How To Slowly And Steadily Win The Weight Loss Race

When you’re looking to lose weight, you can often find yourself trying outs lots of new and weird ideas to make it happen. If you’ve tried and failed to get into shape in the past, you can often feel as if you have to try some of the crazier diets, like the cabbage soup diet, in order to see a change. But, before long, you’re going to have to realize that the only real way you can change your body, in the long run, is to change your lifestyle. And that it won’t happen overnight because slow and steady really does win the race when it comes to dieting


As tempting as it can be to restrict your food to try and shift a lot of weight fast, don’t. Crash diets rarely work, because your body starts to cling on to the calories you put in and the fat you already have as a form of survival. So, now that you’ve tried some of the stranger and unsafe ways to lose a bit of weight, it’s time to work on trying the healthier way and see if it works for you. Leading a healthier lifestyle isn’t easy. But if you make small changes over time, you may start to see a huge difference in how you look and feel.

Set Realistic Goals

The first thing you need to do is set some realistic goals for yourself. And no, that doesn’t mean that you can try to lose 20lbs in a month just to fit into a dress for a special occasion. One, it’s not realistic, and two, it’s very unhealthy. To lose that much weight in a short space of time is damaging to your health. So, you now need to figure out what weight is healthy for you, and how long it will take you to get there, slowly but surely.

Track What You Eat

With a firm goal in mind, you’re then going to want to think about tracking your food. This isn’t so that you can start restricting anything at all; it’s actually so that you can become aware of your healthy and unhealthy eating habits. Whether you use a healthy living tracking app or something like The DIEM App to record what you eat, you will soon start to see where you are staying on track, and what’s causing you to slip off.

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Know What’s In Your Food

As you start to take more notice of what you eat and eat consciously, you should also start to look at what is in your food a bit more closely too. Most of the time, we eat the things we like because they taste good, without looking at what they really are. So, it’s time to start reading the labels. Then, not only will you know what ingredients are in your food, but you will understand what their calorie, fat, protein, salt, sugar, and carbohydrate stats are too.

Eat For Fuel

Education is going to be a huge part of your journey. Eating for a treat is definitely still okay but in moderation. If you’re serious about losing weight and getting healthy, you need to start seeing your food as fuel. As you fuel your body with things like bananas and rice cakes, you’re giving it the nutrients it needs to function properly. cyril-saulnier-250098

Drink More Water

As a part of your healthy lifestyle journey, you’re going to need to start drinking more water too. Proper hydration is a huge part of being healthy and making sure that your body is running well. Plus, when you drink more hunger, it can kick start your weight loss. Alongside suppressing hunger, water can help you to burn more calories and also speed up your metabolism. I’m using the Hidrate Spark water bottle to keep track of my daily water intake.

Eat A Balanced Diet

When it comes to your food, you need to train your brain into eating a balanced diet as much as you can. Eating for fuel and eating well is so important, but you might send yourself crazy if you change your diet too much. So, it’s important to allow yourself the odd treat. Around 80% healthy and 20% indulgent is always a good balance to aim for.

Move More

You may think that you can change your diet and the weight will drop off of you. Well, they say that abs are made in the kitchen for a reason, because what you eat does play a huge part in it. But, if you want to see real results, you do need to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle change too. To burn more calories, build some muscle and make sure that your skin stays tight, do a mix of cardio and weight lifting exercises and you will soon start to see a change in your shape.


Put Your Health First

Throughout the entire journey, you’re going to want to ensure that you are putting your health first. Although it’s easy to think that you’re being healthy if you’re eating healthy, you may not be getting the right nutrients. So the right supplements may be needed to top up your levels. You can often find that dietary supplements can help too. You’ll find this Leptigen Diet Pills Review from useful to understand that.

Eat Little And Often

Then you also have your metabolism to think about. To make sure that it keeps on firing well, you’re going to want to eat little and often. Smaller meals throughout the day can help to keep your metabolism healthy, but they can also prevent you from binging too – because you’ll stay fuller for longer.

Don’t Rely Solely On The Scales

And finally, if there’s just one thing you take away from this, it’s not to rely too much on what your scales say. When you step on the scales, you can fixate on the number shown. If it doesn’t drop, you may feel like your efforts aren’t having an effect, but you will often find that another way of measuring your progress is more effective. By taking weekly photos of your body shape, you can track changes that the building of muscle while losing fat will not show on the scales.


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2 thoughts on “How To Slowly And Steadily Win The Weight Loss Race

  1. Rosie

    I’ve hit 52kg – as low as I want to go. I lost 2 kg in the past 12 months, through hard work – I was aiming for 2. Not that I lost it through exercise as such,but hard manual labour. At 54 and above, I notice I feel sluggish. I gained 2kg through stress eating with hubby’s health issues (so did he).

    At present, I run, cycle, do bodyweight work (pushups, planks, burpees), and watch what I eat. When we move on from this job, I will lose the cycling, but will add in walking.

    Mostly, we eat lots of fresh stuff, but still have pizza, corn chips, chocolate and icecream. Until this job (meat dishes are provided here, as is lots of fish – yummmm!), we ate mainly vegetarian. We’ll go back to that when we leave here. I don’t drink alcohol (health reasons), but do partake occassionally of (light coloured) diet soda. It’s not about not eating/doing what you feel like, it’s about balancing it. No way am I giving up chocolate, pizza or corn chips for anything or anyone!

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