Two More Looks in My Little Black Dress

lbd-cargo-vest8I warned you that this dress was going to be making frequent appearances. So frequent, in fact that I am combining two looks into one post because I’ve also got at least one more look with this dress photographed and ready to go live. It’s just that this dress is so easy to style and so comfortable to wear that it is often a no brainer.

lbd-cargo-vest7 Dress: Saks Off Fifth
Sandals: DSW
Purse: Stella & Dot
Sunglasses: Fendi
Earrings: ShopBoplbd-cargo-vest3  lbd-cargo-vest1

One of the keys to building a good, solid wardrobe is to purchase pieces that have a lot of versatility. While I could never be one of those capsule wardrobe types – too few choices for my creative side – I do think there is something to be said for the capsule model. That way of dressing is all about purchasing pieces that will coordinate with everything else in your closet. That’s a good lesson to go by whether you have 12 pieces of clothing in a capsule wardrobe for the summer or you have three closets full of clothing items.

Dress: Off Saks Fifth
Jacket: Fabletics
Shoes: Puma via Amazonfabletics-track-jacket2 fabletics-track-jacket3When purchasing something new, I always ask myself ‘does this go with at least a handful of other things in my closet?’ If the answer is no then I put it aside and look for something else. If the answer is yes, that item is much more likely to be coming home with me. Why is that? Well if a single item can go with a variety of things you have an infinitely large number of options when getting dressed in the morning. And if you are like me and prefer not to repeat looks and outfits too frequently, this is a mega bonus.

Take this dress for instance. It can easily stand alone. It can be worn with and without the belt that it came with, or I could swap that belt out for another. It can be worn layered under a jacket or a sweater or a vest. It can be worn paired with all kinds of scarves or bold necklaces. Its simple black nature can also be worn with pretty much every shoe in my closet. See… versatility like a champ.lbd-cargo-vest6

fabletics-track-jacket5What versatile items do you have in your closet? Are there any tried and true pieces that you know will always leave you looking and feeling good? This dress is that item for me.

Katy Rose
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