Kale, Please – Is That too Basic?

I have to admit, I don’t usually consider myself a basic girl. Sure, sometimes I like a Starbucks latte. And yes, I have one of those wrist tattoos in a foreign language. But I don’t wear leggings as pants and I’m morally opposed to Ugg boots. I don’t quote Mean Girls or Pitch Perfect, and I’ve never seen a single episode of Pretty Little Liars.

weekend-kale9But then I’ve begun to question my basic status. Last weekend I wore this look for a family BBQ. Simple, easy, relaxed. On my way to the party I stopped at the store to pick up my assigned item – drinks. As I stood in the refrigerator section deciding on the mix cases I wanted to buy, I grabbed the New Belgium Folly summer pack, which includes the Juicy Watermelon Ale a summer favorite of mine. As I put it in the cart, the beer guy looks at me and says ‘Oh, you’re the type who buys the Folly pack.’ I smiled back and told him I enjoyed the watermelon flavor, to which he nodded knowledgeably.

weekend-kale1Jeans: STS Blue
Shirt: Target
Sandals: Target
Bag: Cappelli Straw world
Sunnies: In Wood Company
Earrings: Claire’s

weekend-kale2 weekend-kale3When I got home with the beers and told my fam about the encounter with the beer guy, my brother laughed and told me I looked so basic that no wonder the guy made the statement. There I was in my kale t-shirt and bright red lipstick, drinking a watermelon ale with silver reflective sunglasses made of wood. Yeah. That’s pretty basic.


In my defense I am not usually a fruity beverage drinker. In fact I actually hate all those super sweet concoctions. I am usually all about a stout or a porter. I like the dark stuff – Dragon’s Milk and such. But I do love that watermelon ale for some reason. And I do love reflective sunglasses, and kale, and kale t-shirts. So I guess in a lot of ways I am pretty basic.

Katy Rose
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4 thoughts on “Kale, Please – Is That too Basic?

  1. Rosie

    Basic is good. Uggs have their place (inside the house on cold days). Leggings ARE NOT pants. Fruity beers also have their place – summer time! Next time you grab a watermelon brew, have one for me……….

  2. Aidan

    Where are the heels with that causal outfit!! You need a wedge or block heel to go with that. Haha just messing with you. Love the shirt!

    1. Katy Rose Post author

      LOL. I can’t always be in heels – especially not when chasing around little munchkins and playing bags in the yard.

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