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I’ve never thought of my teeth as particularly discolored, but about a year ago I needed to get a crown and realized as the dentist was doing a color comparison, that my teeth weren’t actually as white as I thought they were. So, I jumped at the opportunity to try out Smile Brilliant and review it on ModlyChic.

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The system is pretty simple:

  1. Smile Brilliant sends you a kit to make impressions of your top and bottom teeth. It’s super simple, although slightly awkward if your family begins a Snapchat war you while you are in the midst of the impression creation process – true life, that happened to me.
  2. You seal your impressions into pre-paid envelope and send it back to the company.
  3. Smile Brilliant makes small clear molds from your impressions and ships them to you in about 2 weeks time. Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 2.12.39 PM
  4. From there every day or every other day, you squeeze a small amount of the whitening gel into the inside of the mold and then place on teeth in a upward pressing motion.
  5. Leave the molds on for as long as you can. I left them on anywhere from 40 minutes to 2 hours, depending on what I was doing in the moment.
  6. Let the whitening begin.
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Two weeks into the whitening process. I probably only used the system 5 times in those weeks, but already see a subtle change in color.

The nitty-gritty details…

It takes several applications to begin to notice a lasting difference. The first couple times I used Smile Brilliant, I would see a slight color change on certain parts of my teeth, but not a lasting change and not a change on the entire teeth. But the more frequently you use the system, the more you will see the change taking place.

Daily or every other day is crucial. If you put it off for a week or even several days, your teeth begin to revert back to their old stained ways. The more consistent you are in the application process, the better your results will be. The same goes with long-term consistency. If you want results that last you need to keep at the process.

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After a month of frequent use. My teeth are looking brighter and even my lipstick is looking better against the whiter teeth!

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I did have some slight sensitivity during the weeks that I applied the whitening gel daily. It isn’t terribly painful or distracting, just a slight twinge you feel on occasion. The Smile Brilliant system does offer a desensitivity gel, which helps if you have particularly sensitive teeth. Below is a close-up of my teeth, one week into the system and then one month into the system. You can see the change pretty clearly.


For me, the hardest part was finding time to use the molds. For me, I don’t often have an hour or more in my day in which I am not talking or eating or interacting with others. I needed to get creative with the times in which I used Smile Brilliant. For instance, a couple times I used it on a long car-ride, making sure to hit the bathroom to remove them before arriving at my final destination. I also used it at the end of the day as I was getting ready for bed and preparing for the next day. And once, I wore them to the gym, but I found myself too aware of gritting my teeth while lifting, so that didn’t happen again.

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