Simple, Attractive Makeup Storage

I don’t know about you, but for years my makeup took over a drawer in my dresser and another in my bathroom. I had things I loved and couldn’t find in the hodge podge of items thrown together. I had new things I needed to try and could never really locate. And there were things I hated and somehow hung on to, needing to sift through those things to get to what I really wanted. It was hard to keep it straight. And it was a disaster.


Then one year after Christmas I used a stack of boxes I received as part of a beautiful Harry & David chocolate assortment, and decided to get serious about keeping my makeup items in order. Now, a couple years later, I’m still using those boxes and a few others I’ve collected along the way. It helps keep everything straight.

I keep my favorite lipstick shades standing upright in a small box, keeping it on display on my dresser for easy access. My daily eyeshadow pallets, powder foundation and blush stay in a larger box, with the lid on when it’s not makeup-application time. A third box is for the items I’m experimenting with or have received to review. If I like them they might move to the daily box or to a box for the days that call for a more complete and polished face. If I don’t like them they go to a friend who might enjoy the product or I toss the thing if it’s really not great.


These simple boxes are really the most amazing makeup storage. Plus, since they are pretty to look at, they work well sitting out on the top of a dresser or in a shelving unit. Now I don’t need to keep my makeup in a drawer or in the bathroom. It sits out in the open but artfully concealed in these boxes.


In case you aren’t the lucky recipient of a Harry & David chocolate box tower, I’ve also graded pretty cardboard boxes from places like Michael’s and Hobby Lobby. Very often they come in a compact, stackable collection, easy to split up and use as needed. Honestly I also use these cute boxes for storing pens, business cards, note cards, and all sorts of other things.



What do you use for makeup storage?

Katy Rose
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