Shine like the Sun: Tips to Look Radiant this Summer

Summer is FINALLY upon us. Looking good in modern, chic, and summery clothes is all about how you wear them and how they flatter you. An upbeat attitude goes a long way in being able to rock an outfit or new trend. But there are some other, none-clothing related ways in which you can get that summer radiance. Here are four simple tips to look radiant this summer no matter which trend you’re rocking:


Applying the right facial cream  can give your skin the vitality and freshness it deserves, especially after sun exposure. No matter what your age, an anti-wrinkle cream is often most effective at reducing blemishes and helping your skin stay smoother for longer. Not only that, but a little tanning, or even tanning lotions, will help give you that natural glow everyone wants this time of year.

Posture & Stretching Exercises

Your posture says a lot about you. Slouching, hunching and the forward head syndrome that is promoted by long hours at the computer or laptop in bed or even at your desk can hurt how good you look when rocking your summer look, and can hurt you spine in the long run. Trying on a few posture exercises can keep you looking alert, energized and attentive to what’s going on in front of you. It will also make you look taller.

You don’t have to pay a lot to achieve this. A few simple stretching exercises can help get you back to normal. I’ve found even just stopping on occasion to adjust your posture can be helpful. A yoga class can help too.

Light Summer Wardrobes

Wearing tasteful accessories and sun dresses for women allows you to look truly chic on the beach or anywhere else your summer travels take you. I’ve been living in dresses this summer, because they are so much easier to wear and so much more chic can a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Try out a floral or bright pattern this summer.

Light Weightlifting

Weightlifting doesn’t only produce bodybuilders. There’s a vastly growing market for females looking to tone up for summer and craft beautiful, subtle muscle tone. Being fit has never been more attractive and respected. Not only that, but there’s never been an easier time to learn how.

No matter your age you can all benefit from exercise and a little weight lifting to hone and tone your muscles. If you do so, you’ll find that the composition of your body changes for the better and not for the bulkier.

What tips do you have for getting that summer radiance?

Katy Rose
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