SPIbelt for the Runner


One of my biggest pet peeves about running is how difficult it is to take the things you need with you on the run. I want to go as unencumbered as possible – wanting nothing weighing me down. But when I need to take a phone to track my miles and for security reasons. And then there are house keys, an ID, a credit card, just in case. Maybe a snack or a goo-pack if it’s going to be a long run. Taking all of that on a run is a serious pain. There are only so many little pockets on running gear and I hate taking any kind of bag. The answer to all of this is the SPIbelt. img_2294

The SPIbelt Flex is like a Mary Poppins bag for the runner – it’s tiny and yet it holds a serious amount of items. I can carry my iPhone, keys, ID, and a small snack without any problem. Because it is a belt that can be adjusted to your size, there isn’t any flopping around or ill-fitting problems, which frequently happens when you try to stick these things in the zippered pockets on the back of a running shirt or pair of shorts.


The belt clips on the side – whether you are wearing it on the front or the back – so it’s comfortable to wear while running or in a spin class or doing sit-ups or even yoga. It can sit comfortably under your shirt too, so as to be a discreet place to carry the essentials during your workout. And it comes in classic black or bold vibrant pink.


Katy Rose
Filed In: Fitness