5 Reasons Hydration is Important in the Summer

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As a migraine sufferer I’ve found that staying well hydrated is essential to head health, well and my health overall, of course. With this summer also being a time of marathon training, hydration has taken on a whole other meaning. I can no longer just make sure I’m drinking a fair amount of water during the day, but I need to work at restoring everything I’ve lost on a long or intense run in the summer sun. So whether it’s a trail run, suicides on a basketball court, a sandy-beach run, or the treadmill at the gym, I’m always packing hydration options.


No joke, most Americans are dehydrated and don’t even know it; and that’s impacting their health and well-being. CVS Health and The Coca-Cola Company have teamed up with ‘Life Quenching,’ which is a movement to encourage and remind people to stay hydrated by revealing the obvious and hidden benefits of hydration, as well as the many hydration options available to fit their lifestyles and help them on their paths to better health. Personally, proper hydration has been one of my obsession, or maybe pet peeves, for several years now – ever since I started marathon training and discovered the link between dehydration and my head.


5 Reasons to Stay Hydrated in the Summer:

  1. It keeps headaches at bay. Even if you aren’t a migraine sufferer, a lot of people experience heat-related headaches when they spend the day out in the sun. By staying hydrated during the day you can enjoy all the sunny goodness without needing to have pain killers nearby.
  2. It keeps your skin looking great. In the summer months our skin takes a beating, between the time in the sun, lounging on a beach, sweating in the heat. The more water consumed the better we keep our skin hydrated and looking good.
  3. It keeps you going. Beyond headaches, dehydration makes for an intense kind of lethargy in which you don’t want to do anything. Going hard on a workout is difficult when our body is screaming for more hydration.
  4. It keeps you looking young. When we take care of hydration, of anything from our skin to our hair, it always looks better, younger, and healthier. By staying hydrated during the months when that is more of a challenge we are doing ourselves a favor for years to come.
  5. It keeps muscle cramps far, far away. If you’ve ever experienced severe muscle cramps while training, you know it’s horrible. A lot of that comes from your body being dehydrated. By keeping well hydrated during training, those cramps will be a lot fewer and farther between.



5 Ways to Stay Hydrated in the Summer:

  1. Guzzle water. No, but seriously. Guzzle! Most people don’t drink enough water on a daily basis. A glass at each meal is not nearly enough for what our body needs. Treat it right and guzzle that water throughout your entire day.
  2. Replenish electrolytes. After drinking enough water, this is the second most important thing in my summer regime. I’m constantly reaching for things like Powerade, which replenishes 4 essential electrolytes that are lost through sweat. For me, I don’t just drink these after a workout, but rather I tend to mix a little of this in with my water to keep me replenished throughout the day.
  3. Opt for flavored water. I’ll be honest, sometimes the taste of water is boring and the very last thing I want to reach for in the middle of the day. On occasion I combat that with switching out my regular tap water with a vitaminwater. This allows me to still get the water my body craves, but also a little flavor burst my taste buds are begging for. (Bonus that CVS, where I tend to stop for all these hydration essentials, now has a deal that allows you to spend $5, and get $2 in ExtraBucks rewards in-store with your CVS ExtraCare Rewards Card.)
  4. Slather on the sun screen. The sun has a way of drying us out. The use of sun screen, especially on a run or during an outdoor workout, can help fight that. I like to use a kind that has a hydrating lotion element to the makeup so that I’m not just protecting my sun from harmful rays but also hydrating while I do that
  5. Reach for cold, cold drinks. When I was training for my first marathon down in Texas I read an article on how people train in those extreme temperatures. A lot of runners like to drink ice cold drinks or even slushies before a run. These apparently help to lower the overall body temperature, which means the outdoor heat impacts you less and saps less of your energy.





What are you doing to stay hydrated this summer? Will you take advantage of the ease of shopping at CVS to take care of your hydration needs?






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  1. Cristi Comes

    Oh my I also get bad headaches when I’m dehydrated. I can’t imagine how bad they’d be if I were marathon training. These are great tips for staying hydrated. It’s so important {client}

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