Party Snacks before the BBQ Begins – Chobani Meze Dips

This is a sponsored post. I was compensated to try the Chobani Mezé Dips and share my honest opinion about the product. All thoughts are my own, of course.

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In my family, we tend to eat between 5pm and 6pm for  a party that begins at 2pm. While that gives guests time to leisurely arrive and visit before sitting down for a meal, it also means some kind of snack is necessary. People tend to congregate in our kitchen, sitting around the kitchen table, milling near the pantry and otherwise being content to stand around and talk. It’s the place that brings people together but the food is also an essential component for bringing people together.


Usually we do something simple for the pre-BBQ snack. It should be something that goes well with the kid’s sodas and the adult’s beers. And it should be something that is not too filling so that dinner is a bust. This means we often go with some kind of chip/dip combination.

This past weekend when we hosted my sister’s entire crew of summer volunteers for an inner-city tutoring program, we pulled out the blue corn tortilla chips, whipped up some guacamole and then tore into the new Chobani Mezé Dips.

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Have you tried these yet? They are amazing!! I grabbed two flavors – the three pepper salsa and the chili lime. There are two other flavor options – roasted red pepper and smoked onion with Parmesan. For those that like a little kick – like I do – the three pepper salsa was delicious. For those who prefer a little less spice and a little more sweetness on the tongue, the chili lime is right up your alley.

While these Chobani Mezé Dips go perfectly with tortilla chips, they are also a great side to cut up peppers, as well as celery or carrot sticks. Personally, I love a dip that can do double duty like that. The guests loved them too. In less than 30 minutes both containers were completely empty and the chips and veggies were gone too. I consider that proof enough of how awesome tasting these are.

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Want to know more… Well, these Chobani Mezé Dips are also a healthier option than a lot of other dips out there. It has roughly 80% less fat and 65% fewer calories than the leading hummus. It contains only natural ingredients that are not genetically modified (bonus!). It’s gluten free with no artificial flavors or preservatives. Pretty awesome, right?

These dips can be found in the produce section where the other specialty salsas and dips are. They are not located with the Chobani yogurt or with other dairy products. Since I had to walk around the store a couple times to find it – figured I’d give you the heads up.


Have you tried the Chobani Mezé Dips? What do you serve as a little pre-BBQ snack during these summer months?



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