Remove Wardrobe Stress – Discard the Unused and Make Way for Flattering Pieces

Frustration is a horrible thing. Let’s be honest, we can become frustrated about a lot in life – dirty plates, uncomfortable surroundings, idiotic statements from a stranger or a friend and all sorts of other things. These feelings of frustration? They aren’t healthy and can arise from lofty targets set for ourselves, or our lives at work and at home. Simply put, we’ve got enough frustration on our plates coming in from external factors, so why add more? We need to work toward a stress-free life, or at least one where we acknowledge stressors and learn how to deal with them so they don’t take over our lives.

One of these things that can make us feel frustrated? Disappointment with our current style or look. A glance in the mirror might be all it takes to ruin your day. You might be the type to open the wardrobe and spend ages searching for an outfit, not because of the abundance of them, but because of the mediocrity you feel with your current selection.

Remove Wardrobe Stress - Discard the Unused and Make Way for Flattering PiecesThe awesomeness of clothes, in general, is that they are a wrapper for who we are at our core. But often, instead of buying clothing that speaks to exactly who we are, our tastes, our colors, our preferences, we buy things that are trendy or that we think we should wear or that everyone else is wearing. BOO! That leads to having a closet full of things and ‘nothing’ to wear. There’s a reason that we feel frustrated with this build-up of out of action outfits. It’s to do with minimalism and all of that. We all want to live a simpler, less cluttered life, even if we don’t acknowledge that out-loud.

When we keep acquiring things we basically keep collecting things that cause us to be frustrated. Now, this might not be on a hoarder level; but it can lead to a feeling of frustration when we open our wardrobe, chock-full to the brim with absolutely nothing – yet everything. We can’t feel at peace, simply because we are full of things we don’t use – a clean wardrobe might lead to a cleaner state of mind. That’s peace! Just think if you had 15 things that you loved to put on in the morning, there would be so much more piece than having a closet of 50 things you sorta like, but don’t love.

If you’re frustrated with your outfits, anxious about all the stuff you’ve acquired over the years, and annoyed with your current collection of clothing – you might need to overhaul your style. And therefor overhaul your closet. (Psst… I’m a pitcher by nature. If I haven’t used it in a couple months or a year, I toss it. I never save old paper or used notebooks or cards.)

To get started, you need to get ready to purge. Chuck the past away. Even if you have room for all your stuff its existence, collecting dust in your closet, is causing you stress! Start the process with this mantra: If you don’t need it, or don’t like it – get rid of it. Yeah, this is hard to do at first, but, hey it’s okay to ‘Kill your darlings’ Don’t get hung up on great clothes that you don’t wear. Or even great clothes that you hope to maybe fit in again, one day. Before you even consider moving forward with your style, you need to make a decision about the current skeletons in your closet.


Instead of just filling bags full of your discarded items and throwing them in the trash, consider a number of different ways to get rid of them. Some could be lucrative for you, others are a good way to give back.

Sell your clothes on Ebay or one of the dozen of garage sale-type apps out there. If you’re going to later fill your closet with pieces that are perfect for you, you’re going to need one thing – cash.  If you can make a bit of money on your old wardrobe, you can put it towards new clothes. When I ran a student resident, I used to make a fair amount of extra money from selling the clothes the students left behind to a local thrift store.

Give clothes to a charity shop, or even a women’s shelter. No matter where you live, there are people who could really use the clothes you don’t need anymore. The clothes and jackets at the bottom of your wardrobe could either make someone’s day or raise a lot of money for a good cause. Even dropping it off at your local Goodwill can be an excellent option. They make sure that every little scrap donated is used in someway – even if it’s a stained t-shirt that can’t be resold, the company bundles it up and sells it to carpet companies to make the stuffing that goes under your carpeting.

After discarding the pieces that aren’t bringing your joy and aren’t functional members of your closet, you should feel a lot more lighter. Now, you’ve got the room to move forward with a style overhaul. But before heading out on a shopping spree – think critically about your wardrobe needs, your style personality and your body type. In my experience, if you buy a piece of clothing that fits with your fashion needs, your personal style, your body type and your coloring, you are much more likely to wear it and love it. It’s the things that don’t fit all those categories that collect dust in the back of the closet.

Since styles and trends come and go with the season, it is important to remember that unless the item works with all the things I mentioned above – it doesn’t matter how trendy it is, you shouldn’t purchase it. As popular as the item is, if it isn’t your coloring and it doesn’t flatter your body shape, you won’t want to wear it. The best thing to do is to find and stick to a more timeless style that is uniquely your own; a style that flatters you.

This means one thing – take it slow! Find out what works for you. Look around from boutique to boutique and try not to splurge on purchases. Be thoughtful and perhaps a little critical about your purchases. Pick your options carefully and make slow moves to eventually overhaul that wardrobe. This can be tough at the start, especially when you feel like you have nothing to wear – but you can build a wardrobe for all occasions quite easily. To begin, I’d make a list of things that you absolutely need to have a functional wardrobe – classic pencil skirt, a great pair of pants, etc… – and make those purchases first. (Stay tuned for a post later this month on essential wardrobe items for each gals closet.)

And trust me, less is more. Having a full closet of things you don’t wear isn’t really giving your wardrobe freedom. Having an awesome collection of a few choice items you love, will give you so much more wardrobe freedom.

Katy Rose
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3 thoughts on “Remove Wardrobe Stress – Discard the Unused and Make Way for Flattering Pieces

  1. Rosie

    I tend to do several ‘sort & toss’ sessions a year; usually at season changes. Anything that is past the point of no return goes in the rag bag for cleaning/car maintenance. Things I didn’t wear last *whichever season*/don’t like any more/don’t fit any more (that latter is 90% of the clothes I own right now) go to charity.

    We came here for 7 months on a house-sit, in just the car, and brought 5 days worth of clothes (not including ‘work’ and workout gear – most of that will go when we leave – too big/too tatty), so when I get back to the motorhome, I am going to have a major job, tossing things (many I love) that are too big. I will salvage my grey dress for re-tailoring, but there’s not a lot else that I can reasonably justify salvaging. Which will mean I have to go shopping. Urgh!

    1. Katy Rose Post author

      Same here! It’s so good to clean and purge. Since I get a lot of blogger items to review, I probably do it about once a month. Out with the old, in with the new. So impressive you’ve been working with so little these last 7 months.

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