Accessories Mistakes You Might Be Making

Fashion is always up for debate. What some people love, others will hate – in fact it seems like the entire industry depends on it. Occasionally the fashion world will unite around a trend, but even then, there will be people writing thinkpieces on why someone dislikes said trend – especially when it comes to accessories.

It therefore doesn’t quite follow that you can make “mistakes” with fashion. What for one person is a mistake might, for another, be a triumph. While there are very few things that are a no-no for everyone, a lot of fashion and fashion mistakes depend on personal style. Mistakes occur when you wear something that doesn’t work for you. It might be the height of fashion or hated by many, but making a piece work for you means keeping a few things in mind.

Forgetting Your Skintone 

If you have ever consulted a style guide when it comes to the clothes you wear, then you have probably heard plenty of mention about wearing colors that suit you. That’s good advice; we all have several colors that might look fabulous on other people, but will make us look our worst.


For some reason, we all have a tendency to forget about this valuable advice when it comes to accessories. As an example: if you have been tempted by pink diamond prices and splashed out on a gorgeous statement necklace, then more power to you. But think before you buy: would I wear this shade of pink if it were in the form of a dress, rather than a piece of jewelry? If the answer is no, then it’s not a good idea to wear it on a ring either.

Most of us have a ‘cool’ or a ‘warm’ skintone, and that means certain metals will work better for us than others. As a rule of thumb, cool skintones do well with silver colors, while warmer skintones work with yellow and rose gold.


Too Many Accessories Spoil The Outfit

So you’ve got a new ring. A watch you love. A brooch that you always feel amazing in. A scarf that you can’t wait to team with that new top of yours. A bag…

Hold on a minute: you’re on the verge of over-accessorizing there. Some people would say you’ve already crossed it. Too many accessories can make an outfit look less fashion chic and more fashion calamity; each piece competes with one another rather than creating a cohesive look. As a general rule, three accessories per ensemble is usually plenty. Unless you are Iris Apfel, less is usually more.

Badly Matched Accessories

Not in terms of color; there’s an argument to say that clashing accessories are a fashion statement of the most positive kind. The issue tends to come when you wear several ‘big’ statement pieces. As above, they all compete for attention rather than working together to create an overall outfit.


For example, if you have a large statement bag, then it makes sense to tone down your bracelet and your scarf, or make sure the colors coordinate perfectly. Think of it as balance: one small, one medium, and one large accessory will create the perfect equation when it comes to putting an outfit together.

Katy Rose
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