I would forget the notebook that was supposed to be tracking sleep patterns and eating patterns and stress levels and the weather, etc… But this app takes care of all of that for you and will even print out reports that you can take with you to the doctor. If you have migraines, you’ve got to get this app!!

Eduplated – This app is awesome for anyone with a tricky diet because of allergies or for those that want to lose weight or eat healthier. A monthly subscription to this app allows you access to a registered dietician who will help you create meal plans, share recipes, and guide you in vitamin and supplement choices as well. My dietician helped me work through the crazy list of food allergies I have that contribute to the migraines.

Other apps that I use almost daily:

  • Accuweather
  • Starbucks/Dunkin’
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Swarm
  • Planoly

These are the apps I loved in 2017, what apps are you using and loving? Leave a comment and let me know!!

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