How To Wear Harem Pants

When it comes to women’s clothing, multiple styles are available which is good since we all need variety. Personally, as you know if you’re a long-time reader, I love having items that will effortlessly mix and match together – mixing a fancy dress with a denim jacket.

To me, comfort is one of the most important components especially when feeling confident in your outfit for the day. My current go-to pant when I am looking for chic comfort, especially on the weekends – Harem dance pants. They sit high on or at the waist, are baggy at the thighs and tapered down the legs making them an ideal choice for long hours in the office, running errands on the weekend, grabbing drinks with friends, or even in the yoga studio.


Chic and Comfortable

Harem dance pants aren’t just stylistic and playful, but the way they’re designed often makes them more comfortable than other types of pants. There is no snug waist to contend with, or restricting material to hold you back. Because of how comfortable they are, I like wearing them on days that I’ll be siting for long periods of time.

Since they’re tapered down the legs, you don’t have to worry about them dragging on the floor. Plus they can be worn with high heels or with flats. I style mine with either a cute simple pump or a fancy flat. easter-outfit4

History of Harem Pants

Fashion is in constant rotation. Things come in and out of style. Some last a long time, others are here and gone before you blink. But the best part about the trends is that each time they make a new appearance, they come back re-invented. They are just a little different, a little upgraded. Heck, just look at the facial hair on men! Beards are everywhere again.

Kohls-floral-jacket6Harem pants have made a transit themselves. And they’ve been doing it for hundreds of years—hence the term “harem”. Originally, a harem referred to group of women beholden to a rich middle-eastern man. They wore the proto-type harem pants, which were more flowing and made differently back then.

This trend came and went through Europe for hundreds of years, and eventually, by the 1980s, had resurfaced in an augmented form.  Today, the style train has come full circle, and harem pants are popular again. Now, they are made in a variety of fabrics and for a number of different occasions. You can find harem pants for your workout, and a pair for the office. They aren’t just dressy or casual. Kohls-floral-jacket4If you’re looking to add a pair of harem pants to your collection. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Pick a pair that flatters your shape and size. They aren’t all made the same so try on a number of different pairs to find one that is best for you.
  • Make sure the waist is tight enough for the pants to stay in place while you move around during the day, without being too tight. I have a pair that are so loose that I can’t put anything in the pockets if I want the pants to stay on my waist. Not good.
  • The length should hit around your ankles. If they tapper off around the calves, it can leave you looking stout. Go for a little length.
  • If you worry these baggy shape leaves you looking larger than you prefer, heels go a long way in fixing that issue.
  • Wear a fitted top. Always best to balance out the look – so baggy pants go best with a more fitted top.
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  1. Rosie

    These may be a new ‘travelling pants’ option for me. At present, I wear yoga pants, which are fine if we are going dawn til dusk, with only ‘doggy stops’, but not so great if we want to play tourist.

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