5 Times to Gift Chocolate

This is a Fashionista Event and a promotional item was provided to me by Chocolat Frey. Hosts for this event are Still Blonde after all these Years and ModlyChic.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. But that also means attempting to figure out gifts for all sorts of people on your list. Yes, some people need thoughtful super personalized gifts – parents, loved ones, siblings, best friends. But then there are others who should get gifts but don’t need to take a lot of brain power when selecting gifts. For those people, chocolate is the answer. (Then again, when is chocolate not the answer.)


This year, for all those little gifts that need to be given, I’m opting for Chocolat Frey. These authentic Swiss chocolates, which come in a wide variety of flavors and shapes, are delicious. These chocolates also use GMO-Free cocoa beans, whole roasted nuts, milk, etc…  Plus, Chocolat Frey values sustainability. All the chocolate is UTZ certified, which means the company takes a careful approach to the environment and supports sustainable cocoa farming.

5 Times to Gift Chocolate:

1. Teachers – After wrapping up the second semester every teacher I know could use a big dose of chocolate, coffee and maybe a little alcohol too. By the time I finish grading exams on the 19th, I’ll be ready to leave school behind and totally disconnect for a couple weeks. For a teacher too, I’ll always welcome a bouquet of pens, markers, colored pencils, whiteboard markers, etc… Chocolate and pens – what more could a teacher ask for?


2. Mailman – These people are amazing. They deliver the mail daily – come rain, sun, snow, whatever. To me this is such a forgotten service. Giving a little gift to these people who serve us every day is a nice way to say thanks. For them, I’m keeping it simple, wrapping a couple bars of chocolate, attaching a thank you Christmas card and adding them to the mailbox along with my outgoing mail.


3. Garbage man – Just like the mailman (mailperson?), the garbage men render an amazing service to us weekly. What a thankless job, filled with other people’s refuse. For this gift, I put a variety of smaller chocolates in a gift box and placed them near the garbage can.

4. Hostess – This year, I will be bringing a bottle of wine and a collection of candy to every party hostess. Instead of wrapping it in the usual gift bag, or bringing it as is, I’m adding an element of interest by purchasing festive socks. One sock will be filled with chocolates and one will be filled with a bottle of red wine. Cute, simple, thoughtful, and still easy.



5. Students, kids play mates – I love the Frey reindeer. They come in vibrant colors and are sizable enough to gift as is. When I showed these to my niece and nephews they almost had more fun playing with the reindeer in their bright red, green and blue containers, than they did eating the candy.


Bonus: The best friend – For this gift, chocolate is just a little add on to the big gift. But what girl doesn’t want a little extra chocolate in her life?

Want a chance to win a collection of Frey chocolates? You can use the rafflecopter below to enter until end of day December 18, 2016. The winner will receive the following items: Chocobloc Dark 72% Bar, Chocobloc Assorted Mini Bars Stand Up Bag, Milk Crunchy Nuts Bar, Chocolat Frey® Reindeer 9 ct Display, Aura™ Holiday Collection-Exquisite Dark, Aura™ Holiday Collection-Almond Intrigue, Holiday Artfully Crafted Assorted Pralines Box, and Napsli Assorted Carton.
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Want 24 more chances to win and to see how 24 other bloggers celebrate the season with Chocolat Frey? Click the links below to see what they are up to and for more chances to win.

Interested in purchasing Frey products? Chocolat Frey Napsli can be found at Sam’s Clubs across the country.  80 delicious individually wrapped authentically Swiss milk and dark chocolate pieces for only $9.99.


Want to get more information about Frey and some holiday inspiration? Check out the company’s social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Go ahead, like and follow.





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113 thoughts on “5 Times to Gift Chocolate

  1. Heather

    I’d like to give my mail lady a box of finest assorted pralines. She has to walk up packages to my door more days than not.

  2. gala

    The idea to gift a mailman is great, I’d choose “Holiday Artfully Crafted Assorted Pralines Box ” for the gift

  3. Heather D

    I think that the Chocobloc Milk Bars sound simple and delicious. I would hide them from my family or I would never get one.

  4. barbg

    $55.00 would be a lot of lovely chocolates. I’d want included this item: Chocobloc Milk Mini Bars Stand Up Bag (5.3oz). It sounds great as do the orange chocolates and the pralines. Not a big fan of dark chocolate but I do love milk chocolates and white chocolates.

  5. Jessica To

    I would like to get the small chocolate bunnies. They’re so cute but the chocolate looks so good!

  6. Ann Fantom

    I would like to get the Frey Chocobloc Dark Mini Bars because I like to eat s piece of dark chocolate after dinner.

  7. Nancy Loring

    I am stuck between the White chocolate bar and the Blonde Crunch Nut Bar. Actually they all looked good.

  8. natalie nichols

    I would love to try the White Chocolate bar. They all sound really good but I love white chocolate.

