5 Tips for Transitioning Your Closet

I love the weekend where I finally get around to transitioning my wardrobe from winter to summer. You know that season’s item that you can’t wait to rediscover? To pull back out of the back of the closet or the box you tucked it away in when the weather turned and wearing that piece was impractical? These floral pants are that item for me. When I transitioned my closet over to warm-weather items last week, the very first item I pulled out the next morning was this pair of floral pants. I just love them too much not to wear them frequently.


Transitioning my closet is always a process – one that usually lasts several days and ends up looking like a disaster before order is again in place. But it’s so worth it to take the time to do it right.

5 Tips for Transitioning Your Closet:

ONE:: Clean everything that is getting put away. Clothing being stored away for several months should be put away clean. You don’t want to leave stains, deodorant marks or dirt in place for so long – it’ll be twice as hard to clean and have it looking good if you don’t take the time to care for it now.

TWO:: Purge before packing! I make three piles of things. One – The things I know I am keeping. Two – The things I am wishy-washy about. Three – The things I’m getting rid of. To determine what I am getting rid of I ask myself two essential questions: have I worn this in the last year? Do I love this piece? If the answer is no to either or both of those questions the piece goes. The things I’m wishy washy about get put in a separate box so that I can access them when I pull those items out next season.


THREE:: Store neatly. You’ll save yourself a lot of time and frustration if you store the items as neatly as possible. Fold things well, and hang the items that shouldn’t be folded. This will make it easier to move them back into your closet when the weather changes again.

FOUR:: Purge as you unpack. Don’t put everything back into your closet. Examine each item to determine a couple key factors. Does it still fit? Is the item still in wearable condition? Do I see myself wearing this? Do I love the item? If the answer is no to any of those questions add it to the purge pile and don’t look back.


FIVE:: Make a list of the wardrobe updates needed. As you are accessing your closet as a whole, it is a lot easier to see the gaps or holes that need to be filled with a few seasonal updates. For example, as I was going through my summer pieces I realized I own a fair number of sandals and cute beach-worthy shoes, but I own very few everyday basics and work-appropriate shoes. I also need a new casual denim skirt.

What are your tips for making the closet change from one season to another? Leave a comment and let me know.


Pants: Express
T-shirt: Target
Jacket: Ann Taylor
Shoes: Michael Kors


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  1. Rosie

    Cute outfit!

    I am about to hit the shops to transition my wardrobe. We moved from a ‘no real winter’ zone to one with ‘very real winter’ for work. Having lived in the former zone for 3 years, I have no winter wardrobe to speak of.
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