Wanderlust108 – a mindful experience

This past weekend my sister, Mona, and I had an amazing experience at Wanderlust108. Have you heard of this event? It’s billed at the first mindful triathlon – 5K run/walk, outdoor yoga flow class, guided meditation. My first thought after finishing the event and going home was that it was goodness all around. Sidenote: we got to attend the event thanks to goodnessKNOWS – the creator of delicious snack squares that are free of preservatives and artificial flavors and colors.wanderlust5
The morning started with a pretty chill 5K run/walk at 8am. I’ve run a lot of races before and usually people are chomping at the bit to go, and crowded into the space wanting to be the first one out of the gate. At Wanderlust people naturally flowed into a line and we left in waves. There was no trying to better the person next to you. There were pit stops to take selfies and catch views of the city. The run ran along Grant Park, down toward the Shedd Aquarium back up along the lakefront (prettiest part of the whole run) and then down and back up Lake Shore Drive. People walked, ran, meandered the route and overall just enjoyed the day, the view, and the sun.
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race-selfieBack at Grant Park, Wanderlust108 attendees perused the booths and were able to sample a number of health and wellness products, including goodnessKNOWS bars. My favorite is the mixed berry and almond, squares, but the company also just released a new flavor with peach and it’s pretty awesome too. Mona and I tried to make a silly gif at the set-up in the goodnessKNOWS tent but failed pretty epically at the timing of that.
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wanderlust4At 10am the perusing was put on hold and yoga began. All the mats had been spread out ahead of time, except for the few random people like me who don’t own a yoga mat and therefore didn’t bring one. Oops. The sea of yoga mats was a pretty outrageously awesome site. Watching the crowd of people all move in various yoga poses was literally and figuratively moving.
wanderlust3I’ll be honest, if you couldn’t tell from the fact that I don’t own a yoga mat, yoga is not my usual go-to exercise of choice. But 2017 is the year in which I promised myself I would try new things, and goodnessKNOWS has a mantra ‘try a little goodness’ because every try is a step toward being your best. So I was all in and gave yoga a try. I’m sold! The people who were really good at it were fit and healthy and really impressive. It also worked muscles that don’t normally get targeted when I’m running 5 miles or taking a spin class. And while I wasn’t a walking zombie the following day, I could definitely feel my muscles in ways that I don’t normally. wanderlust6In the middle of the hour-long yoga class we had a little dance party break in which everyone came together to jump around, dance and just have a good time. Once yoga was over, we moved into a guided meditation in which participants were encouraged to practice mindfulness. To be aware of our breaths, the air blowing through the park, the ground underneath us. While prayer and meditation are a part of my daily life, I’d never taken the time to be mindful in this way. It certainly made me think more of how we are one being, all interconnected and health and happiness is a matter of all those things working well together.

wanderlust2 Mega thanks to goodnessKNOWS for inviting me to participate in this amazing experience. Wanderlust108 is something I’ll remember for years to come, and certainly a new ‘try’ to put in the books for 2017. Want some goodnessKNOWS of your own? Here’s where you can find them sold near you.




This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of goodnessKNOWS. The opinions and text are all mine.

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