4 Tips For Choosing A Workout That Works For You

There are so many ways to get fit and whether you are looking for a cardio workout like these or something more passive fitness options, like yoga, you’re going to have to make some choices in regard to your routines. Choosing that workout is the first step for your future health, but it can be confusing to navigate. Before you make a choice about the type of workout that works for you, there are some questions you should be asking yourself.


What Do You Like? This does seem obvious, but deciding the type of workout you prefer is paramount to your decision for your workout routines. You don’t have to pound a treadmill to get fit, so if you hate running you don’t have to feel obliged to do it! You could have a look here http://topworkoutprograms.com and decide what workouts look good for you. Maybe you prefer to workout at home than in the gym, and that’s just fine! Your preference has to come first when you work out otherwise you’re going to get bored and give up. For me, I prefer a workout that has be sweating and panting – making me know I’ve actually burned calories.

Where Will Your Workout Be Best? Some people absolutely thrive on the variety a workout at the gym offers and being in an environment where everyone is driving toward the same goal. Others simply don’t have the time to take to go to the gym and exercise there. You also may not have the spare cash in your pocket to dedicate to a membership every month. Obviously, if you prefer to go swimming you’ll have a bit of trouble trying to do this at home unless you own your own pool! Home workouts are the most practical for people as you can do it any time of day or night and buy the equipment you need for the house. I prefer either the open road for a good long run or the structure of a gym. I’ve never been very good at working out at home.

What Instruction Do You Need? Do you like to have someone in front of you telling you each move or do you prefer to follow a printed plan to do in your own time? Thinking about the method of instruction is important for your workout as you want to be able to concentrate on it and enjoy it. If you’re not a fan of being barked at by an army instructor, don’t put yourself through it! My sister used to LOVE workout videos, but they were never something I could get into. I like apps that guide you through the workout, a class by a real instructor or doing my own thing.

How Much Time Do You Have? This is fairly important as you need to know whether you have the right amount of time in your day to dedicate to the workout you’ve chosen. HIIT workouts like these are perfect for those on strict time constraints but if you have the time to head to the gym or do a longer work out, go for it. To me, the best is to vary the type and length of your workout. I’ll do a long run or bike one day and then a HIIT workout the next day.

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3 thoughts on “4 Tips For Choosing A Workout That Works For You

  1. Rosie

    I work out at home, or walk/run along the road. Because of the way we live (full-time travellers), a gym isn’t an option, unless there is a home gym at a housesit/caretake (like the last one and this one).

    Personally, I like to run. I also do bodyweight work (pushups & burpees). Gyms & classes are not my thing, neither are videos. Although, if I need a good chuckle I have been known to head to a Zumba class – I laugh at my unco self, rather than everyone else.

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