  9. Carrie H.

    I woukd like the Chocobloc Dark Changemaker – individually wrapped candies means it is easier to share

  10. Laura G

    Our mail carrier would enjoy the Aura Collection- Exquisite Dark (5oz). She is a delightful person and works hard everyday.

  11. ColleenB.~Texas

    They are look wonderful, but actually, I would be giving this as a gift, so I would like the person whom I give this to having them choose their favorite on what they would like.
    Thank you for this sweet giveaway opportunity

  12. Karen Glatt

    I would get myself the Reindeer chocolates because I love watching Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and these chocolates are so cute!

  13. Nancy

    I would like to give their Holiday Artfully Crafted Assorted Pralines Box (7.2oz). They are pretty and I am sure delicious. They would make a lovely hostess gift.

  14. Julie Waldron

    I’d like to get the Chocobloc Orange Bar for myself because I love the chocolate/orange combination.

  15. Veronica L

    Oh my goodness, all of it looks so yummy! I would especially love to try their Chocobloc Milk Changemaker

  16. Polly Hall

    I would take a box of the Assorted Pralines to our families Christmas party so there was something for everyone’s tastes.

  17. Jan Lee

    I’d like to get the Holiday Artfully Crafted Assorted Pralines Box . I like that there are several different kinds of chocolate in the box :)

  18. Nicole Ackerman

    I would love to try the Finest Assorted Pralines Box because it would allow me to taste different ones!

  19. Marilyn Nawara

    I would get the Chocobloc White Bar. White chocolate is my favorite and this looks delicious.

  20. Stephanie

    I would love the pralines box to give to my parents – those are their favorite chocolates and it’d be a great gift for them

  21. Annamarie V

    I would love to try the blonde crunchy almond bar, I would like it for myself I love chocolate and almonds and have not seen a bar like this it looks so good.

  22. Amber Terry

    I would love to get the white Chocobloc because I LOVE white chocolate!

    Thanks for the chance to win :)

  23. Candace Galan

    I would like the Holiday Artfully Crafted Assorted Pralines Box, because pralines are one of my favorite sweet snacks!

  24. Cynthia R

    I would most like to receive the Chocobloc Orange Bar (3.5oz) because I love that combination of flavors, orange and chocolate, it’s my favorite gelato flavor too.

  25. Tracy Robertson

    I’d love to get the Dark Chocolate mini bars because dark chocolate is my favorite and I love to have a few minis in my purse for a pick me up during my long shifts at work.

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  27. Jenny Scheldberg

    I’ve never seen the Blond Crunchy Nuts before. We are having some family over next weekend and I’d love to share.

  28. Margot C

    I want the Chocobloc Dark 72% Bar (3.5oz) because these days I am all about the dark – the really, really dark – chocolate. I love it in late afternoon.

  29. Aaron

    I would most like to get the Chocobloc Orange Bar because that is a delicious combination of flavors and tastiness.

  30. elizabeth miller

    My favorite candy by Frey would be the Finest Assorted Pralines Box. I like that it is an assortment pack and it looks so creamy and good. Nuts and chocolate together are one of my favorite things.

  31. Jessica Whitehouse

    The chocolate Reindeer would be cute for stockings, just don’t hang them over the fireplace!

  32. Gina G

    I would love the Milk Chocolate with Crunchy Nuts bars most! I love the sweetness of milk chocolate combined with the savory nuttiness!

  33. Heather B

    The Creme De Orange Ovation Break Aparts reminds me of the chocolate oranges my mother used to put in our Christmas Stockings, I would love to try these!

  34. Terra Heck

    I’d like to try the Dark Crunchy Nuts Bar. Looks like a delicious balance of nuts and chocolate. Thanks.

  35. Nicole Carter (Weasley)

    I would love to get the Chocobloc White Bar because you can shave it and it makes some of your creations look like snow!

  36. Jennifer S.

    I’d like the bag of dark chocolate mini bars, because I love dark chocolate. However, the orange one sounds good too; if that were dark chocolate, it would win!

  37. Dominique Cloutier

    The Almond Intrigue looks so good! I love gifting things that i love! it’s like gifting a part of me <3

  38. Lorri

    I love chocolate in a box. The Holiday Artfully Crafted Assorted Pralines Box looks amazing for sharing with your guests.

  39. Kathy Davis

    My sister would love the Dark Crunchy Nuts Bar , and I would love the Chocobloc Orange Bar . We both love dark chocolate, and these look so delicious.

  40. Sarah L

    I want the Chocobloc Orange Bar for myself because I love the combination of orange and chocolate.
    Thanks for the contest.

  41. Tandi Cortez

    I would love the Holiday Artfully Crafted Assorted Pralines Box. It would be great to share with my family.

  42. Jerry Marquardt

    I like the Reindeer 6oz. Chocolat Frey the most of all of the fine items available, especially this time of year.

  43. sarah s

    I would most like like to try the Chocobloc White Bar because I love white chocolate and the Reindeer would be a cute stocking stuffer.

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