Eat Well For Less: Tips and Tricks For Saving Money On Your Grocery Bill

When it comes to eating well, many people associate it with expensive superfoodss, as well as cutting out certain foods from your diet, and replacing them with their costly counterparts. So a lot of people are put off and put cost down as an excuse for not eating better. But the thing is, it really can be inexpensive to eat well. You just need to shop in the right places or know a few little tricks that will help you along the way. So here are my tips and tricks for eating healthily on a budget.

Eat Well for Less

Reduce the Amount of Meat That You Eat

I’m not talking about becoming a vegan unless you really want to be, but just talking about reducing how much meat you have. I love burgers and steak tacos too much to do away with all meat forever. Having an animal based product every night of the week can be costly, as well as not the healthiest thing to do either. You could start by doing one meatless meal a week and go from there. When you get confident with recipes, you’ll find it much easier. Get your protein from beans, lentils, and pulses, including things like brown rice and quinoa in your diet, which are all pretty inexpensive.

shanice-garcia-43229Use Coupons

To save money on your grocery bill, then looking out for coupons is always a good place to start. You might look for coupons already. If so, you’ll know the best places to look. If not, then you could start by looking online at sites like or looking at newspaper and magazine inserts. They often have coupons for places like Walmart and Target so you can stock up on groceries.

Use Your Freezer

Wrongly, the freezer can have some connotations with eating unhealthily. Of course, if it is filled with frozen french fries or burger patties, then it can be related to eating unhealthily. But if you fill your freezer with plenty of frozen fruits and veggies, then it makes it easy to add plenty of them into your meals. You could make yourself smoothie packs so that they’re ready to just be blended up. Or you could make up a load of homemade pasta sauce and then freeze it in batches, ready to use whenever you need, saving yourself time and money. When healthy food is quick to grab, it will stop you from wanting to head to the drive-thru. There are some recipes and ideas on if needed.

caroline-attwood-243834Cook From Scratch

When you cook a meal from scratch, it is going to be much better for you than a meal that is processed and premade. So where you can, cook from scratch. When you take time over your meals, it also makes you appreciate them more. This can help you to eat slower, which, in turn, helps you to feel full sooner, reducing the amount that you eat. So cooking from scratch can reduce calories and sugar intake, as well as change some of your eating habits.

What are some of the ways that you eat well for less?

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  1. Rosie

    Don’t be afraid of ‘own brand’ products – often the supermarket chain’s cheaper product is exactly the same as the more expensive brand name – at least here in Australia. We make our own muesli with rolled oats, dried fruit and nuts. The cheaper brand of oats and fruit are actually better than the more expensive ones. If things are a bit tight budget-wise, we forgo the nuts…..

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