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One of the hardest parts about moving often is the difficult task of finding a new hair stylist. We all know not everyone who cuts hair is the same. Just like most people, I’ve had some pretty horrible haircuts and I’ve had some pretty amazing ones too. When I started also relying on the person cutting my hair to maintain the blonde tone, that added a whole other element to the task.



Four years ago when I moved to Milwaukee I stumbled upon a salon via an email. For almost 4 straight years she walked me through the hair growing out process and helped me maintain a blonde color that I loved. And then she up and moved to Hawaii with her family? Needless to say, when she told me about the move in October I was devastated. It also made me realize it was probably time to find someone in Chicago and quit the commute to Milwaukee every time I needed a cut. But then time passed and I never took the time to look into hair stylists.


And then at the start of June I got another email, introducing me to a Chicago-based salon: Lumination Salon. The owner, Adam Bogucki, has been cutting and coloring hair for more than 12 years, and blondes happen to be a specialty of his. Sign me up! It wasn’t until mid-July that I was able to set up an appointment with Adam in his one-on-one salon suite. (Yes that means it was nine months since I had anyone professional tend to me hair. And YES it was past time!) This isn’t your typical salon with chair after chair of hair dressers and a constant buzz of voices and machines. No, this is a single chair, single sink, adorable suite on the second floor of a Lakeview building. I like the personal feel of this salon, with no need to worry if your stylist is distracted by someone else.


I told Adam that I wanted to keep as much length as possible while cleaning up the ends, which were horribly split and broken from going so long without a cut. I also needed my roots fixed and some highlights run through the length to make everything blend together better. He got right to work, giving me fresh blonde highlights that are stunning are trimming my hair so that my curls pop again. To say I’m a little obsessed with the new look, while thrilled that I got to keep the length I’ve been working hard at these past years, would be an understatement.


Adam also raved about Living Proof products, which were totally new to me. He’s an instructor for the products which are scientifically created to be the best for your hair. The dry shampoo is something everyone is raving about, and I have to say after trying it I’m sold too. It’s amazing and doesn’t leave your hair feeling dirty or stiff to give it the look of being clean.



I love then a haircut looks good both straight and curly. While I very rarely straighten it out, really only when the stylist does it with the cut, I like having the option to wear it either way. And this cut works both curly and straight.



Needless to say, I’ve found my new Chicago salon. I’ll be heading back to Lumination Salon to see Adam every 5-6 months to get a trim and to maintain this blonde he created.

Katy Rose
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  1. Jessica Sheppard

    Your hair is looking so healthy and fresh! It’s hard to keep it that way when there’s color and bleach in it. Glad you found a place to take care of you!

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