The One Style that Always Works for a Tall Girl

floral-maxi3For a tall girl like me, especially one that loves to wear heels and has long legs but a short torso, there are many trends and styles that don’t work with my body. But the maxi dress has always been good to me. You need height to pull this look off well. My shorter friends stay away from these pieces like they are the plague because a maxi makes them look even shorter and usually more stout too. But for a tall girl, these pieces are flattering and play to the best of your tall features.  floral-maxi4 Dress: Amazon (there are dozens of other colors/patterns to pick from.)
Shoes: ShopBop
Watch: JORD Wood Watches
Earrings: ShopBop

floral-maxi10Maxi dresses have been in for several years now, but I still remember when I purchased my first one about 8 years ago. I brought it with me on my move from St. Louis to Boston, and was promptly told by a Bostonian that the maxi dress made me look out of style and very Midwestern. LOL. I put it in the back of my closet and waited several months until the maxi became more common to see while walking down the street and then I pulled it out again and happily worn it all over the city, adding several more to my collection in the 2 years I lived in Boston.

floral-maxi11 Since then Maxi dresses have changed. The styles are a little different. The material used isn’t only the stretchy cotton anymore. Even the top part, which used to be mainly small spaghetti straps and halters, has changed through the years. But one thing that has remained the same is my love for this clothing item. This floral maxi dress, with its buttons all the way down the front, has me wanting to get the same one in another color or different pattern. It’s super simple to wear and doesn’t need any add-ons or additions to make a statement or complete the look.

floral-maxi12A few tips on how to wear this style, even if you don’t have long legs like me…

  • ONE:: Opt for heels. A good heel always elongates the leg and adds more height to the person.
  • TWO:: Make sure it is a fitted style, with either a cinched in waist or more form fitting bodice so that you don’t get lost in yards of material.
  • THREE:: Pick a color or pattern that really flatters your skin tone. Wearing that much material in a color that isn’t flattering will make you look pale and washed out – perhaps even a little sickly.


Katy Rose
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4 thoughts on “The One Style that Always Works for a Tall Girl

  1. Aidan

    Love this look on you! It’s sooo perfect! Really I know I’ve said this before, but you should wear heels every single day unless your at the gym Haha. Heels are just Made for you and your amazing long legs that most girls are probably wishing they had lmao!

  2. Rosie

    Love that dress! The pattern is gorgeous, and it looks fantastic on you.

    Here in Oz, maxis are still almost all spaghetti/halter style….. One day we will catch up.

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