How to Pick the Best Activewear

If you want comfort, style, durability, and dryness in your workout clothing, you know that the best activewear is designed to work in concert with a woman’s natural curves during exercise. Fashionable fit women have a wide range of bright colors and fabrics to choose from.

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Some activewear designers take inspiration from the type of exercise the wearer will perform. For instance, yoga-inspired active wear may include jackets, shirts, socks, pants, and shorts. Fabrics such as Lycra or Pima cotton are chosen to prevent exercise wear from losing its shape or bagging after use. Seams are typically stitched to protect the wearer’s skin from chafing. Shop these trendy work out tank tops to add the latest styles to your activewear wardrobe.

High-Tech Fabrics

Design-forward active wear must combine fashion, style, and performance. Top exercise wear designers include high-tech fabrics, precision fit, and color. Many manufacturers consider the wearer’s height or body type. For instance, an active wear top may be designed for short, average, or long arms. Pants and leggings are frequently offered in short, medium, and long sizes. If compression is desired, the wearer can choose the desired level.

Loose fits are designed for low-impact exercise. Fitted and compression designs are created for higher intensity activity.

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Fashionable athletic wear is a popular choice for work and play. Stylish, high-quality active wear can cost as much as other fine designer clothing. For the fit women in search of new outfit possibilities, long-sleeve shirts, jackets, tank tops, and cut-out sports bras combine with leggings and capris at the office.

It’s possible to spend as much or as little as you want on fashionable activewear. Although some of the year’s hottest cutaway athletic bras are on back-order at retailers around the country, online retailers have the latest affordable styles in stock.

Clothing comfort is a must for today’s working woman. Affordable activewear is the perfect choice for mobility. Moisture release technology keeps the wearer cool, dry, and comfortable in any situation—in the boardroom, at the gym, or in active daily life.

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Fitness and a sense of community often go hand-in-hand. Many of today’s favorite athletic wear brands are produced with the environment in mind. Some brands use recycled premium fabrics to assemble garments for active, fashionable women. Online shopping can help you find the brands you already love or prompt you to try new activewear designers.

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One thought on “How to Pick the Best Activewear

  1. Rosie

    As much as I love the diversity of modern workout wear, I have to admit, I tend to stick to yoga pants & a plain (never, ever with a logo/picture) t-shirt (sometimes with a hoodie) for working out. Sometimes, I wear Skins (compression gear) as well/instead. In summer, it’s shorts and a tshirt. Come to think of it, that is also my go-to travelling attire – comfortable, and versatile. I can get behind this sort of thing as everyday, errand running attire, but there are limits to when you should wear activewear. F’rinstance….

    The other day I got stuck in an elevator with a woman wearing 6″ heels, a mid-calf pencil skirt, full makeup, perfect hair and a gym top – one of those skin-tight cropped ones with cutouts on the sides. She was working at a lawyer’s office, and was on the phone ranting to someone that she had been told to go home and change her top to something ‘business appropriate’. She found the fact that her gym top (what she called it) was not deemed appropriate for the office offensive. I thought that if you referred to it as a ‘gym top’ that was the hint……..

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