2017’s Word of the Year – Try.

New Beginnings are like a Beautiful sunrise, they uplift the heart and soul and seem to fill the mind with endless possibilities. Forget resolutions. For the last couple years I’ve picked a word or a couple words to focus the year on. Last year those words were beauty and authenticity. For 2017, I decided on the word ‘try.’


I admit it’s not the catchiest of words. Some might even argue that to try isn’t enough, that I need to ‘do.’ But for me, try is significant. There are so many things that I don’t do because I can’t even get myself to try it out. It’s hard to try new things. Sometimes it’s easiest to stick with the tried and true things – the fast food restaurant whose menu you know by heart, the class at the gym that you’ve already got the hang of, the recipe you’ve perfected, the grocery store you’re familiar with, etc…
But adventure comes in trying new things. Growth Mindset comes in giving new experiences a chance. I don’t want to be one of those people who shies away from change and doesn’t want to try new things, have new experiences, embark on new adventures.

A lot of the things I plan to try this year may seem mundane. That Zumba class at the gym – I always tell myself looks fun but never try to make it to a class. That dang Spanish language – I wish I knew and yet haven’t bothered to try working at. Those books on my reading list – of which I got through a whopping 1, oh and 3/4 of a second during 2016, probably because I just assume it’ll happen at some point. Those Christmas cards I wanted to send – but never carved out time which will make them Epiphany cards, if they get out at all this season.


Now, don’t get me wrong, in a lot of other aspects I put forth a lot of ‘try.’ I doubled my Instagram following this year. Yay! I recreated the Senior curriculum from scratch and it’s pretty dang awesome, if I do say so myself. I ran another half marathon, and did better than most of my family.

But 2017 is going to be the year of trying more new-to-me things. Of embarking on small adventures, seeking out a growth mindset in the little and maybe some big areas of life. Of not letting fear – of any sort – hold me back from doing something that seems scary or overwhelming. (I mean, what if I look like a totally crazy in the Zumba class? Hell, who cares?!)

What are your goals for 2017 and what would you try if nothing was holding you back?

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4 thoughts on “2017’s Word of the Year – Try.

  1. Rosie

    My words/focus for 2017 – patience. With myself, my husband, my pets and the world at large. I am not known for being patient, never have been. It’s not so much in the ‘I want it NOW!’ way, more the ‘Why the Hell isn’t this working? Aaaargh!/What are you on about? Get to the damn point already!’ way. So I will focus on changing that aspect of my personality.

    You should really try Zumba, it is a LOT of fun. And a great workout.
    Rosie recently posted..Today my baby turns 21……..

  2. Em

    My word of the year/focus is outlook and positivity. 2016 was a pretty tumultuous year for me in which I felt like I lost a lot of my usual positivity and pep and I want it back and my outlook on the year was a negative one. I think outlook and positivity go well together because having a positive outlook on life and various situations is incredibly important to overall health and happiness. Last year’s word was Trust for me, so, I feel these two follow that sentiment nicely.

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