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Over the years I’ve tried a number of fitness trackers. I’ve worn multiple different foot-counting bracelets. I’ve used a variety of apps to track steps and workouts. Each has had some awesome components and each had things that were missing too. For most of these I used them for a couple weeks and then after the newness wore off and the missing components became obvious, I lost interest and ditched each and every one. And then I got the Mio SLICE.

mio-slice-active4This little device is so much more than a step-counter. It’s an all-day heart rate activity tracker. The concept is simple – step counters don’t give us an accurate picture of health and fitness. We need to get our heart rates up to really see health and wellness results. So this device gives you a PAI number. This Personal Activity Intelligence is an algorithm that makes sense of heart rate data to give you a number that shows how much activity you need to live a longer and healthier life. Keep your PAI above 100 for the week and you are all good. If you don’t reach that, it’s time to step-up the heart-pumping. (If you want to read more of the nitty-gritty about how PAI works this blog post explains it all.)

mio-slice-active3mio-slice8mio-slice7Since the Mio SLICE analyzes your heart rate it doesn’t matter what kind of workout you are doing – a long bike ride, a HIIT workout, a spin class, a long brisk walk around the neighborhood. Simply hold the button down until the band vibrates and start your workout. The Mio SLICE will take care of the rest. You’ll be able to see your daily score as well as your weekly total on the band. The app gives you more indepth details about your week.

mio-bracelet5 I’ve found that during the weeks that I manage to get in three to four workouts I’m easily able to keep my PAI above 100. But then there are weeks like this past one in which I sat at a desk a majority of every day and my PAI was pretty deplorable. I guess that just makes me want to push it this week to keep it where it needs to be, and to be making smart choices for long-term health and wellness.

mio-slice1mio-bracelet10Seriously, this thing does it all. It counts my steps, it tracks my heartrate throughout the day and in a more consistent way during a workout. It tells me the amount of calories burned that day. It indicates the distance I’ve trekked with my steps. It shows me the amount of sleep I got the night before. And it holds me accountable with the PAI system, so that I keep my weekly average above 100. PLUS, it will vibrate with every text and phone call coming into your phone. (I changed it to just vibrate for phone calls, since it was buzzing constantly thanks to a couple really active text message groups.


I used the Mio SLICE to trek my journey to that little white lighthouse at the end of the beach. The 9 miles, round trip, was a great day for my PAI score.


I also use it to track every walk and run I take. Whether outside on amazing summer days or at the gym on the treadmill it works the same since it’s all about heart rate and not about the mileage. (It counts the mileage of my runs and walks too – so that’s an awesome added bonus.)

I’ve been wearing this thing for almost a month now and I love it. I hate taking it off to charge it – which happens every 3-5 days depending on how active I am. I don’t think this is something I’ll be growing tired off. And the tan lines around the band are true proof that this thing goes everywhere with me – the beach, an outdoor run, to the gym, and on a bike ride.



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