Summer Trends To Try

Summer is approaching, which means the long sleeves and trousers go away and the pretty dresses and skirts make their appearance. Going shopping for that new warmer wardrobe is fun. The colors over the summer are brighter than those you’ll find in a winter wardrobe, which gives you the chance to make your outfits pop from head to toe. The shapes for your wardrobe in 2017 have been released and the trends for this year are exciting!

Whether you are looking for Parisian fashion, Scandinavian fashion or fashion that has lined the catwalks in New York, you need some inspirational ideas for your summer look. The textures, colors and trends have updated and we’ve brought some here for you, so that you can make big, bold decisions about your outfits and stand out from the crowd!


Pink is the color this year, with fuchsia taking center stage across all catwalks, and why not? It’s bright, it’s bold, it’s beautiful and the color on its own can make your entire outfit pop. Layer over different shades of pink material for a textured, thickened look or go for more of a block color in the form of a long jacket for those chillier evenings. Talking of colors, bright yellow and greens are also in fashion this summer season. They can be trickier to wear as part of your outfit, but if you accessorize with these colors instead, you can still inject a little boldness into your life. You get to stand out this summer with better, brighter colours and if you make a point of choosing them, you’ll be on

You cannot possibly have an updated wardrobe this summer season without introducing florals. Flowers as a fashion trend in the warmer months aren’t much of a shock, but for this season, avoid the small, delicate prints. Go for the big, bold patterns that are eye-catching and make big statements. Dresses, blouses and scarves covered in flowers are in this summer and you can make a fashion favorite just by picking the brightest and boldest prints.

neon-floral-skirt3Generally, textured items are kept in for the winter months as you need the layers for warmth. This summer, ruffles are back in a big way. Oversized ruffles on blouses that cover the shoulders are gracing the catwalks and tiered frills on dresses and tops are starting to fill the racks in the stores. Your summer wardrobe needs some texture and pairing ruffles with bright colors can make your whole summer wardrobe stay on trend this year. They’ll probably be around for a while given how popular they were at the Fashion Week this year, and this means you’ll be able to find some amazing pieces like this one gracing the windows of the leading stores.


Winter may be the time for sleeves that are long and thick, but this summer, statement sleeves are in. Cold shoulder silk tops, embellished sleeves covered in jewels or buttons and fluted sleeves on block color outfits are all on trend. Keep your fashion on fleek by shopping the right way. Go for tops and dresses that are in a block color, but make them interesting with balloon sleeves that draw the eye. Pair this with chunky, one-colored jewellery and you’ll be standing out this summer. It may feel like a difficult trend to pull off, especially if statement sleeves are new for you. However, following this nifty little guide will really help you to understand how you can knock them dead with your sweet sleeves. cantigny-ootd1 If you’re calves have been aching this year keeping up with the high heel trend, you can breathe a sigh of relieve. Skyscrapers are out and low heels are back! Kitten heels in stylish colors, ballet shoes with embellished jewels and even low Mary Jane’s are making their comeback. The best part? You can still dress up those summer dresses without any of the pain. You won’t need calves of steel this summer, so kick off the sky-high heels and relax a little. Choose some bold colors to go with those pink jackets we mentioned earlier and you’ll turn heads wherever you walk.

Everyone loves a hot summer, and looking good has to go hand in hand with that be bright, bold and quirky with your style choices and be smart about it. You don’t want to wear every single trend at once and look like a peacock. Subtle statement pieces are the way forward for your summer fashion fix.

What fashion trends are you loving during this warmer weather?

Katy Rose
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