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I’m a firm believer in beginning again, and again, and again if needed. Mess up on the diet – tomorrow is a new day. Didn’t hit your fitness goals – there’s always tomorrow. Couldn’t resist the fudge-filled chocolate cake – next time you can. The new health and wellness app, DIEM, is of the same mindset. DIEM, which is Latin for day, is meant to symbolize how each day is a new beginning and each day is a new moment to start again on a path toward healthy living. The sun rising over a new day is the chance to make little changes for the better.

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Yes, this is another health app. Yes, there are a lot of health apps out there on the market now. Yes, the DIEM app is different. DIEM offers a daily guide to health and wellness, and not just in a generic sense with instructions to drink more water or hit the gym more frequently. It offers tips and tricks to give the user a better understanding of the steps that need to be taken to hit her health goal. DIEM gets specific. For instance, I don’t consume enough vitamin A. I actually don’t have enough fiber in my diet either, and yesterday I didn’t consume enough vitamin C. How does DIEM know that?

IMG_8098Well, it’s simple. When you first set up your account you can check off a number of boxes in regards to your health goal as well as your health condition. If your goal is to increase your daily energy and you have high cholesterol, you indicate those things and then DIEM tailors a plan for you. It takes into account your specific needs and goals – not just giving a generic healthy living response to everyone.


Health Conditions DIEM is ready to help you with include cancer, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, heart disease/stroke, high cholesterol, pregnancy, and multiple sclerosis. Goals include lose weight, eat healthier, increase energy, reduce health risks/live a healthier lifestyle.

More on how I am using the DIEM app to hit my weight loss goal and overall be healthier and better to my body in another post – check back later in the month.

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Now is a good time to download the app… During the month of May by downloading the app and becoming a paid subscriber ($3.99 per month or $39.99 for a year), you will be entered into a contest in which one name will be able to donate 10% of this month’s proceeds to a charity of their choice. Imagine, if 25,000 people downloaded the app this month, one person could be giving their favorite charity $10,000! Pretty sweet!

This is a sponsored post. I was compensated to share my opinion about the app and its uses.


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