5 Online Tools for Fitness

Let’s be honest, one of the most common New Year resolutions is to get fit but this is also one of the most commonly broken resolutions. However, it’s the start of March and time to get serious about fitness because summer is around the corner. Re-launch those fitness goals with plans and tools found online. They’ll help you avoid the trap of resolutions gone unaccomplished and help you meet the fitness goals you’ve set. We all need a little help, so here are 5 Online Tools for Fitness that will keep you focused and working hard.5-online-tools-for-fitness

5 Online Tools for Fitness:

1. Charity Miles – This is an online app that provides a perfect motivator to put your running shoes on during winter by ensuring that completing the miles raises money for charity. It offers corporate sponsors who will donate for every mile you run, and also includes a lengthy list of charities – so finding one that you really want to raise some money for should not be a problem. It is free to download and easy to use, making it a great choice.

2. Exergaming – This is a type of game that combines the pleasures of gaming with physical activity, breaking the stereotype of gaming as an unhealthy pastime and adding a bit of fun to the sometimes dull process of getting yourself in shape. Enjoyment is a great motivator and this makes popular exergames like EA Sports Active, iStep and the Wii Fit a great way to find the motivation to keep going during the gloomy winter period.

3. Commitment Contract – One fitness plan that should definitely provide you with motivation is the signing of a commitment contract. This means confirming your exercise program in front of friends and – if necessary – committing to a forfeit if you break it (for example paying an agreed amount of money if you don’t bother with your daily run or weights workout). The prospect of either suffering a financial hit or simply embarrassment in front of your friends, can be a powerful motivating tool.

4. Online Roulette Wheel – Adding a bit of unpredictability to your exercise plan can be another way to stop enthusiasm levels waning, and this is where the online roulette wheel is awesome. This is the work of Ladbrokes and works the same as a normal casino roulette wheel, except that instead of the results determining whether you win money or not – instead they decide which exercise you will do. Again, this adds a little excitement and fun to getting fit, which can sometimes be a bit of a chore.

5. Reward – Rewarding yourself for completing your exercise goal for the day can be an awesome motivator for obvious reasons – and it is another one that doesn’t cost much money. Simply set yourself a reward that you think is appropriate for the amount of exercise you have planned and give yourself something to look forward to while you are working up a sweat in the gym or jogging the streets – from a bar of chocolate to a binge viewing of your favorite television show.

What are you using to get motivated and re-start those fitness goals? Are there any online tools for fitness you love? 

Katy Rose
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5 thoughts on “5 Online Tools for Fitness

  1. Kim

    I’ve never heard of any of these, but they sound great. I do the Pact app, which is similar to the contract. You make a pact in three areas: exercise, fruits/vegetables, and food logging. Each week you earn money for fulfilling your pact or you have to pay if you don’t.

  2. Rachel

    I am all about rewards – I know you’re not supposed to use food like a dog, BUT there is nothing like eating something yummy after a really tough workout.

  3. Cindy

    Hello Katy….. You are the awesome blogger! Your all tips are really an amazing and different. All sounds great. I will be checking these tools. Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful blog.

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