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I’ve talked about this before, but my nails never seem to take too kindly to nail polish. After a day or two, or heck after a single shower, my polish is chipped away along the tips and edges of my nails. For that reason, whenever I need good looking nails I tended to get the long-lasting gel manicures from a local salon. Those no-chip options always look good for almost two weeks on my nails. But let’s be real, those are hella expensive to maintain all the time. I certainly don’t have the funds for that.

At the same time, I like the way the gel nails look. The sheen that coats the top of the nail just looks polished and refined. So, as I was perusing the makeup section at Kohls I came across something that gives the gel look and feel without the needed UV lights – Essie Gel-Setter top coat. I grabbed it up and have been obsessed ever since.

I use Essie almost exclusively on my nails because it seems to last the longest and not damage my nails, as compared to other brands. And now I use the gel-setter option as the top coat on my nails every time I paint them.

It goes on easily and smoothly, giving my nails that final touch and salon-like quality. I tend to apply it liberally to the top of my nails, making sure to get all the way to the edges on all sides. This helps to lock in the color and keep chipping at bay for several days longer than usual for me. With the gel-setter coat I can get between 5 and 7 days of wear before chipping forces me to re-paint my nails. (Since I usually can’t go more than a day or two without chipping, this is a really long time. I imagine for those whose nails don’t chip as easily you could get more than a week out of this product.)

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Have you tried the Essie Gel-Setter top coat? What are you thoughts? (In case you were wondering the blue/green color is Mint Candy Apple and the purple is Play Date.)

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