Running Skirts and Summer Sports Attire – HydroChic Review

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Now that summer is officially underway and marathon training has kicked into high gear, it’s time to start considering summer sports attire. Personally, I’m not one of those girls who wears only compression shorts and tank tops when out running through the neighborhood; even though at times that seems like the coolest option in the summer heat. Instead, I like to find pieces that will wick sweat, that are comfortable to wear on the long-run days and if they have a little added-in sun protection, all the better.


HydroChic, an online retailer, offers a collection of swim and sports wear that provides all of the above necessities. The clothing line is meant for both swim and sport, so you can easily go from a long run to the beach in one sift move. Both the top and running skirt are chlorine resistant too, so you could take them into the pool too. Plus, it has UPF 50+ to provide sun protection.



This Eclipse Swim and Sport Rashguard is such a fun and vibrant color, perfect for the summer months. It has a side zippered pocket, to make it easy to carry your keys, ID, phone, while running. The top is true to size and fit me exactly as I would expect a sports shirt to fit.


Can I just make a claim for running skirts?! They are seriously my favorite thing in the world. They fit and feel like compression shorts, but give a little extra layer to not make it seem like everything is clinging to you. When they fit right, the built-in shorts don’t move or ride-up like looser shorts tend to while running. I ran the Chicago Marathon a couple years ago in the running skirt, and now won’t run a marathon in anything other than these. For this HydroChic Running Riot Swim Skort I’d recommend sizing down in order for the shorts to fit as snugly as they should. I went with my usual size and the under shorts were bigger than I prefer.


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