Odyssey Cruises Chicago – A Special Occasion Treat

Last month when my sisters and I went on our little Chicago staycation, one of the coolest things we got to do was go on one of the Odyssey Cruises – a three-hour dinner cruise on Lake Michigan. It was a first for all four of us and an experience we won’t soon forget.




The cruise-liner began boarding at 6pm from Navy Pier and took off at 7pm. We arrived at 6:40 and were promptly shown to a table for four along the window on the second level of the vessel. There are three levels each equipped with a dance floor, DJ, bar and tables for the guests.


To kick the night off we were given glasses of champagne to toast the evening. The meal included an first course, an entree and a dessert. For most of those courses there were four options to choose from and since we were four, we gave every dish a try. I got the lobster bisque for my first course – it was delicious; the crab cakes for dinner – also excellent; and the granny smith apple parfait for dinner – which was good but not as delicious as the Odyssey signature warm butter cake. Since there is a fully stocked bar we also were able to try the cruise’s custom cocktails and order our own personal favorite drinks.


odyssey-cruise2  odyssey-cruise4

During dinner the DJ played mellow music that made conversation easy at the table. After most of the tables were done eating, the music became much more dance worthy, with a combination or slow songs for the couples and fast tunes for everyone to dance to. During one of the slow songs we watched a proposal take place right in the middle of the dance floor. (All the feels!)

Between sipping cocktails and dancing after dinner we also ventured to the top deck, which was open and allowed for gorgeous un-obstructed views of the city. I might be a little biased, but the Chicago skyline is pretty spectacular – especially at night. And while we went in February, it was one of the unseasonably warm weekends, so being out in the open wasn’t too difficult and the slight chill was so worth the view. We also got a chance to check out the captain’s cabin and talk with him and the first mate about the ship and the trek they take around Lake Michigan during the 3-hours the cruise is out on the water.



The crowd was eclectic – proof that this was an adventure for everyone. The table next to us was a couple who had just gotten married that afternoon. She was in a white dress with a gorgeous white fur wrap and he was in a tux. The table in front of us was four friends out celebrating the last weekend one of them would be a Chicago resident. The table behind us was a couple just out for a Saturday-night date. A few tables away there was a family of 6 complete with an adorable little toddler and the grandparents.

Overall, we all agreed that Odyssey Cruises Chicago was an amazing experience – especially to commemorate or celebrate something exciting. To me, it was a great choice for our first ever girls staycation in Chicago. It also seemed like the perfect way for the newlyweds to celebrate their marriage as well as for the couple that got engaged.


I was given the chance to experience this and then share my honest opinions about the experience. All thoughts are my own – duh.
Katy Rose
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