Tips to Buy Your Next Pair of Denim

Beyond some high schoolers I know who hate jeans, I think they are pretty universally loved. Everyone owns at least one pair and most women own a handful of denim options if not a dozen or more. On average 60% of Americans wear them 4 times a week, or more. During the summer months I’m certainly guilty of that, although during the working year I’m much more a denim on the weekends kind of girl. But let’s be honest, not every pair of jeans is the same. Some are awesome, others are unflattering. Some are comfortable others, well, not so much. The key is to find jeans you feel comfortable in all day that also look amazing on you. Here are some tips for buying denim:

Buy from a retailer that caters to your needs

No one wants to waste hours trying on jeans, so the best place to start your search is in the stores you already have a lot of luck finding clothing that fits and flatters. These days most retailers have at least a couple denim options. For instance, if you are near or above our national average when it comes to size you can buy women’s plus size jeans from Simply Be. Currently, this retailer stocks 170 different styles of jeans, in sizes 6 to 20. Other retailers, from Ann Taylor to Express, Macys to Old Navy sell denim in all sizes and cuts.

Don’t be afraid to try something different

Fashion changes constantly and denim trends are no different. While you might have a tried and true style that you love, it’s important not to get stuck in a rut when it comes to the style of jeans you wear. Go ahead try on a few different cuts and see what you like. Also consider trying on the same cut in a couple different colors/washes. The color of the denim can make a huge difference in the way they look when on. Remember, over time everyone’s body changes. A cut that suited you when you were twenty might not be the best choice in your thirties – then again maybe it will.

Know your body type

Since we are all made differently, different styles and cuts will look better on different people. For instance, with my height I can get away with a wide leg pant that would be a lot harder for a petite person to full off. On the other had, I can’t really fit my runner’s legs in skinny jeans. It just doesn’t work. Know your body shape, accept the fact that you are beautifully made that way and then find a pair that works for who you are. If you have not been jean shopping for a while, or have recently lost or put on a lot of weight, you will find this guide especially helpful. It will help you to learn how to identify your body type correctly, and determine which cuts are most likely to suit you.

Choose a pair that flatters

The other bonus of trying on lots of different styles is to find something that flatters you. DOn’t just buy the first pair of jeans that ‘fit’. Rather, try on a couple pairs, find the sizes that fit you and then consider how they flatter your body shape and compliment your fashion personality. Maybe it’s a pair of high-waisted jeans, maybe it’s a lighter wash, each of us is made differently and therefore one pair is not going to look the same on everyone. Take a friend with you who can give you an honest opinion about the look and style.

Go for comfort

Jeans are meant to be comfortable – at least there inception they were. It is really important to buy a pair of jeans that are comfortable. Looks are important, but should never be your only consideration. In all likelihood, you are going to be wearing them a lot, so the last thing you need is for them to cut into you in all the wrong places. When you try them on, make sure that you sit down, squat and walk around a bit – make sure they look and feel great through all of that. Sure, it looks silly, but it’s worth it to make sure you’re getting a pair you will love.

Quality matters

The fact that you are going to be wearing your jeans a lot means that you need to really pay attention to the quality. Often, it is worth spending a little more money to buy a pair that will last you several years and lots of wear. These are more likely to still look good a few months or even a few years down the line. Check the seems and edges to make sure they are well constructed. Tug at the buttons and snaps a little to make sure they are secured. Read the reviews to know if anyone else had quality issues – colors bleeding, legs becoming misshapen, etc…

This is a collaborative post, but as usual all opinions are my own.


Katy Rose
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2 thoughts on “Tips to Buy Your Next Pair of Denim

  1. Rosie

    I have 3 pairs, excluding my ‘working in the yard’ jeans – 2 skinnies, 1 straight leg. Being short & tiny, anything else swamps me. Only 3 because space is at a premium.

    I tend to buy cheap denims, because of my lifestyle, I can’t justify hundreds on something that may be dogged (2 kelpies), or destroyed by an unforeseen incident (which always happen when wearing ‘good’ gear – hence I own no white/light colours).

    1. Katy Rose Post author

      I totally think it makes sense to have inexpensive jeans for all the everyday events and such. A pair of nice, more expensive jeans is good for going out and such but I wouldn’t wear them all the time to run errands and chill at home.

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