Reworking oversized t-shirts

A couple months ago I became the owner of two very fun t-shirts. I ordered them and loved the way they looked on the model – of course. And then they arrived and while I still love the graphics on them, the shirts are not so great. The problem is both of the t-shirts don’t fit well. In fact they look pretty boxy and blah.

An Oversized TeeAfter sitting in my drawer for several months, I had only worn one of the shirts once. This weekend as I was cleaning my room, I decided I either needed to find a way to wear these shirts or pass them on. There is no sense in keeping them in my drawers when they aren’t being used.

patsy-tee-redo2princess-bride-tee-redo1So I pulled out a pair of scissors and got a little creative. For both shirts I cut off the neckline, to create an edgier look and a more open neckline. For the Princess Bride tee, I went a little further and cut more of a boatneck into the material.

patsy-tee-redo6The bottom hems got a makeover too. For the Patsy tee, I simply lobbed off 3 inches of material. The fabric naturally rolls a little, creating a finished look that isn’t really there. For the Princess Bride tee, I went with a rounded hem that was longer in the front and back, and shorter along the sides. Creating that was easy. I folded the shirt in half lengthwise, pinned all the layers in place, traced my cutting line and then just followed the pattern. Easy peasy.

princess-bride-tee-redo7And then the sleeves. For the Princess Bride t-shirt I chopped off the finished edge and then gave it a bit of a fringe. It reminded me of a pirate, so it seemed to fit with the t-shirt’s theme. The Patsy tee, on the other hand, got little square knotted bows cut in. I snipped about three inches into the top part of the sleeve, and then rounded the edge, cutting off the finished sleeve hem, but keeping it longer toward the slit in the sleeve to allow the bow to be tied. If you haven’t tied a square knot before, it’s super simple and useful. Simply taking the right ‘string’ flip it over the left one and then pull that originally ‘right’ string through. Taking the left string (which used to be the right one) repeat the process, flipping it over the left one and pulling it through the hole. It will create a perfectly square knot.

patsy-tee-redo7Now that both of these have been reworked, I’m seeing them easily paired with shorts or even a skirt during the summer months. Before I really only saw them as something I could wear when working out. With these two working out to well, I’m tempted to try my hand at reworking oversized t-shirts of all kinds just sitting in my drawers.

Katy Rose
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