Style Is Something You Build

Are you sick of constantly seeing the same kind of advice every time you’re looking for a way to expand your wardrobe and put together a new outfit? Tired of being told that these are the latest trends that you HAVE to have? Since fashion is a means of expressing yourself, it can often be discouraging to then be told to dress in a certain way in order to be current or trendy. Rather than follow fashion trends and wear things that are popular but not necessarily flattering, I think it’s more important to develop your own sense of style and then wear that with your head held high. When it comes to developing your style, here are 4 things to keep in mind…

casual-lbd-pink-keds4It Needs Time

Your own style isn’t going to suddenly appear all at once. You need to work on it. A good idea is to start with some staples, some basics like a white tank tee or a pair of jeans and start using them to build outfits. From there, you can keep going, transitioning your closet with the seasons. But don’t worry if you’re not immediately finding all the outfits that just scream at you to put them on display. My style and look has changed drastically over the years, but each year I like it more and more.

casual-pink-top5It Needs a Statement

Outfits should say something when you wear them. Note, that doesn’t necessarily mean they have to have agenda or some kind of image they’re trying to fit. But finding the pieces that speak to you, that have your identity ingrained in them can make you feel powerful and gorgeous all at once. A staple hat or bag, for instance, or custom jewelry from places like can make sure that you always have that identity with you. It sets you apart from all the rest and rejoices in your individuality.

weekend-kale9It Needs Inspiration

You don’t want to stick to only the trends but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have inspiration to take from other sources. Pinterest is perhaps one of the greatest resources for finding inspiration nowadays. Playing Pinterest roulette puts you in touch with styles from all around the world and all times. It’s a lot easier to spot the styles you love when you have a truly broad selection to pick from, not just what a few people happen to be wearing at the moment.

cargo1It Needs Purpose

If you feel like your wardrobe is really missing something, then follow the advice of and ID what exactly is missing from it. It might be a certain part of an otherwise complete outfit or it might be something a little more purposeful. For instance, consider your goals and aspirations when you’re picking out your clothes. Think of the person you want to be and how they would dress. That’s the easiest way to fill up the glaring holes in your wardrobe that you just haven’t figured out yet.

Be willing to stick out like a sore thumb and to take a risk. Sometimes, you will get it wrong and wonder what you were thinking. But when you get it right, you’re going to get it right in a way that works for you which will make you feel all the better for it.


Katy Rose
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