The Beauty in Creativity (with pics from the Dressing Downton exhibit)

This is part of a weekly series I’m writing in 2016 to focus on one of my three words for the year: beauty. At the start of nearly every week a post will explore some aspect of beauty that I’ve been considering. Read more about my focus words of the year.


This past Sunday my sister, Aunt and I went to the Dreihaus Museum in Chicago to check out the Dressing Downton exhibit. I have to admit that I have only seen the first two seasons of the show, so I am not the biggest fan. To me, the costumes are a big part of what makes the show great, so getting a chance to see the pieces up close and to hear what went into their creation was pretty spectacular. As I slowly made my way through room after room of the museum, I couldn’t help but think there is an immense beauty in creativity and the creative mind.




Some of the costumes were vintage pieces found at estate sales and rummage sales, that the costume crew fixed up when needed. Some of the items had a vintage base that were then re-purposed to fit with the scene and the time period. And then some were created from the ground up using materials that looked and felt vintage.  Whether re-purposing or creating something new, the creative minds behind each clothing item were amazing. It’s clear they have a vision and a message they want to portray. They are able to send these messages in small subtle ways – like the character Rose always has some rose or rose-colored item in every one of her outfits. The creative genius to make these beautiful time-period pieces must have been immense. I can’t even imagine all the beautiful ideas that must be swimming in their heads while they try to communicate those ideas into actual costumes.




The creativity of the these costume designers is just one example of the beauty in creativity. The creative professions are filled with beauty, their seeking beauty in most of the things they do. Photographers are trying to capture beauty in a sunset or a model. Authors are trying to pull together beautiful words that will make an impact on their readers. Artists feel compelled to make stunning pieces that attract the eye and the heart.


And I think for the ‘consumer’ of these things, it is beauty that we seek. We are drawn to beautiful imagery, beautiful photographs, beautiful music because these things speak to our hearts and our souls. We seek these things. We crave them. If we didn’t what would be the purpose of art museums and waiting in line to see a favorite artist perform?


For me, as a writer, I try and use my creativity to craft words in blog posts, letters, and young adult books that will attract others, that will get them thinking and will touch their hearts deep within. I also want to be entertaining. No one wants to read a boring lecture on lofty things. The mix between the two are crucial. Engaging and profound – those are the two things that when combined make for great creative arts. The Sistine Chapel is engaging – so much to look at, so much to take in – and profound – so much to consider when gazing upon the masterpiece.

What do you think? Is there a beauty in creativity? How do you use your creativity to seek beauty and how do you seek beauty through the creativity of others?


Katy Rose
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