Bright Pink Sneakers and Little Black Dresses

casual-lbd-pink-keds4 I warned you this little black dress would be making frequent appearances. I’m obsessed. I’m also pretty obsessed with fashion sneakers right now. This pair of bring pink sneakers I’ve had for a couple years. Last year I wore them a lot in the summertime for shorts because they are just too easy to slip on, but now I’m also pairing them with skirts and dresses, because why not? (Yes, there’s a coming post on how to wear fashion sneakers with dresses. Stay tuned for that little post of greatness.)

casual-lbd-pink-keds2Dress: Saks Off Fifth
Scarf: ??
Sneakers: Target
Purse: myWalit

casual-lbd-pink-keds1This patterned scarf, which arrived on my doorstep a couple years ago as part of a blogger package and hence I have no idea where it came from, is one of my favorite summer accessories. The colors and pattern are just perfect. It’s also one of those items that gets complimented every time I wrap it around my neck. It’s also a little more square than rectangular, which makes for some fun draping and wrapping looks that aren’t possible with a strictly rectangular piece.


Katy Rose
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2 thoughts on “Bright Pink Sneakers and Little Black Dresses

  1. Perdita

    I have so many trainers and I absolutely pair them with everything! Back around the year 2000 a lot of the young British artists would mix up formal with casual and it became a bit of a trend, I think I learned how to do it then, although I can’t quite articulate my thought process! Just that I know what works… and it’s very comfortable.

    I’m quite into blinged up monochrome and metallics this year. So versatile!

    1. Katy Rose Post author

      I used to be super against sneakers with anything other than gym clothes when on the way to the gym. But now I like a pair of cute fashionable sneakers with a dress. Although, I still can’t wear my running shoes anywhere but the gym.

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