Clothing Should Fit Your Body (not be some standard size you tolerate)

One of the trends I am seeing more and more these days is the move away from fast fashion that is all about ‘one-size-fits-all’ and a move toward items that are catered to a woman’s specific shape and size. There need to be more fashion companies like this, or we women need to be better at making purchases and then seeking out a tailor who will make things fit us as they should.

eshakti-dress4When you look at people who dress well and always look impeccable, one of the things that stands out is how well each item of clothing fits their specific frame. It’s not that these fashion icons all perfectly fit into sample sizes, but rather they all know someone with wicked tailoring skills, or the pieces were made specifically for them.

Because, let’s be honest. We are all differently. We have different proportions, different sizes, different muscles, different areas on our bodies where we carry more weight. There is no standard size 6 or 16. A dozen women could all be the same size in a department store dress, but it will fit all of them differently. And because of that we need more things that are made to fit us specifically.

eshakti-dress3Dress: eShakti
Wedges: Target
Cami: Niki Biki
Hat: DSW
Earrings: ShopBop
Sunnies: Sunglasses Shop (Carrera 5024S Sunglasses)eshakti-dress1For me, I’m nearly 5’10”, which is already taller than the average woman. Finding dresses and skirts that don’t look like minis on me is very different. My height is in my legs. I have very little torso and really no waist to speak of, but I’ve got legs for days. As a result of this I need to find things that work with my tall, leg-dominate frame.

I’ve got a friend who is 5’9″. When we stand next to each other we are nearly the same height. But when we sit down she looks taller than I am because she has a long torso and stouter legs. We always laugh about it because at times I would give her a dress or mine to wear. She would put it on and I felt like I was looking at a totally different dress, despite the fact we weighed nearly the same, wore nearly the same size and were nearly the same height. The same exact dress on the two of us looked completely different.

eshakti-dress2 Standard sizes are often frustrating. We feel like we should be a specific size but try it on and it is too small or too big. Or it fits in the waist but not in the thighs, or in the bust but not in the arms. That’s where custom clothing creation or a really good seamstress comes in handy.

Personally, I really like online retailers like eShakti – which allow you to pick a standard size OR put in your personal measurements to get something that is perfect for you. (No this isn’t a sponsored post – just have always loved this brand.) Every dress I’ve ever purchased from eShakti after putting in my measurements has been a dress I love and wear for years and years. I have one that I wear to weddings and other formal events in the summer months, and one I wear for those same events in the winter months. I have this one which is so perfect as an everyday dress during the summertime.


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  1. Rosie

    Oh, I hate sizing of clothes – it is the absolute pits. Like my worth to the company is based on an arbitrary number!

    My sister and I are the same ‘size’, she is a little shorter. But I am long-waisted, and short-legged, where she is long legged, and has basically no waist. So something that looks great on her can look ridiculous on me, or vice versa. My daughter, on the other hand, can wear my clothes happily (and does, she ‘adopted’ a lot when we hit the road); the 20+ year age gap makes it difficult for me to borrow her clothes – her shoes, however, are fair game!

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