Simple, Stunning Extensions – Irresistible Me Review

This is a review post. I was given extensions by Irresistible Me to provide my honest opinion about the product.



Four years ago when I was fed up with my super short hair I wished it could be long and luxurious overnight. At the time, I looked into paying to have extensions ‘permanently’ adhered to my short locks and whether that would even look good. After a lot of research, I realized I should just grow my hair out and deal with the two years of growing pains.


But that first foray into extensions, has kept the idea front and center in my mind even now that my hair reaches the middle of my back. So when Irresistible Me reached out and wanted to know if I would be willing to try extensions from its Silky Touch collection – I jumped at the opportunity. After considering the various color and length options I went with the 20-inch, 200 gram extensions in the Honey Blonde shade. The length is just right for giving me a little more length in the bottom layer, but not too much more length.


What it does give is an amazing amount of added thickness to my hair. I consider my hair pretty thick already. With all the curls and such it’s not exactly thin and stringy. But add the extensions in and WHOA! What a difference.


Irresistible Me extensions are 100% Remy human hair – so it feels and looks totally real (cause it is)! It’s so natural looking (and the color I picked matched to perfectly) that on Saturday night when I met a friend for dinner and one point she reached out and touched my hair commenting on how fast it is growing. When I told her it was extensions adding a little length and thickness she was shocked. Bonus!!







The 200 gram package of hair extensions includes 10 pieces: one 4-clip piece, two 3-clip pieces, five 2-clip pieces and two 1-clip pieces. There is no right or wrong way to layer them in your hair, so some of that takes trial and error and figuring out what you like best! Stay tuned for more posts on how to apply extensions and different hair styles that can work with extensions! I’ve had so much fun playing with these in the last couple weeks and have come up with so many different ways to wear them.


This Thursday I’ll also talk about how I curled the extensions to work with my locks and how I straightened them out to go with the days I’m rocking the straight look. And next week, I’ll talk about how to put them in and a couple different ways to wear them. With 10 pieces to play with the possibilities are endless!


Irresistible Me silky touch hair extensions come in 4 possible lengths – 14 inches, 16 inches, 20 inches and 24 inches. Plus you can get them in 12 different colors, from Jet Black to Platinum Blonde and everything in between. For me the honey blonde shade blended perfectly. You can’t tell where the extensions are, they blended so seamlessly.



Katy Rose