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Right now I am in the midst of the longest stretch of time that my nails have been long and beautiful looking. Usually, they are in some stage of growing out and then they crack, break and force me to start all over again. This time, however I was determined to have good-looking nails for the summer months. For those that suffer with brittle nails or ones that crack and peel, here’s what I did to keep them long and strong.

How To Grow Your Nails Out:

  • Keep them cleaned up from the beginning. I made sure, even when they were short that the cuticles were maintained and the nails were filed to be smooth.


  • Consume vitamins. Yes, those little one-a-days can even help with nail strength. I started getting good again about my daily vitamin regime about two months ago. After that I saw my nails shaping up and lasting longer.
  • Keep them painted. This is especially helpful if you are one of those who tends to pick at or bite your nails. There is something about the paint on them that keeps you from picking and gnawing – well, if the polish is good looking. Once it begins to chip all bets are off, so I remove the polish and re-apply.
  • Have a nail file near by. Often a nail would have a little divot and I’d pick at it, in the attempts to smooth it out, which always ended in me pulling off half the nail. Now instead I reach for the file I keep in my purse, smooth out the area and don’t give the nail another thought.


  • Use Seche clear base coat as the first layer of your manicure. This polish has some miraculous strengthening powers. I keep a coat on my nails at all times, whether I am adding a colored top coat of leaving my nails in their natural looking state.
  • Splurge on good nail polish. I don’t know if this is true for people with naturally strong and beautiful nails, but I’ve noticed with my tricky nails they do better with a higher-quality nail polish. Right now I use Essie pretty exclusively and love that brand. (Check out my post on the gel-setter top coat.)


  • Have patience. It takes time to grow your nails out. It’s never a one or two week process. Stick with it until your nails are the length you’re shooting for.
  • Take their care seriously. Even after the beginning stages, it’s important to take good care of your nails. Clean up the cuticle areas, however you like to handle that. File them down in the shape you prefer. Keep them cut to a manageable length, once you really start seeing growth results.


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  1. Kasia

    Wear Jamberry! 😆 They last longer than polish (the chipping made me pick off the rest and then bite my nails more), no dry time, and they make your nails stronger just by increasing the thickness by a layer! That’s how I finally stopped and got my nails super long. And I STILL have to carry a nail file- any little snag and I’ll try to bite my nail off again 😔 Full disclosure- I’m a Jamberry consultant (but this is why lol)

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