Keeping it Classy Even on Vacation

Now that school is out and I’m in major summer vacation mode, I’ve been reaching for more comfortable clothing options. But while I’m all about comfort right now, I’m also not about to look frumpy or not put-together. I’m not all about the yoga pants or the running shorts and tank tops life. Instead I like to opt for things that are still a little classy, a little dressed up but still super comfortable.

cactus-tee10This cactus t-shirt and button-down denim skirt is the perfect mix of comfort and chic styling. It’s easy to wear no matter what’s on the docket for the day. It is cool even on the hot days. It looks like I took some effort with my appearance, without going overboard, since it is vacation afterall.cactus-tee5

Skirt: Lee
T-shirt: Kohls
Shoes: Target
Earrings: ShopBop
Sunnies: Fendi

cactus-tee11To me the key to comfortable but chic looks is to take time with accessories and hair in order to make the casual t-shirt look a little more dressy. And of course I am still going with fashion sneakers since those are easy and comfortable too.

cactus-tee4It’s also important to make sure that the pieces aren’t too oversized and baggy, which tends to make us look more frumpy and not put together. Yes, the t-shirt is comfortable and so soft, but it is also not huge. The skirt has a little hourglass structure to it, so that the longer length is possible. cactus-tee6 cactus-tee9 Sidenote… And since it is vacation time, I’m also having fun experimenting with new hair styles, braids, etc… This French braid, single braid combination is fun and has me feeling a little like I should be on the set of Vikings. The ladies on that show have the BEST braids.

cactus-tee8What do you think of this cactus and denim combination? How do you keep it classy and chic while in the midst of your weekends or downtime?

Katy Rose
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One thought on “Keeping it Classy Even on Vacation

  1. Rosie

    You look very relaxed, and lovely.

    For me, the last 3 summers, it has been all about sarongs twisted into halter dresses, with a belt. Long enough, fitted but covering enough, and cool – although 47 Celcius days were a bit of a challenge.

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