5 Spring 2017 Trends To Snag Now


Now that the weather is finally feeling like Spring and flowers are actually beginning to sprout out of the ground, I’m ready to start thinking about spring and summer trends. There are so many fun things on trend this year that it is hard to pick just a few to really make my own this year. But after scrolling through countless trend reports and my Instagram feed for the last week, I think I’ve narrowed it down to 5 Spring 2017 Trends I want to wear.

Five Spring 2017 Trends To Snag Now:

ONE:: Striped Shirts – Honestly I used to have a serious striped shirt obsession. Pretty much my entire closet was a collection of stripes in various sizes and colors. I purged most of them from my closet over the years, but now they are back and in style. The stripes are mostly thin and in color combinations like blue and white or pink and white. But I’m thinking we are going to see this take on a number of different looks and color combinations before the trend is over.

TWO:: Bell Sleeves – Yes, this was on trend this winter, but it’s sticking around for another couple seasons. Now, we aren’t just seeing bell sleeves on shirts. The trend is extending to dresses as well. I’m looking forward to getting a couple great dresses and blouses with this little element as a point of interest. Since they are so on trend now, you can find this in the color and style that you like and will be flattering on you. Hunt around. There are a lot of beautiful bell sleeve pieces available.

THREE:: Embroidered Details – I feel like this trend spring up over night. One day it was no thing, and then suddenly there are shirts and dresses and jackets and skirts all sporting embroidery. You’ll see this mostly on blouses in floral designs, but the trend isn’t only that. I’ve seen skirts with tribal patterns and dresses with birds of paradise. With the quick riser in popularity I think this one will be a fad – here today, gone tomorrow – so don’t spend a lot of money on this trend.

FOUR:: Feminine Ruffles – I think the bell sleeves helped usher in this trend. They added a little extra touch of femininity to the winter styles, that is now being carried through to the spring and summer looks with added ruffles and pieces of detailing that make the clothing item look chic, classy and oh-so girly. You’ll see both the bell sleeves and the striped shirt trend also sporting these feminine ruffles, so you can be extra on-trend if you combine two of these elements in your clothing choices.

FIVE:: Fashion Sneakers – Another trend that has been coming for awhile now, but this is really the season of cute sneakers in all colors and styles. Personally, I’m really liking the metallic sneaker trend, but the pastel tones are coming in a close second in my book. Use this trend to dress up a casual every day look, or to dress down a dress.

When my favorite stores and online retailers have a sale that’s the time I take advantage to stock up on trends. The ShopBop sale going on now is the perfect time to add fun, trendy, designer items to your closet at a discounted price. Use the code EVENT17 to take 20% off orders under $500 and 25% off those over $500. Go ahead, grab those items sitting in your hearted collection. The sale runs until April 16th, and there are some exclusions. Can’t wait till the things I purchased arrive in the mail!

What trends are you loving now? Leave a comment and let me know what you’ll be updating your closet with this Spring.

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      I got a great pair of fashion sneakers from Amazon! Metallic gold pumas. They are awesome. Good luck finding a pair you love. – Katy

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